Who we are

Hi, we are Alex and Max, the makers of Jitbit Helpdesk - an awesome helpdesk ticketing system used by thousands of companies. Give it a try if you need a ticket tracking app for your IT-department or customer service team.

Why we built this

As you might know Google has announced that going HTTPS will give you a minor ranking boost. Lots of folks rushed into buying SSL-certificates and switching to HTTPS. But after enabling SSL on your webserver - remember to test your pages for "absolute" URLs that point to unsecure content - images and scripts.


This page accepts hash-parameters like this: https://www.jitbit.com/sslcheck/#url=https://www.google.com/, feel free to use.

What is "mixed content" error?

When an HTML page is loaded via a secure connection, but some embedded resources, like images, scripts and styles are loaded from non-secure origins, browsers show "unsecure site" error message, scaring your users away.

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