Jitbit Ticketing System - reviews and testimonials

These are the testimonials for both HelpDesk ticketing system and SaaS Help Desk.

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    • Within just a 1 day, I was able to demo your product online, install it locally, buy it, fully import our clients and technicians, build our basic categories, and go live. What a fabulous product! I wish I had found you years ago.

      Eric Seelye
      President/CEO at Empiric Solutions
    • I have to say our company was using a higher priced helpdesk and was limited on what we could actually do with the software. Then we found JitBit Helpdesk and the rest is history.

      Matthew Moore
      Jones Plastics
    • We've chosen Jitbit as hosted helpdesk for several reasons: first of all, it is simple, and it does what it has to do. Setup was a walk in the park, integration with our software is just as it needs to be. Second, Jitbit offers GDPR and HIPAA compliance at a very affordable price. And support through our evaluation phase has been perfect.

      Laurent Plichart
    • I am driving operations for a Small-Medium Business - software for industrial companies. Jitbit help-desk fits 100% our requirements: simple and configurable. Very intuitive user interface. We especially appreciate the on-premises version because there is no pricing per agent. All our engineers deliver “post project” support and maintenance through Jitbit helpdesk. This ensures traceability of all actions for ALL projects & ALL engineers. Customers love our support site. We helped localizing the app in french - 'google translate' version was horrible/funny but now it's perfect. In general, Jitbit guys are very open to suggestions / ideas. We get very quickly improvement and corrections to minor bugs. Good price/value - Very satisfied!

      Marc Mauroy
    • This is a great software! Easy to use for us and our customers. Updates are also easy to install. The Support Team helps quickly when theres a problem! Thanks!!!! Go ahead ;)

      Christian Gaub
    • We highly recommend Jitbit help desk to our community, who are into reaching out to their customers with ease and efficiency. With this, we have taken pride in your expertise and excellent performance of your product for your potential and existing clients all over the world. - Web Hosting Search

      Web Hosting Search
    • Great ticket support system for those not needing a million whistles and bells. Easy setup and not bloated like most. 100% up time and super tech support!

      David Baker
      I.T. Systems Administrator
      Springs Rescue Mission
    • I would like to thank the great development team you have. I've raised perhaps 30 tickets with feature requests and many of them have already been implemented! You really know customer support and do it very well, keep it up!

      Jason Moody
      Head of Engineering at Snorkel Europe
    • I've been using Jitbit HelpDesk for about 9 months now. The Jitbit group is flexible at implementing requested features and release request updates. It's the best tracker out on the market and I HIGHLY recommend it.

      Kian Torab
      IT Engineer
    • A big thank you for the amazing helpdesk app. It does wonders for our business, and everyone loves it!

      Jay Waxman
      ClearCard ATM Service Network
    • A year with you has gone by very quickly and Jitbit Helpdesk is fully functional and provides us a good communication with our users! We want you to know our satisfaction with the product. In fact, all our production centers and our IT team are using Jitbit to create and resolve incidents in an orderly manner.

      Xavier Lazaro Cornax
    • We like your Helpdesk software a lot. Out of the box it has the functionality we needed. Thanks.

      IMS Government Solutions
    • Wow version 10 is fast! Love it, keep up the great work.

      Ben S.
      IT director
      Taylor Truck Line
    • The new improvements you have made to help desk over the past few months have been great. We love it!

      Allan Brickman
    • We had no ticketing system and looked at a lot of high-priced alternatives. I wanted something that could be up and running in days, not weeks. Also, I need a very simple interface so that no training was required. And the DB is open and easy to navigate with SQL.

      Tomin Alex
      CIO, India, Mumbai
    • Good Price, SIMPLE. When you just need ticketing, this is all you need, nothing too fancy. Integrations with 365 apps, and of course that it is hosted. SAML Azure SSO is a big one as well, and not charging an arm and leg for azure saml when it should just be a given for hosted saas applications.

      S. Stew
      CTO, Alaska
    • Not only has it been a great software solution for our needs, but the team has been very responsive and helpful whenever we needed assistance. I feel like a partner with JitBit, not just another customers.

      Jared Call
      Support Manager
    • We decided to go with Jitbit instead of deskpro. Good job on the application it does most of the things I was looking for out of the box without configuration.

      Virg Holmes
      Education Networks of America, ena.com
    • Thanks! Love the helpdesk software and so does the staff!

      Ryan Settlemire
      BICSI Association
    • As a non-profit, we purchased this product and run 2 copies for different companies, within the non-profit. It was such a good decision to buy this software 8 years ago, we are buying the newest version. Easy decision, really good software!

      Russ S.
      IT director, FourOaks
    • As 2020 was the second year of working with your help desk product and is coming to an end, we want to thank you for your support and we want to tell you how happy we are. In this difficult year, our IT department has been working together providing full support to our users without any problems and in an easy way!

      Xavier Lazaro Cornax
    • Being a non-profit IT company, we were looking for something affordable, clean and powerful. We got that with JitBIt. Out of the box it is simple and elegant, has a clean and easy-to-use UI, and has powerful customization and automation tools to make it work exactly how you need it to. The support team has been quick and responsive in answering any questions that I have had about the software. My team and I are absolutely loving it.

      CIO, Midland Information
      Technology Consortium
    • This is a great help-desk solution. I was looking for something similar but all I found were php-based products. And 'windows-authentication-compatible' .NET-based solutions were like $900 per seat without any source code. Thank you! And keep up the good work.

      John Machens
      Network Engineer