AutoText whitepapers

Auto Typer for Windows
an article describing how an autotext program can give you more time out of the office having fun. Download today for less than 23 bucks.
Auto Typing Software
Auto Typing Sofwtare - types a predefined phrase whenever you type a shortcut, an abbreviation or press a hotkey.
Autotype Your Way To Windows Success
An article talking about the benefits of an autotext program. Download Jitbit's Autotext today and enjoy great efficient typing solutions.
Text Expander for Windows
Text Expander for Windows - Jitbit AutoText. A handy windows alternative for the famous Mac tool - 'text expander'.
Typinator for Windows
Typinator for Windows/PC. 'AutoText' is a windows analog of the popular Mac 'Typinator' tool. You're gonna love it.