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Business Continuity Plan for Jitbit
The purpose of this Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is to outline the procedures and strategies Jitbit will implement to ensure the continuity of its critical services
External Penetration Testing Policy
Jitbit penetration test policy
9 reasons to choose a Hosted Helpdesk
The top reasons why you should choose a hosted (saas) helpdesk app over a self-hosted solution
What are "agents" in Helpdesk
Agents (AKA technicians or techs) is a common term in help desk software used to describe a person, who can handle tickets.
What is SaaS
"SaaS" stands for "software as a service". Learn why everyone's going crazy about it.
Where is Jitbit Helpdesk hosted?
Curious where do we host the virtual cloud servers for our helpdesk? Read this article to learn about our cloud architecture.
Looking For a Zendesk Alternative?
An article explaining why Jitbit's hosted help desk is a great alternative to Zendesk. Download the free trial today.
Active Directory Authentication in SaaS Help Desk
Authenticate SaaS help desk users against Microsoft Active Directory (Single Sign On)
Jitbit Helpdesk's AI Features
Explore Jitbit Helpdesk's new AI features through real-world scenarios. Discover how automatic responses, enhanced article suggestions, ticket summarization, reply improvement, and custom prompts can revolutionize your support tasks. Get started with enabling these features and look forward to upcoming enhancements.
Android helpdesk
We're excited to announce the release a FREE Adnroid client for JItbit Helpdesk. Learn more here.
Helpdesk Single-Sign-On via SAML
Jitbit Helpdesk supports single sign-on via SAML, here's how you configure it -
SLA and Help Desk Automation
Jitbit Helpdesk comes with a powerful "automation engine" that allows SLA management, workflow tuning etc. Read more about it here.
An Appealing SMS Help Desk Solution That works for All
Jitbit's highly customizable SMS help desk solution streamlines and simplifies the support process and affords customers outstanding convenience.
Jitbit Security and Privacy FAQ
Frequently asked privacy and security questions
SaaS Help Desk Backup Policy
Saas help desk backup policy - cloud backup system
Configuring Helpdesk for Google Apps SAML
Configuring Jitbit Helpdesk to work with SAML 2.0 and Google Apps
Cloud based Support Ticket System
A preview of a cloud based support ticket system offered by Jitbit
Cloud Help Desk
Cloud SaaS help desk app - learn more about our architecture, our datacenters, cloud hosting and backup strategy!
Cloud Help-Desk & CDN
Jitbit Cloud Helpdesk is distributed. The data is served to you from the closest datacenter. Learn more...
Hosted HelpDesk on a Custom Domain
You can have our hosted help desk application on your own domain, like "". Just add a DNS record, here's how
SaaS Help Desk email account and more...
When you sign up to our hosted helpdesk software app - you get a FREE email address to use for your support. Jitbit Hosted Helpdesk - the cheapest helpdesk app to track your tickets.
Hosted Help Desk Backups via FTP
Considering a SaaS help desk solution but want to physically own a copy of you data? We have this option!
Helpdesk Software for Schools
The best HelpDesk software for schools, free 2 months trial (extendable)
HIPAA Compliant Helpdesk Software
Jitbit Helpdesk is a fully HIPAA compliant helpdesk app. Discover the details below
Hosted Help Desk Authentication API
Jitbit help desk software offers single sign-on integration with your apps and websites. Read about our Authentication API.
What Makes a Good Hosted Ticketing System?
The key features one should be looking for in a hosted help desk such as Jitbit's.
iPhone Helpdesk
Jitbit's iPhone helpdesk allows iPhone users to deal with customer issues wherever they are.
Mobile Help Desk
Mobile help desk app - works on all smartphones & tablets: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile. Free trial version.
Online Help Desk Software
"Online help desk software" is just another name for hosted (saas) helpdesk apps. Online help desk software is a great way to scale your customer support to a new level - here's why.
Online Ticketing System Benefits
The customer service experience on the Online Ticketing Support System will reflect the best on you and your business.
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