What's new in SaaS HelpDesk

The changes listed below are live on the Hosted version. If you would like to see the list of changes that are released to the on-premises version see version history.

enh API/Stats can now return ticket statisticis for current user (see the docs) 07/12/2024
fix Updated MS Teams integration to the new "Workflow" webhooks, because MS changed something AGAIN :-( 07/11/2024
fix Include "for technicians only" badge in KB article search results 07/10/2024
fix Proper date/time custom fields formatting when exporting to CSV/Excel 07/10/2024
fix Added KB subject to "new article" email notification 07/06/2024
fix API: Added "returnFullTicket=true" parameter to GET ParentTicket that returns all ticket details, not just ID 07/05/2024
new New API method: GET AssetCustomFields 07/05/2024
fix "Takeover" notification to other techs missing Body sometimes 07/04/2024
enh Searching in replies is now on by default 06/28/2024
enh Search improvements to show more relevant results 06/28/2024
fix Fixed GMail OAuth token refresh 06/26/2024
fix Email HTML parser improvements 06/26/2024
fix Prevent new ticket template overriding subticket body 06/26/2024
new Support for Gmail OAuth, more info here 06/22/2024
enh Proper empty state for custom user lookup 06/20/2024
enh Added Italian support to forwarded message detection (when subject starts with "I:") 06/17/2024
new When editing an Asset - show old + new values in the change log 06/16/2024
new Ability to require 2FA for admins and technicians only 06/16/2024
enh Show changes in "time spent" made by a tech or by an automation rules in the ticket feed. Auto timer changes are not shown 06/13/2024
enh Added secondary emails to /api/user endpoint 06/12/2024
new Power BI: Added mode ("all", "unanswered", etc.) and status parameters for filtering. Also made the connector way faster 06/11/2024
enh Option to set exact time in "Set due date" automation 06/09/2024
enh Added wildcard support for incoming email domain blocking 06/07/2024
new Setting KB-articles "for techs only" in bulk 06/02/2024
fix Render dropdowns on top if there is no space below 05/31/2024
enh Ability to schedule "tech only"replies 05/30/2024
new NEW: Scheduling replies for sending later 05/29/2024
fix HTTP automation rule fixes 05/23/2024
fix Fixed reactive UI update when custom field modified by automation rule 05/21/2024
fix Fixed saving rules with multiple "Send Email" actions 05/15/2024
enh We are now using GPT-4o for our GPT integration. It's way faster and better than GPT-3.5 that we had before 05/15/2024
fix Fixed "Only tickets I'm subscribed to" filter resetting sometimes 05/14/2024
enh Assets quick search now supports searching by serial number 05/14/2024
fix Fixed Chat GPT integration not working with adblock 05/13/2024
fix Leave a system log entry when a ticket is deleted 05/13/2024
new When creating a new KB article or publishing an article from a ticket you now have a GPT button to help you write articles with AI 05/10/2024
fix Added "subscribedOnly" parameter to GET Tickets API endpoint 05/09/2024
enh When creating a subticket - prefill subject and body with parent ticket's data 05/09/2024
enh Added "StartDate" to /api/tickets result 05/08/2024
new New automation trigger "ticket was closed as duplicate" 05/04/2024
enh Show errors connecting to Office 365 SMTP if returned 05/02/2024
new Option to record camera video (not just screen-recording) when creating tickets/replies 05/02/2024
fix Add a system comment when a tech is unassigned due to lack of permissions after a category change 04/29/2024
fix Use category-specific "from name" (if set) when forwarding tickets 04/29/2024
fix Slightly wider number fields in the automation rule editor 04/29/2024
fix Greatly improved Italian translation 04/29/2024
new New automation rule "Send email to MULTIPLE users" 04/26/2024
fix Fixed the "sort by" dropdown display in Safari 04/26/2024
fix Less SnipeIt requests to prevent hittig the rate limit 04/26/2024
fix Fixed false-positive "useless" filtering for some edge cases 04/26/2024
new Added #SubscribersEmails# tag support for email templates 04/25/2024
fix "Subject equals" automation condition is now case-insensitive 04/25/2024
