Macro Recorder command line support

Jitbit's Macro Recorder supports playing macros from the command line. The command syntax is as follows:

MacroRecorder.exe "c:\folder\MacroFile.mcr" /a [/c]

The "/a" switch tells Macro Recorder to not just open the file, but to launch playback right away, after opening it. This switch overrides the "Auto start playback" setting that is set in the Macro Recorder options dialog. If you omit the "/a" switch, the macro recorder will simply open a macro file instead of playing it.

You can optionally add the "/c" switch as well and macro recorder will close after playback is finished. This switch also overrides the "Auto-close" setting from the options dialog.

Please see our FAQ for the info about locating the "MacroRecorder.exe" file.

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