Free Email List Cleaner

What is this?

This tool cleans up your mail list from invalid emails. Just paste your addresses (one per line) and hit the button.

What's being cleaned?

Invalid mailboxes, typos, duplicates, malformed addresses, non-existing domains, invalid MX-records (i.e. no email server found on this domain) and disposable mailboxes like "mailinator" etc.


Stuff like this is either paid or limited to, like, 100 emails... This tool is unlimited.

We do have a technical limit of 20000 (twenty thousand) emails just to keep things from overheating, but hey, if your email list is over 20k you probably use an email marketing platform that already takes care of this.

How safe/private is this?

We do not collect any addresses. In fact, most of it works in your browser, the email addresses are not sent to our servers at all.

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