All-in-one file shredder, privacy eraser, startup programs manager and disk cleaner (junk file finder).

System Purifier has been discontinued and is no longer sold by Jitbit Software. Please return to our homepage

Jitbit System Purifier is an all-in-one file shredder, privacy eraser, disk cleaner and startup-manager.

File Shredder - permanently erase files

A file shredder AKA "file eraser" securely deletes files from your hard disk. The algorithms are compliant with the US Department of Defense 5220.22 M sanitizing standard. Files erased with System Purifier file shredder are physically deleted and cannot be recovered or "undeleted" with disk recovery tools. Use it to completely erase critical information from your disk. System Purifier is fully integrated with the Windows shell: erase files from any windows-compatible file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer) using a context-menu.

Privacy Eraser - wipe your activity tracks

System Purifier protects privacy by cleaning up the tracks of your Internet activities and computer activities. Built-in privacy eraser module contains multiple eraser tools like: IE address box typed URLs eraser, Recent Documents folder eraser, temporary (temp) folders cleaner, internet history eraser, web browser's cache eraser, IE forms auto-complete cleaner, open/save dialog history eraser, FireFox cache cleaner and many many more.

Junk File Finder (disk cleaner)

Junk file cleaner scans your drives for unwanted useless and temporary files, left by various applications. Use junk file cleaner to free disk space and optimize system performance.

Startup Programs Manager

System Purifier has a tool to edit startup programs. Find out what software starts automatically on boot, review the list and delete the unnecessary items.

Free Space Eraser

Since deleted files are only marked as deleted, after some time your hard-drive's free space is not actually free - it contains lots of scrappy data. To prevent this data from being recovered, you have to erase the drive's free space.