What is this?

This is a free, very basic browser based screen sharing app between 2 people. Use it to quickly share your screen with a co-worker remotely or provide technical support without any additional support software.

No plugins, no extensions, no 3rd party software like TeamViewer or something. Just a modern browser that supports WebRTC (current beta works in Chromium browsers, somewhat functional in Firefox, with full Safari/Firefox support coming up shortly).

But why?

We've built this fun little side project during the days of COVID-19 when everyone's remote and found themselves in need of video connectivity tools. Some of those video tools (cough cough) are not very privacy friendly... OTOH there's a peer-2-peer video technology that's literally built right into everyone's browser.

How secure is the video?

This is peer 2 peer, the video stream is not being sent to our servers, your browser streams the video directly to the viewer's browser.

But I can spot connections to your server!

Yes, but only during the handshake phase. The two browsers need to exchange some magic numbers before they can find each other. So we wrote a small signaling server to help with that (and also manage "rooms"). See for yourself: just look at this page's source code, it's all there ;)

Can someone guess my "room number"?

Unfortunately, yes. All rooms are public in this beta version. But once someone's joined - the app won't let anyone in. Also you can add some more random stuff to the URL-hash and load the page again to make it harder to guess.

Help, it won't work

This is an early stage experiment, a proof of concept if you will. It might not work in Firefox or if both you and your counterparty are behind symmatric NATs. It should work though, but there are always some real world scenarios where it won't...

If something's not working: ask your coworker to close their browser, then refresh this page, re-share the screen and send the link to your coworker again.