Great ticket support system for those not needing a million whistles and bells. Easy setup and not bloated like most. 100% up time and super tech support! David Baker, I.T. Systems Administrator, Springs Rescue Mission http://www.springsrescuemission.org - uses Help Desk Software
I am driving operations for a Small-Medium Business - software for industrial companies. Jitbit help-desk fits 100% our requirements: simple and configurable. Very intuitive user interface. We especially appreciate the on-premise version because there is no pricing per agent. All our engineers deliver “post project” support and maintenance through Jitbit helpdesk. This ensures traceability of all actions for ALL projects & ALL engineers. Customers love our support site. We helped localizing the app in french - "google translate" version was horrible/funny but now it's perfect. In general, Jitbit guys are very open to suggestions / ideas. We get very quickly improvement and corrections to minor bugs. Good price/value - Very satisfied! Marc Mauroy - COO http://www.synthetis.com/ - uses Help Desk Software
We had no ticketing system and looked at a lot of high-priced alternatives. I wanted something that could be up and running in days, not weeks. Also, I need a very simple interface so that no training was required. And the DB is open and easy to navigate with SQL. Tom Alex, CIO, India, Mumbai - uses Help Desk Software
I have to say our company was using a higher priced helpdesk and was limited on what we could actually do with the software. Then we found JitBit Helpdesk and the rest is history. Our company has loved the new software and find it very easy to use. We host it ourselves on our serveres and the application runs smoothly. Also the developers and support are top notch and they actually listen to there clients on getting new things implimented in the software. I will continue to use their products and I have also been spreading the word to other companies since i been so satisfied. Matthew Moore, Jones Plastics - uses Help Desk Software
We highly recommend Jitbit help desk to our community, who are into reaching out to their customers with ease and efficiency. With this, we have taken pride in your expertise and excellent performance of your product for your potential and existing clients all over the world. - Web Hosting Search Christine, Web Hosting Search http://www.webhostingsearch.com/ - uses Help Desk Software
I've been using Jitbit HelpDesk for about 9 months now. It has drastically changed our support system and customer satisfaction. The Jitbit group is flexible at implementing requested features and release request updates. It's the best tracker out on the market and I HIGHLY recommend it. Kian / Support Engineer http://www.blackrockmicro.com - uses Help Desk Software
The new improvements you have made to help desk over the past few months have been great. We love it! Allan Brickman, CIO http://www.zambion.com - uses Help Desk Software
This is a great software! Easy to use for us and our customers. Updates are also easy to install. The Support Team helps quickly when theres a problem! Thanks!!!! Go ahead ;) Christian Gaub http://www.avionsys.de - uses Help Desk Software
We like your Helpdesk software a lot. Out of the box it has the functionality we needed. Thanks. IMS Government Solutions http://www.imshealth.com/ - uses Help Desk Software
Thanks! Love the software and so do the staff! Ryan, BICSI Association http://www.bicsi.org/ - uses Help Desk Software
This is a great help-desk solution. I was looking for something similar but all I found were php-based products. And "windows-authentication-compatible" .NET-based solutions were like $900 per seat without any source code. Thank you! And keep up the good work. John Machens, Network Engineer - uses Help Desk Software
I have enjoyed your software and so has my staff. I will be recommending this app to other people in the industry. Thank you for writing this software. You have a great affordable product. Steven, IT Manager, PrimeCare Physicians Associates - uses Help Desk Software
We are a large company that uses SAP. Jitbit's Macro Recorder takes ALL the pain of SAP awy!! Tasks that kill hours of productivity are not automated. THANK YOU!!!! Tommy Schultz - uses Macro Recorder
I have 18 computers running Macros for a special process. They work night and day and have never crashed. I manage the triggers from another computer using Macros. All has work flawlessly for many years. Tom Cornack, J Cornack Therapy Group - uses Macro Recorder
This Macro Recorder is great, it's not bundled with crapware, and helps us a lot with graphics editing tasks, like applying masks over big amounts of pictures in a panorama stitching program etc. Thanks guys! Joachim Otahal / IT tech / graphics works http://joumxyzptlk.de - uses Macro Recorder
I have so much respect for you guys, for firstly allowing users the ability to try out your program for more than just a 3 day period, 30 days allowed me to firstly learn more, but secondly to make sure that it had all the features that I needed in a Macro Recorder. It is rare that companies do that anymore, and I am so thankful to you all for including that as part of your program. I am going to be buying my license as soon as I am done with this email, and I consider the fee to be money WELL spent. My hat is off to you, and all of your team for keeping the true spirit of computing alive and well in a day and age when companies are just down right greedy, and don't care about their customers. Jonathan Katchur - uses Macro Recorder
