SaaS Help Desk email account and more...

Free support mailbox

While our saas help desk does offer an option to import emails from your existing email accounts (via POP, IMAP or Exchange), we also provide you with a free email address that you can start using right away for your support needs.

Here's how it works: as soon as you setup a free trial account with us, the helpdesk app becomes available at the URL "" and you get yourself an email address like Everything is set up automatically on our side and whatever you send to this email will be converted into a ticket inside the hosted helpdesk app!

Forwarding emails to helpdesk

You can even set up an email forward on your side that routes all your support emails to this default mailbox so tickets are created from it. This would be the easiest way to import your emails into the ticket system.

When forwarding emails to this address, make sure you keep the "FWD" (or "FW") word in the subject line and make sure the forwarding user is set up as "agent" (aka "technician") in the help desk app. This way the app will extract the original sender from the email and create a ticket on his/her behalf.

Importing from existing mailboxes

You can also import emails from your existing company mailboxes directly via POP, IMAP or Exchange. The hosted helpdesk system will connect to this mailbox every 3-5 minutes and pick messages up converting it to tickets. And you can even route different mailboxes to different "ticket-categories".

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