How Can An Auto Clicker Help in The Kitchen??

Okay, so an auto clicker can't help in the kitchen, but baking a cake is very similar to creating a great macro. No, no, we haven't gone stark raving mad and despite those funny faces you're pulling at us we'll attempt to explain. Hey, the worst that can happen is we'll have some cake to eat in our lunch break!

A windows macro recorder, as you may well know, is a funky little program that records processes you repeat often to save you some much needed time. Over and over again the auto clicker will, with fine precision, complete mundane, but very important tasks for you. The benefit of a macro recorder extend beyond just automating tasks so you can get on with baking (see?) a cake for your mother (who will really appreciate it). No, a macro recorder is also fool-proof so once all the ingredients are in place it will never make a mistake. So often the computer tasks we have to repeat regularly become the ones we allow a little waning of our attention to creep into... and that can cost us a whole heap of money! A whole heap more than the cost of Jitbit's macro recorder for sure!

Sure, I get That, But How Is An Auto Clicker like a Cake?

Oh, man, come on! I thought you'd have worked that out by now! All great bakers will tell you that cooking is an art and baking is a science. Every ingredient and every process has to be exactly correct and in exactly the right order or else your cake will most definitely not be pleasing mother. Damn, the cat might even reject it! Hey, in many ways an auto clicker is way better than a baker because the only time they can go wrong is if you screw up the process... but with a great quality Macro Recorder like Jitbit's you get to debug line by line if you mess it up. Now, I don't know anyone good enough to do that with a cake! Do you?

Why not download our macro recorder today and see just how good a baker it is!

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