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What is SaaS

"SaaS" is becoming one of the most popular models in cloud computing. Here's our definition.

What is "SaaS"

"SaaS" or "Software as a Service" - is a software usage model, when a vendor licenses a software system for use as a service on demand, either through a "pay-as-you-go" model or a time subscription.

SaaS tools are also known as "Web-based", "on-demand" or "hosted software", because SaaS solutions run on the vendor's hardware and it is the vendor who takes care of security, performance, hardware maintenance and availability. It is a software usage model when an online application is being accessed as a service on demand. Nothing needs to be installed "on-premise". You just use a browser to access the software.

What is "SaaS" when it comes to help desk?

Regarding the help desk software, this means that rather than purchasing software and hardware to install and run our help desk software on your own site, you need only a computer/smartphone/tablet with a web-browser to access and use the SaaS helpdesk.

Benefits compared to traditional software

  • No server maintenance costs
  • Always the latest version - upgraded by the vendor
  • No backup/security headaches
  • No obligations - you can cancel any time
  • Availability - your staff can use the app on the go, via smartphones, tablets, laptops, wherever they are

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