Auto Typer for Windows

The Mac vs Windows debate will rage on for as long as the internet is alive and kicking and there aint nuthin' you can do about it. Okay, okay, we admit that those Macs are shiny and cool, but in the end you're paying a premium for a jazzed up PC and a few snazzy programs that aren't Microsoft compatible. Some of those programs, like Typinator, which allows pre-programmed and oft used phrases to be auto typed at the click of a hotkey, are damn useful though and us Windows users have long been shaking our fists in the air and wishing we had something similar. After all, why should the Mac fanboys be the only ones enjoying sloping off early for lunch or skipping off early at the end of the day to play golf? Now with Jitbit's cracking little auto typer for Windows we can get some of that action!

Bring That Auto Typer for Windows Right On Over, Man!

Okay, here it is! Check out those smooth lines, that slick double exhaust, those full and fat chrome wheels and... oh, hang on, that's the boss's new car we're describing now. Must focus on the job, darn it, and pay attention! Hey, maybe if I let Jitbit's Autotext do some more of the donkey work around here my mind won't wander so much... A high functioning auto typer for Windows does just that, guys 'n' girls, giving you time and lots of it. If you write a whole bunch of letters in a day and they tend to be stock responses you can program Autotext with a bunch of oft used paragraphs and make the task a breeze. Not only does it save you time it also saves your over-worked brain by turning all of your programs and internet browsers into auto-correct enabled panaceas for the orthographically challenged. You might be smart as a button, but if you have an internet conversation and you're spelling is all over the place your words of wisdom will have far less impact – unless you're Einstein.

So don't hang around, download Autotext now for less than 23 bucks and get down that golf resort where you can admire everyone else’s great new cars too!

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