enh Hide "for tech only" comments in publicly shared tickets for security 04/24/2024
fix Convert HR tags to line breaks when stripping HTML (makes outbound plaintext emails look nicer, etc) 04/23/2024
fix Fixed rare bug in processing "reopen ticket if reply posted within X days" 04/22/2024
new Added "Closed date" filter to Advanced Search 04/21/2024
fix Power BI connector fixes, quality of life and compliance improvements 04/19/2024
fix Fixed saving checkbox-type fields 04/19/2024
new The Power BI connector has been updated to load 5000 tickets. Status and Priority are now in human-readable format instead of numbers (requires redownload) 04/18/2024
fix Increased number of repos shown in Github integration 04/17/2024
fix Adde validation so a ticket can't be subticket/linked to itself 04/17/2024
fix Fixed Assets bulk action when more than 200 items are checked 04/16/2024
fix Tiny fix for saved filters 04/16/2024
fix Fixed a bug with integrations that caused having to create Github/Gitlab issues twice 04/15/2024
fix Another fix for pasting images into WYSIWYG editor 04/15/2024
enh New email template "#CF_VALUE_1234# that outputs just the custom field's value, without the name 04/14/2024
enh API: ability to create user by specifying "email" only (the app will set username to email and generate a strong password 04/14/2024
fix Ticket print/share view - added "Status" field, fixed Priority display 04/14/2024
new API: added methods to add/remove category permissions for technicians 04/14/2024
enh Show dates in Audit Log on hover 04/12/2024
fix Fixed #RatingLinks# being empty when "Send ticket updates to all subscribers in CC instead of an individual email" is enabled 04/11/2024
fix Fixed CSV export trimming custom fields to 30 chars 04/11/2024
fix Fixed another issue with Right-to-left languages (Persian, Arabic, Hebrew etc) 04/09/2024
fix Fixed various Canned Responses "used in categories" bugs 04/05/2024
fix Another fix for multi-select custom fields on the new ticket form 04/04/2024
fix Fixed errors when dependant and multiselect custom fields are on the same page 04/03/2024
enh New API method "Close" with an option to skip email notification and close ticket silently. 04/02/2024
enh New parameter in POST /api/ticket "suppressConfirmation" (skips user email) 04/01/2024
fix WhatsApp improvement: find UNCLOSED ticket by phone number, not just any ticket. Create new if not found. 04/01/2024
enh Power BI integration now loads 5k tickets instead of 3k 04/01/2024
fix Rewrote all CSV imports to a faster & more modern engine 03/30/2024
enh Add an AuditLog entry when someone creates a user account 03/29/2024
enh "Add subticket" automation rule now supports #Masks# in the subject line 03/26/2024
fix Fixed a lot of Freshdesk import bugs and made it faster 03/26/2024
fix Fixed Trello integration 03/26/2024
fix Fixed generating Summary report with multi-select custom fields 03/26/2024
fix SnipeIT integration fixes 03/25/2024
new New setting "IP Address Restrictions", limit access to helpdesk to specific IPs only 03/25/2024
enh API: ability to pass an array ot categories to /api/tickets not just one 03/22/2024
fix Fixed sorting by subject in ticket search 03/22/2024
enh Ability to add a new section while editing an exisitng category 03/21/2024
fix SurveyMonkey integration fix 03/21/2024
fix SnipeIT interaion fixes 03/19/2024
fix Fixed extracting original "from" in malformed forwarded messages (line-break in address) 03/18/2024
enh Better "copy to clipboard" buttons behaviour 03/18/2024
fix Fixed "invalid date" when clearing a due date 03/18/2024
enh Edit user: company field shows suggestions as you type OR creates a new value 03/17/2024
enh Added "this quarter" filter in Dashboard 03/17/2024
enh Consistent status codes in the API (404 when something is not found, 400 if invalid paramaters passed etc.) 03/17/2024
enh Added "number of tickets" to Assets report 03/16/2024
new NEW: Assets report (first version). Asset count & quantity grouped by Type/Supplier/Manufacturer 03/16/2024
fix Prevent undesirable scrolling when attaching files 03/15/2024
fix Do not show the GPT button to non-techs 03/15/2024
