9 reasons to choose a Hosted Helpdesk

Here are the top reasons to choose the hosted helpdesk over the "installed" help desk application:

  1. No hardware and software costs - you don't have to buy and manage your own server, you don't need a copy of Windows and a copy of MS SQL Server
  2. No hiring costs - you don't need to hire staff to install and upgrade the software
  3. Leave the infrastructure to professionals - let us care about the network connectivity, firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and the server maintenance of your helpdesk.
  4. Always the latest version - no upgrade fees. We update our hosted helpdesk much more often than we release new "downloadable" versions - this is called "continuous deployment". The app is updated several times a day. In fact, sometimes when a customer reports a glitch to us, our response is often "hit refresh".
  5. Reliable high-bandwidth network - our servers are hosted at Amazon's datacenter in N.Virginia, right next to Reddit, Instagram and others. more info
  6. Easier email setup - the hosted helpdesk offers the same level of email integration as the installed one and also provides a built-in support mailbox so you don't have to set anything up. It generates helpdesk tickets from incoming emails and sends replies back to your users.
  7. Instant setup - sign-up for a free trial and start working in seconds.
  8. No backup headaches - leave that to us. We have multiple scheduled backups, which includes a daily database backup and a daily server backup.
  9. SSL - secured connections
  10. And finally - when we deploy the hosted helpdesk to our server, we deploy it in "pre-compiled" mode. Those familiar with ASP.NET will understand... This means - no html-files, no markup, no scripts, no XML-resources... Just pure binary code inside the optimized DLL-files.

    We spend hours fine-tuning our server. Everything, from the browser-caching headers to performance improvements and security patches has been thoroughly taken care of... You don't have to do it yourself.

"But I don't want to get stuck in a subscription"

Here's the thing: you can cancel it any time and we'll give you all the data - either in a form of SQL backup file, or a CSV-file with all your tickets and users, etc. etc. And if you ever decide to come back - we'll keep your data for 4 months, even for cancelled accounts, even the trial-accounts, that's the policy.

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