Automate Tasks With a Macro Recorder

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! Sometimes it really doesn't matter how efficient you are at work you still have an inbox that you would need to be an NBA all star to see over the top of and no matter how quickly you type it just keeps on growing. Maybe it is time you worked a little bit smarter as well as harder and invested in a nifty little bit of software called a macro recorder to automate some of those every day computer tasks for you. What's a macro? Good question! A macro is simply a series of actions and commands that you repeat over and over again. And a macro recorder? Exactly as it says on the tin, it's a program that records those commands and plays them for you. Let the recorder do the hard work!

Let Jitbit Automate Tasks For You!

Jitbit's Macro Recorder is amongst the very best and most powerful stand macro programs that automates tasks for Windows based programs on the market. It is incredibly intuitive to use and anyone with the most basic computer skills will soon find themselves making creative and useful macros on a daily basis, knowing every single time they do they've given birth to a little time saving gem that just keeps on giving! Jitbit's macro recorder has some nifty features like allowing macros to be converted to EXE files so you can burn them to disc and use on the move. You can create hotkeys so your macros are literally a button press away, so why type “Hi, I'm out of the office tomorrow. Please contact me on xxxxxxxx” when you can create a macro that says “out”. Job done! Your macros can be any combination of commands for any number of great uses. Use this little dynamo of an application to write tutorials and presentations and have them available at the click of a key. Use it to perform that much needed system maintenance without having to call the geek from I.T. - the uses are only limited by your imagination!

P.S. If you're interested in an automated ticketing system we can help too.

So are you going to continue doing the donkey work or will you let Jitbit's macro recorder automate tasks and allow you to put your feet up?

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