fix Added "new company" option when creating a user as an admin (to quickly create a new company) 03/15/2024
fix Fixed summary report & search failing after adding a "mutiselect combo" field 03/14/2024
enh Ability to pass custom-fileds when creating tickets via API, updated API docs 03/14/2024
fix Proper international format after editing all "date" fields in a ticket (including "date" custom fields) 03/14/2024
enh SnipeIt integration now support searching for assets instead of manually entering ids 03/13/2024
enh Increased incoming mailbox pulling concurrency to 12 parallel threads (some clients want faster pulls) 03/13/2024
fix Improved support for "right-to-left" languages in rich-text editor 03/13/2024
fix Fixed bug in Chrome/Edge - reply dates not shown when ticket has many replies (more than 500) 03/12/2024
fix Fixed displaying recipients on newly added replies (when sent to individual) 03/12/2024
fix Fixed calculating duration and response time in reports 03/11/2024
enh Kanban View fixes: update "new" badge on drag-drop, fixed cursor style, gap between badges for readability 03/11/2024
fix "Admin - Categories" added indication if a category is disabled 03/10/2024
fix Added option to set user company/department to "none" when bulk-editing users 03/10/2024
fix UX fixes in category permission editing: 03/10/2024
fix Huge front-end performance optimizations, lighthouse performance score is 100 now 03/09/2024
fix 2FA security improvements (removed a 3rd party dependency to prevent secrets leakage) 03/08/2024
fix Fixed API not returning some custom fields for a ticket for Admins 03/07/2024
enh Allow technicians to link tickets and add subtickets via API (was resticted to admins only) 03/07/2024
fix Fixed auto-setting default dropdown custom fields when creating tickets from email/API 03/07/2024
new Added Lansweeper integration (still in beta) 03/05/2024
new Added assets search to API (by name prefix) see API docs for "/api/assets" 03/03/2024
new Upgraded all database servers to "R6A" Amazon instances, which are 35% faster than the previous type we used 03/02/2024
enh New KB article page - shortcut to manage categories 03/01/2024
fix Report scheduler emails are not affected by the "No Attachments In Notifications" settings 02/29/2024
fix Bugfix: anonymous users unable to create tickets when 2FA is enforeced 02/28/2024
fix Fixed Custom fields not showing up in Assets advanced search 02/28/2024
fix Prevent recaptcha badge from being obstructed (violates a German law) 02/27/2024
fix Improved client downloadable backups (performance and reliability) 02/25/2024
fix Improved email header parsing performance 02/25/2024
fix Possible fix for incorrect sorting in the Summary report 02/23/2024
fix Make sure there can't be duplicate KB update notifications 02/23/2024
fix Improved "Admin - Categories - Tags" page (was very slow for big clients with many tags) 02/22/2024
new Added an option to write a reply with GPT in "Add reply" automation action 02/22/2024
fix Fixed a formatting issue when exporting date custom fields 02/22/2024
enh Faster tickets CSV import when importing with custom fields 02/21/2024
fix Added missing filed to Tech Stats report Excel export 02/21/2024
fix Add "Overdue Tickets" column to Technician Stats CSV export 02/20/2024
enh Many backend performance improvements to lower CPU/memory load to prevent DDoS-provoked outages like the one we had last week (25 minutes) 02/20/2024
enh GPT integration improvements (better default prompts) 02/20/2024
fix Fixed login/fullname inconsistency in "user also looking" and "user also typing" 02/14/2024
enh Ability to mass-close tickets "silently" (no email) 02/13/2024
fix Improved forwarded message detection 02/12/2024
new Similar KB article suggestion while entring a new ticket (before the submission) 02/08/2024
fix Fixed filtering reports by numeric custom fields 02/08/2024
fix Ability to re-rate ticket satisfation after it's been rated by mistake 02/07/2024
fix SAML login fixes when initiated from "/" path (not "/helpdesk") 02/05/2024
new Add API endpoints for enabling and disabling assets 02/05/2024
enh Added companyId parameter to POST Asset and UpdateAsset API methods 02/05/2024
