Jitbit Helpdesk's AI Features

Welcome to a walkthrough of Jitbit Helpdesk's latest AI features! Our new suite of tools is here to amp up your support game, making interactions smoother and more efficient. Dive in to see what's new and how it can work for you in real-world scenarios.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Note: To roll with these features, you'll need the SaaS version as they require an additional server for the Python code. But hey, on-premise customers can still get a taste with basic ChatGPT integration using their own OpenAI API key.

First off, turn the ChatGPT integration on. It's set to opt-in by default since your data will be sent to the OpenAI API. Check out their privacy policy if you're worried.

settings screenshot

Head over to Administration - Integrations - ChatGPT, and you'll see two settings:

  1. Enable ChatGPT integration - This adds a GPT button in the reply area, letting you access the AI features. Even our on-premise customers can use this one. Just remember, if this is all you enable, ChatGPT won't know anything about your company, services, or products.
  2. Use your KB for suggestions - Here's where the magic happens. Your Knowledge Base gets indexed using the ChatGPT API, and voila, ChatGPT now uses your KB articles to craft replies to tickets.

Once you're all set, a "GPT" button will appear in the reply area.

gpt button

Automatic Ticket Responses Using Your Knowledge Base

Imagine getting a usual "How do I reset my password?" ticket. Instead of typing out a reply, our system whips up an accurate answer using your Knowledge Base. A neat way to handle the usual suspects!

Enhanced Suggested Articles *

Got a ticket about a login glitch? The new "suggested articles" module quickly points you or your customer to a KB article that sorts it out. No more digging through a mountain of articles.

* - this feature actually uses a local LLM and works even without enabling ChatGPT integration, your data is not being sent anywhere.

Ticket Summarization

Stuck in a week-long chat about a tech snag? A click, and you get a neat summary of the convo, helping you jump into action quickly.

Reply Improvement

Typed a reply in a hurry? This feature tidies up your response, making sure it's grammatically tidy and nicely phrased. It’s like having a buddy double-checking your texts.

Custom Prompt Feature

This is your playground to guide ChatGPT for specific requests. Say, you need to politely turn down a feature request, you can tune the AI to whip up a courteous and clear 'no can do'. It's all about making the AI vibe with the ticket's tune, ensuring a more personalized and spot-on interaction.

Generate a Knowledge Base article

Most of the features described above work significantly better if you have a Knowledge Base. But what if you're just starting out and all you have are solved support tickets? Go to any one of them and ask GPT to generate an article for you. Build your KB over time with minimal effort!

Privacy note

All KB articles (including tech-only articles) are sent to the OpenAI API so that we can use it to generate responses. However, nothing is going to be sent to a customer unless a technician decides to do it. There is no risk of leaking any private information without an explicit consent from one of your employees.

Open AI doesn't store any information on their servers (or so they claim). Nothing that can associate a KB article with your company name or or other "identifiable" info, unless you actually have this info in the KB article text.

Coming Soon

  • Options for integrating external Knowledge Base sources if yours isn't on Jitbit.
  • Potential chatbot integration within our live chat module for quicker responses.
  • Open to your ideas for future features – we love hearing from our users!
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