Case Studies

Learn how companies around the world use Jitbit to make their customers happy. We will update this page with more case studies soon.

Other case studies:

Case Study: Spring Arbor University

Jitbit Helpdesk is used in many educational organizations – universities, schools and coleges. One of our customers has kindly offered to participate in a case study.

We got in touch with Chris Blackstone, the CTO at Spring Arbor University, a private, Christian liberal arts university located in Spring Arbor Michigan with 12 extension sites around the state of Michigan. They have over 3000 students served by 12 full-time staff and 19 student workers.

Chris and his team use Jitbit Helpdesk on a daily basis. They strive to quickly resolve issues in the best way for the user at all costs. Here is how Chris describes his typical work day:

A typical workday mostly consists of incoming questions with our various systems/services. About 25% of our clients have actual issues; tickets needing to be escalated to be resolved. Questions/Issues include academic and professional software, operating system feature/functionalities, database access/entry, networking/connection issues and of course browsers.

As you can see they have to deal with a wide array of different types of issues and they have to solve them quickly.

Why Jitbit

Their old help desk app couldn't handle it anymore, because "its ancient design and architecture were beginning to fail us" and they had to look for a replacement. Here is why they chose Jitbit:

Honestly, the most important feature of Jitbit initially was the unlimited agent license. There are over 40 people who could be assigned tickets and every other solution we looked at would have been prohibitively expense. As our Directory of Support Services and Help Desk lead investigated Jitbit, they found a flexible and robust tool that would not only allow us to track requests with the specificity that we want, but there is value for other groups on campus as well.

[…] With Jitbit, we had a hosted solution built with modern web tools.

They also looked at other solutions too:

We looked at Fresh Desk and Zen Desk, and both were too costly for us. Additionally, we liked working with a smaller company like Jitbit and the responsive support we received.

Staying mobile: Two-way email integration

Jitbit Helpdesk supports a two-way email integration. It means that you can do all your support work completely from your email client, if you want to. This feature, along with the mobile apps for iOS and Android, is very useful for techinicans in the field.

We’ve grown to like the email-based functionalities of the ticket system. This allows our techs to be more error free and use one system.

Be less busy: Automation rules

Automation Rules let you automate a wide variety of tasks so you can cut the routing and focus on helping your users. This is one of the most popular features with our customers.

Being able to automate the assignment process of tickets in Jitbit is vitally important for our team.

Don't answer the same question twice with Knowledge Base

A good Knowledge Base is a win for everyone – you will have to answer less tickets and your users will get answers quickly.

Jitbit offers many features that make it easier for you maintain your Knowledge Base. You can quickly save a ticket to a new knowledge base article. We also have reach formatting and categorization features. Jitbit will even suggest relative knowledge base articles while a user is typing a ticket.

The quick “ticket to knowledge base” functionality is already paying dividends in helping us communicate about recurring issues.

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