An Outstanding Macro Creator Solution

Okay, so you're an incredibly busy and uber efficient kinda guy or girl but you could still use a little more time to get on with the creative stuff, right? How many times in a working day do you have to go through exactly the same keyboard and mouse processes to get the job done? Too many, that's how many! That is where a stand alone macro recorder come in. These handy little programs will automate all those tedious and repetitive tasks leaving you free to work your magic – or bask in the glory of a job well done.

A Macro Creator With Attitude!

Most decent word processing programs have built in macro recorders, but these are very limited in their functionality. If you really want to see a difference in your productivity you simply must try Jitbit's Macro Recorder – a macro creator that offers the ability to convert macros to EXE files, burn them to a disc for use anywhere at any time. That's right, you can automate any Windows task in any application AND record an on-screen tutorial so colleagues with limited skills wont be left scratching their heads if they need to use it too. Now that's powerful!

Jitbit's Macro Recorder, unlike others on the market, is so easy to use that someone with even very basic computer skills should be able to get started quickly and be working smarter straight away, so there probably wont be much need for that head scratching we mentioned.

Our Macro Recorder speak your language too. You don't need any programming skills because it understands simple commands such as “open file”, “launch website”, “wait for window”, “goto” and “shutdown” and understands basic logic such as “REPEAT X TIMES”.

Like all the best macro creators Jitbit's powerful little program allows you to vary the speed of playback and adjust scripts after creation – useful if you have made an error or simply wish to adjust your processes. It will happily loop the same script all day long doing your work for you and even has “eyes” so it can recognise when a window has moved or where the images it requires to function are situated.

Try It Now!

Jitbit are so convinced that you will love this Macro Recorder that we are prepared to offer a free trial, BUT not just any old trial. No, we are happy to EXTEND your trial period until you are sure it is the program for you. With service like that how can you refuse!

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