Triggering events with Macro Recorder

Our Macro Recorder software can be used to "trigger" events using the built-in IF statements. With this feature, for instance, you can make Macro Recorder "watch" the hard disk, and perform some actions, when a particular file appears in a folder. Another example: with the following script Macro Recorder will wait until some particular text appears in the system clipboard, and then exit.

LABEL : start
GOTO : end
DELAY : 5000
GOTO : start
LABEL : end
MESSAGE BOX : The text "test" is found, exiting..

As you can see, this macro checks the clipboard every 5 seconds, and if the text in the clipboard is "test", the macro exits. Simply save the above text as a plain-text file with a ".mcr" extension and load it into the Macro Recorder to test how it works.

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