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Aug 23 2021
Amazon vs. the rest of the FAANG

Amazon vs. the rest of the FAANG

About eight years ago someone hacked into our AWS account and launched hundreds of GPU virtual machines for cryptomining. Our monthly bill went from the regular $200 to over $50k overnight. We did not have a paid "support" plan, we were not a VIP client (on the contrary, we were two scared kids trying to grow our little SaaS). But one phone call - and the problem was solved in 10 minutes.

Aug 5 2021
How Can You Support Your Agents in 2021?

How Can You Support Your Agents in 2021?

Behind every successful help desk are agents who make them run.

You rely on your agents to help form the impression that customers or users get of your service, to provide genuine help when people need it and to gather and pass on valuable feedback that will help your company move forward successfully.

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