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mouse recorder

Jitbit as a Mouse Recorder

Jitbit Macro Recorder can be used as a simple mouse recorder (though we prefer not think of it as "just a mouse recorder" or "just a keyboard recorder").

When using Jitbit as a mouse recorder please keep these handy tips in mind:

  • Recording mouse coordinates - mouse recording is nothing but tracking the mouse cursor coordinates as you move the mouse. But the window that is supposed to receive the mouse commands may open at a different location next time you launch a program. That's why it is highly recommended to use the "relative coordinates" mouse-recording mode that can be enabled in the "Settings" dialog
  • Mouse speed - the mouse recorder will attempt to replay your mouse moves at the exact same speed by inserting "delay" commands into the recorded macro. But if you don't need this, you can:
    • Increase the playback speed in "Settings"
    • Remove particular "delay events" or change the values
    • "Bulk-edit" timeouts via the "Edit" manu - or even reset them all to zero
  • Mouse-clicking vs mouse-moving - sometimes all you need to record are the mouse clicks, not the movement that precedes to those clicks (unless the movement is really necessary - for drag-n-drop operations. So remember to select the "record mouse clicks only" option instead of "record mouse movements also".

Mouse Recorder Video Tutotrial

Check this short video that shows the mouse recording basics:

In case you're looking for a Mac-version of the tool - try our mouse recorder for Mac

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