SaaS Helpdesk - Frequently asked questions

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Where can I find the user manual?

See the Online help

What does the fee cover up?

The fee covers helpdesk software cloud hosting, free 24/7 support, daily backups, version upgrades, maintenance etc. For more details visit the pricing page.

Is there any setup fee for the Hosted Helpdesk?

No, there is no setup fee.

Does the Hosted Help-Desk software feature email integration?

Yes, both ways. It can check your incoming email box for the messages and convert it to tickets. The hosted helpdesk will also notify your users and technicians of every update in the system.

I was using the trial version and I'm ready to purchase. How can I keep my existing data?

Your existing data will stay there. Simply prolong your trial helpdesk and it becomes "paid".

Can I customize colors and logo of the Hosted Help-Desk?

Yes. You can add your logo and change the colors of the header bar, menu bar etc. You can also enable the "dark theme" in your user profile

Does the hosted helpdesk support some authentication API?
What is the your backup policy for the hosted help desk?

Please see this article

Can I use the Hosted HelpDesk on a custom domain? Like ""?

Yes. Here's how.

We have already logged numerous tickets in the trial version of the hosted helpdesk. Will this data remain?

Yes, of course. Proceed to the order page on this website and when purchasing hosted helpdesk subscription make sure to specify the same email address you used to sign-up for the trial. This way the server know which trial-account to prolong.

Can hosted help desk authenticate user via AD (Active Directory)

Yes - more info

How do I cancel my hosted helpdesk account?

Either use the "billing" section in the "Administrator" panel or simply drop us line here

Can I migrate from my existing on-premises version to the hosted one?

Yes, we can do that for you, please check this post for more details.