Helpdesk - Frequently asked questions

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Where can I find the user manual?
See the Online help
I have read that Jitbit HelpDesk creates auto-incidents from incoming emails. How does this feature work?
Jitbit Help Desk checks a specified email address every N minutes/seconds, the application chooses the optimal interval by itself, it is not configurable. When a new email is found, the HelpDesk creates a new ticket, or updates an existing one (if it finds a "{ticket-number}" text in the message subject). Our hosted version additionally offers a built-in support mailbox which works from scratch and does not require any complex setup.
How can I modify the messages in the notification-emails sent by the HelpDesk system?
Simply go to the administrator panel and edit the notiicaton template.
I purchased the ticketing system with the source codes and when I try to open it in Visual Studio 2005/2008 I get the following error: "The project file ... cannot be opened. The project type is not supported by this installation."
Jitbit HelpDesk ticketing system is a web application project that should be opened in Visual Studio 2017 or later. If you do not the have Visual Studio 2012, create an empty web-applicaiton project in your earlier version of Visual Studio and all files to it one-by-one.
I want to evaluate the Jitbit HelpDesk. If I put the Evaluation Version on our production server will it be possible to upgrade it to the licensed version after evaluating without loosing our data?

Yes, of course. To upgrade to the full version you will just have to replace one .dll-file in the installation directory, that's it.

JItbit HelpDesk does not send emails! Help?
Please make sure you specified the correct smtp-mail server address, port, username and password. Also make sure that there's no antivirus software blocking your IIS web-server and ASP.NET from connecting to your mail-server. Make sure you test the email settings on the helpdesk administrator page ("Administrator - Email settings")
Will Jitbit Helpdesk support windows-authentication for my domain users?
Yes. It will even try to populate the user's details from Active Directory. More info here.
Is there a way to change the look of the helpdesk application (color theme, logo) to match my company and website?

Yes. Jitbit Helpdesk uses ASP.NET masterpages feature, so you can edit one file ("HelpdeskMaster.Master") to change the look and feel of the whole application. Optionally you can also modify the "style.css" file and images. You can also modify the HTML-layout of any specific page by editing the .aspx-files (without buying the source codes).

No notification is sent to admins when a new ticket is submitted to helpdesk. Why?

Admins are NOT notified of new issues by default. "Technicians" are notified. Technician is a user, assigned to handle tickets in a specific category. Please see the "user roles" section of the manual.

When I try to install Jitbit Help-Desk under IIS7 using the "setup.exe" automated installer I get the "installer was interrupted before Jitbit HelpDesk could be installed" message. What do I do?

This is a known bug in Microsoft's web-application msi installer. Please turn on the "IIS 6 compatibility mode" (like described here) OR install the product manually by copying the files to your web-server.

How do I create a technician-user in Jitbit Helpdesk?

To make a user a technician you have to grant him permission to handle tickets in a category. Go to the administrator page - categories - edit category - and add users, that have the right to handle issues in the category.

If I purchase the "no-sources" full version, can I later purchase the source version for the difference?

Yes of course you will be able to upgrade just by paying the difference. Click here to upgrade: upgrade now.

I bought the helpdesk application source code and when I try to compile it, I get the error: "Could not load file or assembly '...\HelpDesk\import\ActiveUp.Net.Common.dll' or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515)"
Open the folder in Windows Explorer, right-click the DLL-file mentioned in the error message, choose "properties" and click "unblock".
Can I install Jitbit Help Desk in Windows Azure?

Yes, totally. Read more at running Helpdesk on Azure.

How do I upgrade the helpdesk app once my free 1 year upgrades is over?

If you wish to receive all the updates and new versions of our support ticket system, simply buy an upgrade here and you will get another year of maintenance.

I am a registered user of Jitbit web based Help-Desk. How do I upgrade to the latest version?

Please download the latest full-version of the HelpDesk using your existing download password. You will get all the required .ASPX files, SQL-scripts etc. For instructions on how to upgrade to the latest HelpDesk please see our manual here. If you forgot the password, there's a "lost password" link on the helpdesk download page.

Is Jitbit safe?

Yes. Jitbit Helpdesk has been around since 2008 and the app is regularly penetration tested and security audited. You can request our latest certifications and audit reports by contacting our support.

What is Jitbit Helpdesk written in?

Jitbit Helpdesk is written in C# using Microsoft's .NET platform. Find more info here