enh Audit Log: include date range in search 02/05/2024
enh When ticket is assighned to a deactivated user - show this in the UI 02/05/2024
fix Improved "Admin - Import Export" UI + moved user import/export in there 02/05/2024
fix Fixed "updated by" showing incorrect username in automation rules 02/02/2024
fix Updated SAML logic for a more actionable error message 01/26/2024
fix Workaround for Avira psw manager hiding textbox when adding subsribers 01/23/2024
new Option to allow asset management to Administrators only 01/18/2024
fix Order company names autosuggest by name 01/15/2024
new New custom field type MULTISELECT COMBO (beta) 01/13/2024
enh Ability to select a category when cloning a ticket 01/11/2024
fix Fixed rare bug when ticket is re-open but replies still create new tickets b/c ResolvedDate is set 01/11/2024
fix Only allow admins to delete assets 01/09/2024
fix Automation Rules' "Export to XML" now exports valid XML 01/09/2024
fix API: Add support for updating company email domains (UpdateCompany emailDomains parameter) 01/08/2024
fix Fixed saving custom fields order 01/07/2024
enh Redesigned some admin pages 01/06/2024
enh New layout for "Admin - Category" page, also show custom fields assigned to the category 01/05/2024
new New automation rule action "Trigger rule on PARENT ticket" 01/05/2024
enh Added "Creation date" to user profiles, shows registration timestamp 01/03/2024
fix Fixed broken "close" icon for multiline custom "top announcement" 01/02/2024
fix Moved API docs and Onprem docs to the new docs portal 01/01/2024
enh Display "Out of office" icon next to assigned techniaicn (if applicable) 01/01/2024
new Redesigned Docs portal, migrated inline help system to the new portal 12/31/2023
fix Added a permission check for comment deletion when editing a comment 12/28/2023
fix More DB performance improvements 12/28/2023
fix Added forced HTTPS redirect for all SaaS accounts 12/26/2023
fix Fixed tag search in Dynamics report 12/20/2023
new Customizable new ticket page layout 12/18/2023
fix Fixed corrupted custom field names in CSV export 12/18/2023
fix When creating an on-behalf ticket via API /Ticket create a user if it doesn't exist 12/14/2023
fix Live-update ticket subject when modified by an automation rule 12/11/2023
fix Tuned database indexes for faster comment retrieval 12/11/2023
fix Translation/localization improvements 12/11/2023
fix Improved signature detector in tickets 12/08/2023
fix Dynamic report performance improvements 12/07/2023
fix Fixed the lost-password link the the SaaS app uis sed without the "/helpdesk" part 12/07/2023
fix Show usernames in the "assign to" dropdown 12/07/2023
fix Fixed category-specific custom fields in the grid when looking at a section 12/06/2023
fix Fixed custom fields UI in the Summary report 12/06/2023
fix Custom fields date-time fix 12/06/2023
fix Prevent ticket page browser-caching 12/05/2023
fix Better SQL parameterization in "Tickets per day" report for plan caching 12/05/2023
fix Better "online techs" tracking 12/05/2023
fix Summary report - do not show fields assigned to categories that the tech has no permissions to 12/04/2023
fix Email deliverability fixes when tech-names are used as "from" in messages 12/04/2023
fix When Kanban board is filtered by category, show custom statuses for that category only 12/03/2023
enh Reliability monitoring improvements 11/30/2023
fix More visible CF dropdown colors in dark theme 11/30/2023
fix Prevent browser/1password autofill in autocomplete boxes 11/29/2023
fix Fixed error in API /assets 11/29/2023
enh GPT: option to replace the entire reply with GPT-generated one 11/29/2023
fix FIxed font-size style parsing in incoming emails 11/28/2023
new Migrated all SaaS servers from Windows to linux, upgraded all hardware. Zero-downtime updates, faster SSL & many other features 11/26/2023
fix Fixed resetting the category filters in Hebrew 11/23/2023
fix Fixed "manual fetch" button in email servers list 11/20/2023
fix GPT: use the ticket language for all the commands 11/14/2023
fix More robust error logging when failed to attach files to outgoing email 11/09/2023
fix Consistent margins between ordered and unordered lists in tickets and KB 11/07/2023
