Helpdesk Download

Although we offer a SaaS Helpdesk Solution we also have a downloadable Helpdesk package that lets you install it on your own Windows server. Here's a couple of reasons why you might prefer the help desk download (AKA the "on-premise" version) of our help desk app:

  • You need to use the helpdesk app privately on your company's intranet
  • You would like to host all the data on your own database servers
  • You need to customize the Helpdesk app by changing the source codes
  • You require Windows-integrated authentication (available in our hosted version too!)
  • You need tight Active Directory integration (available in our hosted version too!)
  • Your company has a policy (or your business niche is regulated) that does not allow hosting elsewhere
  • You want to keep working when your office's Internet access is down
  • You prefer perpetual licensing over a service-subscription
  • etc.

Downloadable solution is more expensive but offers unlimited flexibility in case you need it. You can also download the free Helpdesk trial, which is not time limited but has a couple of features disabled. If you want to test all the features, even the ones that are disabled - simply sign-up for the hosted-version trial and test everything.

We also offer help desk source codes if you really want unlimited customization and have a team of developers. It's an ASP.NET MVC app in C#. Please note that we do not offer any custom development services

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