Cloud Help Desk

Jitbit offers a full-featured cloud help desk software solution that is backed by Amazon's premium cloud hosting. Our hosted help desk is actually hosted in the cloud. Hurricane Sandy had slightly hit our helpdesk servers in 2012 and although there was no outage per se, we have decided to move our helpdesk servers to the cloud.

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Curious about our cloud architecture?

As a help desk software provider we deal with IT-support people, software engineers, Internet startup founders, CIOs, freelance IT-consultants and other "technical" people a lot. These guys always want to know the architecture behind the app. No problem, that's what we'd be interested in.

Cloud Based Help desk

OK, we use Amazon. That pretty much sums it all up. We have servers at two Amazon's locations - the "US-East" (Virginia) datacenter and "US-West-1" (California). More...

The servers

For our helpdesk we rent a number of "large instance" "EBS-backed" cloud servers with 16 Gigs of memory and 4 CPU cores - for database and web-servers. We also have a bunch of smaller linux-based "micro" boxes that perform lots of maintenance work: email-routing for the helpdesk app (we offer free emails remember?), backup-scripts and other maintetance jobs (monitoring, alerting and more).

All servers are backed up on a daily basis entirely (apart from the frequent database backups that happen on the servers) - the whole server hard drive is being backed up as an image, and the image is then stored on Amazon's S3 drives.


We also offer an optional CDN service on our top plan: read more at cloud helpdesk over a CDN

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“Cloud” is more than just a buzzword. It’s a technology that makes the use of web services easier and cheaper for you as a company and for us as a software vendor. In this article we will try to explain why we believe in it and what’s in it for you.

Benefits of a cloud based help desk

Of course the greatest benefit of all is that you don’t need to have your own server, an IT guy to set everything up and expensive software to support it. You only need a browser and you are ready to work. Here are some of the other benefits of the cloud based help desk:

  • Instant setup - Spend a minute and take your customer support to the whole new level with our cloud help desk.
  • We manage the servers and software for you - We also deal with backups and have a solid help desk backup policy.
  • You will always have the latest and greatest version - We roll out new features every day.
  • Lightning Support Response - If you will see any errors, we will fix them in minutes.
  • Reliability - Our cloud ticketing solution had 99.87% uptime last year. Hosted on Amazon's powerful servers and monitored 24/7 makes us solid as a rock.
  • You can use it anywhere - From your laptop, cell phone, tablet, you name it - it is always accessible.
  • speedy - We use help desk CDN to serve our assets. It is fast for everyone in the world.
  • Cost effective - Less investment compared to a software help desk. Your company benefits from this right away.
  • Care about the environment? - We do. World doesn’t need another server, use ours instead.

It's possible that you've considered adding a cloud ticketing solution to your website but can't really decide if it is something that would make enough of a difference to be worth the hassle. After all, you probably need some pretty sharp computer skills to get one up and running, right? And then there is the upkeep – that must be a pain in the backside, yeah? Well, it sure doesn't have to be. Firstly let's look and see if you're one of the millions of businesses a cloud based ticket system like Jitbit's hosted help desk could assist.

  1. Do you have a large client base you find it tough to service?
  2. Do you still use email as your primary means of supporting your customers?
  3. Is your company growing faster than you can comfortably keep up with?
  4. Do you want to provide a stellar service that provides a first class response to issues?
  5. Do you want to be able to track customers complaints or queries wherever you go and with logistical ease?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions a help desk app is exactly what you need. Oh, and if you have absolutely no idea what the cloud is then a hosted help desk is where you need to put your chips.

A Cloud Ticketing Solution is Where The Smart Money Goes

Because Jitbit's help desk is hosted in two of Amazon's key datacenter's you can be sure that everything you upload is absolutely cast iron safe. Okay, you may have more tweakability by using a downloaded help desk, but for the average user the security of knowing all your critical customer information is being looked after by such a massive and bullet-proof concern that is as safe as Fort Knox provides massive peace of mind. You'll never have to fear losing your laptop on the train or having a nasty PC virus wipe your hard drive when you haven't backed up your data that week (because let's face it, only the computer savvy ever do that properly!).

So it really is a simply decision to make. Trust Jitbit and Amazon to help you provide a world class service to your clients and keep all that information safer than houses.

Summing up

To sum it up, we are always keeping an eye on our cloud help desk. If you decide to go with the downloadable help desk (we have self-hosted help desk for your server too), you will need to wait for a new release to get new features and fixes and while we work hard on that too we cannot guarantee the same speed of upgrades.

And of course you will need to manage all software and hardware yourself, do you really want all that hassle? Your data is safe with us - safety is our top priority and we will never let you down. We released our ticketing system six years ago and can proudly say we have had no leaks, hacks or serious outages.

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