What is this?

This is a free, very simple browser-based online screen recorder. Similar to the one we have in our helpdesk app.

  • Step 1 - capture your screen with (or without) a voiceover
  • Step 2 - one-click share the recording with a co-worker, friend or a family member - via Dropbox, File.io (one-time ephemeral storage service), Imgur or simply download it privately

No plugins, no extensions, no 3rd party software required, just a modern browser.

Privacy note

The video is not uploaded anywhere unless you choose to. It stays inside your browser as a binary "blob" object so you can download it locally. You also have an option to share it on File.io, Imgur, Dropbox with just one click (NOTE: Imgur is a public service and only works for videos less than 60 secs, File.io deletes the file once it's been downloaded so be careful, and Dropbox requires a... uhm... Dropbox account).

But why?

This is our free "just for fun" weekend project developed during the COVID-19 lockdown when people need as many simple video connectivity tools as possible: to provide remote technical support or show a less technical family member "how to do X".