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Helpdesk Software

SaaS Help Desk

Support ticket system for your help desk team. This is the "SaaS" version, hosted in the cloud (we also have an on-premise one).
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HelpDesk ticketing system

Ticketing software for your support team. Tracks customer requests, fully integrates with your mailbox. This is the "on-premise" version. We also have the SaaS one.
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Server Products

.NET Forum

The famous "Jitbit ASP.NET forum" - a .NET message board app. Easily integrated into existing .NET-websites (both design and authentication). Free edition available. Source codes license available.
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Desktop Products

Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder - the best macro program for Windows. Not just a keyboard and mouse recorder but a powerful automation tool that converts macros to EXE files and more.
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Text Expander for Windows. Assign acronyms to frequently used text snippets and AutoText will auto-type a snippet when you type the acronym.
FREE FOR PERSONAL USE (and small teams upto 5 ppl)
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May 2 2022
6 Lesser Known Helpdesk Ticketing Features Everyone Loves

6 Lesser Known Helpdesk Ticketing Features Everyone Loves

We track feature usage. And as it turns out, along with the "core" helpdesk functions, like tight email integration (creates tickets from incoming emails), or "single sign-on" (authenticates users against the company's existing accounts), here's some lesser known but VERY productive help desk features our customers love:

Dec 29 2021
How we migrated a 1TB database from Win to Linux with no downtime

How we migrated a 1TB database from Win to Linux with no downtime

Our helpdesk app, both the SaaS and the self-hosted version - is powered by SQL Server. The SaaS version additionally uses S3 (to store file-attachments), Redis (to persist in-memory cache between deploys and restarts) and other fancy cloud stuff, but there's still one big ass SQL Server database at the heart of it.

And this Christmas we've migrated it to Linux.

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