Autotype Your Way To Windows Success

Everybody loves a short cut, right? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to spend hours of your working week typing the same thing over and over and over again, does it? If you have the kind of job or business that requires a lot of repetition to your typing you need an autotext program to take up the slack for you. These simple but very clever little applications will autotype any amount of text you require from your pre-programmed acronyms!

Use Autotype to Stay Ahead of The Game

Jitbit's Autotext works in a similar way to the autotype feature in MS Office, which is a really handy little addition to that program. But I bet, if you use it, you've often wished you could have such a handy tool available for all your programs and internet use, haven't you? Well Jitbit have made that little dream possible with Autotext. Yes, this great little addition to your home or work environment will work perfectly in every situation you could possible need to type and type fast. How many time do we find ourselves in a conversation online and have to make a quick exit but don't want to be rude? All the time! Just program Autotext with something like “Sorry, I've got to dash, but it's been great chatting with you. I hope we can catch up soon and continue where we left off. Regards, Jim” and use an acronym like “SGTD”. It takes two seconds and you're free to go and deal with the next crisis!

Autotext will work in all browsers, Google docs and Gmail (or whatever email solution you use) and as an added bonus it'll both auto-correct and auto-complete your oft used acronyms making your newfound speediness positively lighting fast and efficient.

Now, thanks to the team at Jitbit, Windows users have something as good as Mac's Typinator program or Text Expander, which have been around for a while, meaning there's no need to ever switch systems for speedy typing solutions.

So if you are reading this and use a keyboard in any form this little application will take the strain off your fingers! What are you waiting for?

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