Basic Video Tutorial

Here's a very short video tutorial that explores all the basic features of Jitbit Macro Recorder. Get yourself familiar with our Macro Recorder in less than 3 minutes!

Transcript of the video

This is the getting started video for Jitbit Macro Recorder. You can see the Macro Recorder's main window and the most important button is "Start Recording". Let's click this button and do some recording.

I'm moving my mouse, doing some clicks, and all the mouse actions are recorded. When done I hit "stop" (or press Control+Q) and go back to the main window. As you can see, the Macro Recorder has created a script for me. It consists of mouse moves and delays only (because all we were doing is mouse recording). The script says:
-"wait for 499 milliseconds"
-"move the mouse to 108/74 screen coordinates"
-"wait a bit more"
-"move the mouse again"

Let's play the recorded macro back by hitting the "play all" button and see how it works.

When the playback is finished I can hit "play again" to play the macro again or hit "stop" to go back to the main window.

Let's delete everything from our macro and see how we can create a macro instead of recording it. Let's say I want Macro Recorder to start Windows Notepad for me - I insert an "open file" command to my macro. Then I want Macro Recorder to actually wait until Notepad is actually started, so I add a "wait for process" command to my macro. Then I want macro recorder to type some text into the notepad window - I add a "type text" command to my macro. Let's replay our macro and see how it works.

Notepad is started and our text is added to it. We can play the macro again by clicking the "play again" button (or by hitting Control+P).

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