A Windows Macro Recorder Should be Part Of Your Team

If you're an employer you know that hiring staff is a bit of a lottery. That guy who aced the interview, looked after his ageing grandmother in his spare time, campaigned for world peace and and seemed just perfect for the job turns out to be unable to tie his own shoelaces and has the computer skills of a snail. You just never know what you're going to get until they're in the job. What you really need is an employee who never answers back, does exactly as asked, and does it flawlessly every time. Oh, and does it for one single fee equivalent to a couple of hours pay. No such person exits! I hear you, I hear you, and you're probably correct. That doesn't, however, mean that there aint a way to get that done! What you need is a windows macro recorder like the tasty little number Jitbit have developed. Ooo! Tell me more!

Will a Windows Macro Recorder Make the Coffee??

No, sadly not. For that you'll need to keep the hippy guy who loves his granny – but at least you can pay him office lacky wages now and won't have to correct all his mistakes because he keeps using the keyboard for his PC to surf down the stairs! No, a windows macro recorder will not make coffee (or any other beverage), but it will make you a happy boss. It's so easy to install and use you may even be able to show hippy guy how to program it, but even if you can't it'll automate so many of your crucial computer processes without ever making a dumbass human error that you'll be able to do it yourself without fear of working too hard. You're the boss, after all, why would you wanna work your butt off! It's so good it'll act as a mini-IT tech too. Yes, it might save you even more cash by automating your software testing and performing system maintenance. And these are just as few of the benefits!

Look, don't just take our word for it, why not download Jitbit's free trial today and see for yourself... But please don't expect it to make you a steaming hot brew, okay?

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