Gain Efficiency With A Macro Program

Working efficiently is about learning to use your tools efficiently. What could be more efficient than learning to use a tool that does your work for you? That is essentially what we are doing when we use a macro program.

Automation can be a powerful tool, but only if setting up the automation takes less time than actually doing the task yourself. This is the power of JitBit's macro creator; setting it up only takes a few keystrokes, and it is ready to go.

Personalize Personal Correspondence with a Macro Program

They say that email has made letter-writing a lost art. You may have the same piece of news to send to several friends and family members; something life changing, like an engagement, pregnancy, or the adoption of a Rescue puppy. The news is too important to trust to a mass-email, or, heaven help us, allowing the news to break on Facebook before you can tell Aunt Tilly about it.

Who has time to write out dozens of individual messages? Especially when each of them say the same thing? Using the macro will allow you to personalize each message, but the repetitive news is quickly inserted into each one.

Macros Cut The Paperwork Time

Suppose the staff spent the morning conducting a series of tests. The tests went fine, the results were better than expected. Now all that need to happen if for the equipment to be cleaned and the results reported.

Guess who gets stuck with the job of writing the reports? Of course, the reports need to go out to several different places, and the format for each will be just a little different.

All of the reports are going to say the same thing, but because they are going to different recipients they will not be the same. Most of your time will be typing the same information, over and over again. If you could teach the computer to type it for you, you could get to the break-room to get the first cup of fresh coffee!

Enchanted Swords

These are far from the most valuable uses of the macro recorder. Suppose it is a sunny day, nothing better than being outside enjoying the flowers, but then you get the news that a hoard of Orcs is coming over the hill, and there is a dragon in the town square. It is a situation you have dealt with before, but you really need an enchanted sword.

Enchanted swords aren't cheap, you need gold. Getting gold isn't that hard, simply walk into the wizard's shack and dig it up from under the floor. Now step outside the shack, step back in, and get more gold. It is an easy process, but, well, repetitive. So turn it over to your macro! Is it cheating? Maybe, but hey, the Orcs are coming!

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