Macro Recorder whitepapers

Basic Video Tutorial
Macro Recorder video tutorial (short getting started video)
Mouse Recorder
Best Mouse Recorder for Windows! Record your mouse moves for a later playback. Free download.
Tips for Recording Efficient Macros
Macro Recorder best practices and recording tips. How to record efficient macros with ease. Free Macro Recorder download
Macro Scheduler
Macro scheduler - Jitbit Macro Recorder's built-in feature to schedule your automation jobs. Run macros daily, weekly, monthly or just once, Let Macro Recorder do you jobs for you.
How Can An Auto Clicker Help in The Kitchen??
A light-hearted article that compares a great little macro recorder from Jitbit to a cake you'd make for you mum. Try our tasty auto clicker today.
Automate Tasks With a Macro Recorder
An article that explains why a macro recorder works great in any office. Download your free trial today.
Automated Software Testing
How can you use Jitbit Macro Recorder for automated software testing
"Automator" for Windows
Jitbit Macro Recorder is an 'Automator for Windows' - a PC alternative to the popular Mac automation tool. Try the free trial
Including C# code into a macro
Bring the power of C# into the scripts recorded in Jitbit Macro Recorder
Running Macros On a Locked Computer
Can a recorded macro run on a locked machine or when there's no user context? Here's the answer
Keyboard recorder
Keyboard recorder, keystroke recorder by Jitbit Software. Free download. Automate your keyboard actions with ease
Macro Recorder Commands Reference
List of all Macro Recorder commands with descriptions.
An Outstanding Macro Creator Solution
An article extolling the virtues of Jitbit's macro recorder. Download the free extended trial version now.
Macro Maker
Jitbit MAcro Recorder is not just a "recorder" per se, it can be user to build macros from scratch, learn how
Gain Efficiency With A Macro Program
The Macro Program is a tool that can make you more efficient by handling the repetitive tasks which take so much of your time.
A Windows Macro Recorder Should be Part Of Your Team
a short web article proving that a windows macro recorder is capable of replacing your incompetent staff...probably! Try our free trial today.