Help Desk on Windows Azure

We are often asked if our Helpdesk software (the enterprise "on-premises" edition) is capable of running on Windows Azure. And we're proud to announce it is now.

Windows Azure cloud compatibility

The latest version of Jitbit Help Desk supports running on a Windows Azure server in full. Both the ticket SQL database and the application logic are completely Azure-compatible. All database tables have clustered indexes, primary keys, foreign-key dependencies etc. The application does not use any Azure-unsupported features like ICMP-pinging or UDP networking features (previous versions did use some of this stuff).

We have a number of customers that run our helpdesk on Azure that keep reporting any issues to us so we're keeping an eye on this.

Azure Active Directory

Our helpdesk software app (both the SaaS and the on-premise versions) also fully supports authentication via Azure Active Directory via SAML, please find the instructions here.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft's cloud-based directory and identity management solution. You can easily integrate it with with your existing windows server Active Directory, allowing your users access thousand of cloud-based SaaS-apps with their existing credentials from wherever they are - at home or at their office. And vice versa - your can configure remote/mobile access to your existing in-house apps.

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