OK; I have tried A LOT of macro recorders, all kinda buggy. This one is rock solid! Many more features that I have yet to explore and I have automated several major tasks on my system. Now the big one...SUPPORT....the most valuable asset when you have a question...the support is top notch! Alex is responsive and quite knowledgeable, I'm pretty savvy and hit a dead-end, Alex directed me to correct the problem and voila'....fixed! Of course this review might get him some extra email questions, but from what I can tell, he's there for his users! I have just installed Auto-Text and will review that soon as well, but I am sure it will be as great a review as this one! If you are looking for a GREAT macro recorder with extensive features, this is it, look no further...trust me! Michael Batrich - uses Macro Recorder
I love your Macro Recorder. I've been searching and testing Macro programs for two months and the JitBit Macro Recorder far exceeds the competition... after examining and field-testing eight different programs JitBit trumps them all. Thank you! Joshua L. Morrison - uses Macro Recorder
I loved it and am going to buy it. Best Macro Recorder I tried, and I tried 3. Mike Beilstein - uses Macro Recorder
Actually I quite like your Macro Recorder, as i said before. It has many good features that are accessible to most people, good layout, good for continuous clicking in the office or monotonous activities. Very nice program, thanks. James Procter, sales director - uses Macro Recorder
I use Jitbit macro recorder and its excellent. It really stands with high reputed macro softwares. A much underrated product as compared to other macros. You should definitely add a flash demo of it on the site. Keep it up. Kevin Josh, you faithful customer - uses Macro Recorder
Jitbit assists Canadian Police services by providing it with software tools to help solve Internet-related crimes, free of charge. We are using Jitbit Macro Recorder and it assists Law Enforcement with some other software applications we are running to track down person using the Internet to exploit children. Your assistance to easy the job of police helping to protect our children on the Internet is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your contribution. Detective Constable Darren Parisien #409, Saskatoon Police Service http://www.police.saskatoon.sk.ca/ - uses Macro Recorder
This is the best macro on the market period. There are no cons only pros on this well programmed...program. Mike O'Brian - uses Macro Recorder
It looks great, easy to use and the compile EXE feature would be great for me. Steve Harrison - uses Macro Recorder
Macro Recorder is a really handy piece of software I would strongly recommend! Saves me lots of time doing repeated tasks. Liza Lawrence, PM/Statistician, US - uses Macro Recorder
After reviewing multiple asp.net forum apps and having horrible experiences attempting to install two of them...i found Jitbit. I can't believe how easy and error free it was to get up and running. And integrating it with my external user authentication was a breeze. I had one question and your support department answered faster than ever expected. Great job Jitbit! Wendi Guidry Taranto - uses .NET Forum
My first forum integration to my web site and I must say, I am really impressed. It has everything I was looking for and more. Not only that, but it was a breeze to setup and configure. Thank you for such a user friendly, clean, feature rich product!! Steve G, web-administrator - uses .NET Forum
Congratulations on a fantastic Forum product. By far and away the easiest and most light weight forum solution for the ASP.Net platform. Paul Whyte - uses .NET Forum
I'm really impressed with the power and simplicity of this product. It's fast and easy to work with. Nice job. Ken Cox, Microsoft MVP http://www.kencox.ca/forum/ - uses .NET Forum
Best Forum Software! I've been looking around for a year. This is the cleanest forum I've found anywhere codewise, and presentation wise. You guys don't have alot of the features we need yet, but I'm willing to wait and make an investment in this software. I've been really happy with your support and product quality. Thanks JitBit! Keith, webmaster http://toegolf.com/ - uses .NET Forum
Nice and simple, fast and reliable. Thomas Edward http://www.bewaesserungsanlagen.at - uses .NET Forum
This forum software seems great, kudos. Thanks. Thomas Hidyman http://www.hidyman.com/ - uses .NET Forum
I used it successfully and I think it is a great product for the price. Oliver Rommelrey - uses .NET Forum
Thanks for a very fine forum! Niels Schiersing, webmaster, Denmark http://www.kifbrydning.dk/ - uses .NET Forum
Nice, clean and fast forum. Good support. Thank you! Oliver B. http://www.ihrspielplatz.de/ - uses .NET Forum
Thanks! You have great support and a great product. Scott Hanselman http://www.hanselman.com/ - uses .NET Forum
I would like to say that this is the cleanest looking forum software that I have seen in a long time. Great software and I will look forward to the next release! Timothy Finstein - uses .NET Forum