HappyFox vs Zendesk vs Jitbit


HappyFox is a popular cloud-based helpdesk app that handles tickets, asset management, knowledge base and live chat (as a paid add on). Like many other help desk solution it comes with "Smart rules" engine, canned responses, realtime reports etc. Can be used not just by support teams, but by HR, Marketing and other departments too.


Zendesk is the most popular help desk app on the market. It offers every possible feature (although some of them come as paid add-ons), but it can also be a downside. Some would describe Zendesk's interface as bloated and it definitely has a significant learning curve for your team. Zendesk offers a lot of integrations with other apps, so it will undoubtedly integrate in your existing infrastructure very well. It can also get quite pricy for bigger teams. Professional plan is used in the comparison.

HappyFox Zendesk Jitbit
Popular cloud based support app The most popular help desk app out there Help Desk Software built for email. Trusted by thousands of companies across 50 + countries.
3 years / 5 agents
3 years / 10 agents
Active Directory ✔️
Only via ADFS/SAML
Active Directory authentication is possible if you install a special script on your server
Integration via a script for your server or ADFS and SAML
Activity Dashboard ✔️
Realtime dashboards
You can put data from some reports into your dashboard
Live overview dashboard
Asset Management ✔️
Yes, software and hardware assets
A complete asset management module tightly integrated into the rest of the app
Canned Responses ✔️
Canned actions for frequent replies
Macros allow you to respond to tickets with a pre-written message.
You can also assign canned responses to specific ticket categories if you need to
Community Forums ✔️
Forum included with higher plans
Ideas Forum comes out of the box
Custom Fields ✔️
Custom ticket text-fields for managing additional data
You can add custom fields and use them with other features such as automation, macros, etc.
Many custom field types, including dependant fields. Various privacy options.
Custom Statuses ✔️
Additional ticket statuses
Add custom statuses, customize how your customers see them and assign different colors to them
Customer satisfaction survey ✔️
Rating survey only on 'Enterprise' plan and higher
Only on Professional plan or higher
Optional CSATs in email notifications and a report
Design Customization ✔️
Customizable customer-facing support portal only
You can customize the public-facing pages, but not what your employees see
Unlimited customization options. Change colors with a live preview, add custom CSS and JS
Email Notification Templates ✔️
Customizable templates on all plans
You can fully customize most email templates for notifications that your customers get
You are able to completely change a template for any notification type
Escalation ✔️
Yes, manual and automatic
Possible to escalate tickets with workflow automation features
Possible to set up various escalation scenarios via automation
Exchange Integration ✔️
Native EWS support instead of IMAP. oAuth support for Office 365
Import and Export ✔️
Export tickets only, import users only
Starting with Professional plan you can export your tickets to an XML file. Import only possible via API.
Import and Export tickets via CSV files
Internationalization ✔️
UI is not translatable. You can provide content, such as Knowledge Base articles in multiple languages on Professional plan
Available in 16 different languages
ITIL Compliance ✔️
Claims to be designed with ITIL principles in mind
Support for most ITIL processes
Knowledge Base ✔️
Full self-service portal with FAQ
Basic version comes with Professional plan. Full version is only available as a separate add-on
Customizable Knowledge Base optimized for search engines
Live Chat ✔️
Separate sub-product
A free live chat component in the web widget
Mobile Apps ✔️
iOS and Android
Offers apps for iOS and Android
iOS and Android
Multi-channel support ✔️
Email, chat, social media + API
A lot of support channels are built-in in the app: email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Possible to add unlimited channels via integrations and API
On-premise Version ✔️
A full on-premises version that runs on Windows Server
Reports and Analytics ✔️
Yes, reports and exports
Reports are only available on Professional plan or higher
13 reports with an ability to build your own and to export everything to Excel
Fully featured API on all plans
API covers all the app features
Single-Sign-On ✔️
Most standard SSO options are available
SAML, Google login, Windows-integrated etc.
SLA Management ✔️
SLA groups and evaluation
SLA features are natively supported in the app
Full SLA automation via actions/triggers
Support Widget ✔️
Ticket creation forms for websites
Web widget and Mobile SDK
Two different versions of a web widget
Third-party Integrations ✔️
Impressive catalog of apps supported
Hundreds of integrations with all popular apps
30 native integrations and 500 more via Zapier
Ticket Collaboration ✔️
Real-time agent collision detection (on 'Enterprise' plan and higher)
Light agents, side conversations and CCs and followers
See when other techs are viewing tickets in real-time, assign multiple people to a ticket
Workflow Automation ✔️
Smart rules for workflow automation
Powerful engine that allows you to automate any business process
Automation Rules are very powerful and can go beyond simple if-this-then-that logic

Looking for help desk software? Check out Jitbit. We offer a fully-featured app at a very affordable price. It comes with all the must have features like knowledge base, two-way email integration (including native Exchange and Office 365 support), automation, hundreds of integrations with third-party apps and much more. Available both as a hosted "SaaS" version and an on-premises version you can install on your own server.

SaaS version on-premises version

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