Macro Scheduler

Sometimes you need to schedule a recorded macro in order to replay it at some specific time/date. We made it very easy for you to schedule a macro right from the Macro Recorder's main window. Just select "Tools - Schedule macros" in the menu, set up a schedule and Macro Recorder will create a scheduled task, that launches the currently opened macro using Windows' built-in task scheduler.

macro scheduler

Scheduling macros

After you click "Tools - Schedule macros", the available frequency options are "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly" and "One time". Simply select one of these schedules, set the "first launch" date & time and click "OK". The "first launch" date will also be used to schedule the future runs. For example, if you select the "weekly" schedule and set the first launch to "Thursday, 3am", the macro will launch every Tuesday, at 3am. Another example: if you set the frequency to "monthly" and the first launch is set to "January 2nd", the future playbacks will trigger on February 2nd, March 2nd, April 2nd etc. etc.

NOTE: you cannot schedule two macros to run simultaneously, only one of them will work. Similarly, if Macro Recorder is running at the moment - the scheduled macro-run will not launch.

Why Windows' task scheduler for macro recorder?

Jitbit Macro Recorder does not have a built-in macro-scheduler service and uses Windows' built-in "task-scheduler" service. This is intentional - you don't need another background program or service sitting in your system-tray, consuming memory and CPU. We don't want to clutter our customers boxes with one more auto-start item. Also, if a system administrator wants to see what's been scheduled on his machine - he can see it all in one place, without checking all the apps in the system.

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