Auto Typing Software

"Auto Typing Program" is a so-called "typing-acceleration" software application that automatically types text for you. User just presses a hotkey or types an abbreviation and the tool, that runs in the background, types some predefined text right into into the active window.

Jitbit'a "AuoText" is an auto-tying software application that sits in Windows' system tray and watches the user to press a hotkey or an abbreviation to type the configured phrase automatically - into the currently active window, no matter what window it is. It could be an email program, an internet browser, MS Word editor etc.

Use cases are really unlimited. But one of the best scenarios is customer success. A customer support rep can stay thoughtful and polite without spending much time on typing! WhileJitbi offes a fully feature help desk solution that comes with "canned responses" and automatic "knowledge base suggestions", AutoText is an awesome addition to a ticketing system.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

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