SaaS Help Desk Backup Policy

We often get asked "what is the backup policy for your SaaS Help desk?" "How do you keep your data safe?"

We have two types of daily backups:

  • the Helpdesk database backup, that takes place every 2 hours
  • the Helpdesk server backup - the whole server is being saved to another machine as a disk image - daily
the backups are stored at Amazon's "S3" storage service. And since we're using Amazon - the actual hard-drives of our server are network drives. Which means - the drive is physically located on another machine. Even if the server crashes, its CPU overheats and melts down - we instantly spawn another server, which is a 100% clone of the failed one.

Our servers do have local hard drives (super-fast SSD disks) but those are used for temporary data only - email-buffers, swap-files, temporary backups, caches etc etc.

The databse backups

Database are backed up "differentially" every couple of hours. Database transaction logs are also backed up every couple of hours, which means that in case of a disaster we can restore the databases to a specific point in time, not just ot the last backup (but we never had to do that). Full database backups are performed every weekend.

What happens if my helpdesk account expires?

Even if your SaaS account expires and becomes inactive, we still keep your data for four months so you have a chance to reactivate your account. OR - download our data and use it in-house - just contact us and we'll publish it on our FTP-server for you. By the way - this works for trial accounts as well: if you sign-up for a free trial of our saas ticket system, and your data stays on our server for five months (one-month trial and 4 more after the expiration date) - even after the trial period has expired.

We can also set up a backup-file publishing procedure for you so you can copy the backup to your own servers (we provide you with an FTP-account so you can download the backup whenever you want). This option requires a small setup fee on lower pricing plans.

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