Macro Recorder - Frequently asked questions

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Macro Recorder records all mouse moves that I make, creating a very large unreadable script. How can I avoid this?
Macro Recorder can record only mouse clicks and ignore mouse movement. Click the "settings" toolbar button, select the "recording settings" tab and adjust mouse recorder settings.
Macro Recorder records mouse clicks on my shortcuts, buttons, menu items... But if a clickable item changes its position, my macro is messed.
You can try two solutions: first, try to enable the SmartRec option in the "settings" dialog. This will record mouse in window-relative, not screen-relative coordinates, and menu/button clicks will be more accurate. Second, try to use keyboard instead of your mouse where possible. For example, try to use CTRL+ESC to pop up the Start-Menu, and then use the arrow-keys to navigate the Start-Menu, etc.
How can I only record keyboard or only record mouse with the Macro Recorder?
Click the "settings" toolbar button, select the "recording settings" tab and check/uncheck "record keyboard" and "record mouse" checkboxes.
"Wait for input" command fails when "Hotkey Macro Launcher" utility runs in background.
The "Hotkey Macro Launcher" utility works like this: it registers a global hotkey in your system, and when this hotkey is pressed, it plays a corresponding macro. Now, when Macro Recorder plays a macro with a "wait for input" command it also registers a hotkey in the system and waits for the user to press it. So if a "wait for input" command waits for the same key combination, which is already used by Hotkey Macro Launcher, they will conflict. Close Macro Launcher before running macros in the main Macro Recorder application.
I have set up the Macro Recorder for an infinite playback, but when I compile my macro to an EXE-file, it plays only once.
The playback settings of Macro Recorder are effective when the playback performed by Macro Recorder itself, not in the compiled EXE. Add a "repeat X times" command to your macro instead.
Can I run a scheduled keyboard/mouse macro if the computer is "locked"?
Please see this this article.
Is this Macro Recorder compatible with Windows 7 64-bit?
Yes, Jitbit Macro Recorder is totally compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, both 32 and 64 bit versions.
Macro Recorder says my serial number is not valid after upgrading to the latest version.
Please either upgrade or revert to an older version by opening "Control Panel - Uninstall a program - Macro Recorder - Uninstall - Restore the application to its previous state". If you're using a cracked version - consider becoming a customer.
How do I play a macro from command line?
Please read this: link
My anti-virus app says there is a virus in Macro Recorder. Is it safe to run?
That happens because Macro Recorder works in a similar way some viruses do. EXE files creation and user input emulation are heavily used by virus creators, it causes some anti-virus apps to show false-positive alarms. There are no viruses in Macro Recorder, we run automatic scans every day, so we can guarantee it. You can add Macro Recorder to a white list to prevent your anti-virus app from blocking it.

We're constantly working with anti-virus software manufacturers to reduce the number of false-positive alarms.