fix Fix bug with generating GPT response with custom prompt 11/07/2023
fix Handle GPT errors with more specific error messages 11/07/2023
fix Update GPT model version to the new GPT 4 Turbo 11/07/2023
new Added new trigger to Automation "ticket satisfaction has been rated" 11/05/2023
enh Allow technicians to delete KB articles they created 11/05/2023
fix Fixed "stop time spent" for custom statuses 11/03/2023
fix Fixed copying custom email templates when cloning a category 11/02/2023
fix Workaround for occasional SSL error in SMTP when using O365 10/31/2023
enh Added proper support for IFRAME in Knowledge-base articles 10/31/2023
fix Improved automatic "time spent" timer when browser tab goes inactive 10/30/2023
new Added new method /api/ParentTicket to retrieve parent ticket (if any) 10/30/2023
enh Ability to disable "useless email filtering" completely by using * wildcard 10/30/2023
fix Hide top "reply" button if replying to ticket is disabled 10/30/2023
enh Improved HSTS settings 10/29/2023
fix Better UX when editing custom fields dropdown options 10/29/2023
fix Fixed API assets not showing some custom field values 10/24/2023
fix Custom priorities fixes 10/24/2023
fix Fixed minor XSS vulnerability in file attachments 10/19/2023
fix GPT support for mobile browsers 10/19/2023
enh GPT: Better prompt for ticket answering 10/19/2023
fix Search and CSV export database performance improvements 10/18/2023
new GPT: Generate a KB article from a ticket with AI 10/18/2023
fix Double check that user was not deactivated in Jitbit during SSO/SAML authentication 10/17/2023
fix Fixed parsing emails sent from iOS 16 (workaround for Apple's bug) 10/16/2023
enh ChatGPT integration now supports very long tickets 10/16/2023
fix Added section names to technicians report "permissions audit" 10/11/2023
fix Allow passing empty-strings to api/UpdateUser parameters 10/10/2023
fix Fixed parsing Outlook emails with broken HTML 10/10/2023
new A huge AI update! Generate replies based on your KB articles, better similar articles suggestions and more. Read more 10/10/2023
fix Added a setting to Include your KB articles in ChatGPT generated responses and similar article suggestions 10/02/2023
fix Password-reset links now consider "secondary emails" too 09/29/2023
fix Email signature detection improvements 09/29/2023
fix Fixed ticket mentions (via ##-code) in ticket body 09/28/2023
fix Restored phone and location to API GET /Users 09/22/2023
fix Valid HTML in forwarded emails to prevemt encoding issues 09/18/2023
fix More reliable collapsed category handling in the left sidebar 09/07/2023
fix Added an ability to get a user API token in JSON format (go to User/Token?json=true) 09/07/2023
fix Satisfaction report tech permissions fix 09/06/2023
fix Technician report fix: don't include re-opened tickets into "closed" number 09/06/2023
fix Fixed tech status right after adding a subscriber (Vue3 bug) 09/04/2023
enh Email signature detection - full rewrite 09/04/2023
fix Slight uploaded file list redisign to prevent long file names from breaking the page 09/04/2023
enh Email signature detection fixes when signature has images 09/02/2023
fix Fixed saving Canned Responses categories 08/30/2023
fix Estonian translation fixes 08/29/2023
fix Bugfix: own comments not showing up via Signalr if ticket is open in two tabs 08/28/2023
fix Tiny fix for incorrect "time spent" timer after switching from/to browser tab 08/28/2023
fix More readable color for overdue tickets in dark theme 08/27/2023
fix Respect "Use From Name" setting when forwarding tickets via email 08/25/2023
enh Added category filter to scheduled tickets report 08/24/2023
fix Techs are no longer allowed editing user notes on other techs and admins 08/24/2023
fix Show tech usernames in the filter in the left sidebar 08/24/2023
fix Better user-registration bot protection 08/24/2023
new Added canned responses to New Ticket form due to popular demand 08/24/2023
enh Better support for images in canned responses (pasting an image converts it to an img-tag) 08/24/2023
fix Fixed "upgrade/downgrade" link on the billing page 08/22/2023
fix Fixed AM/PM date saving under MacOS Chrome in US locale 08/21/2023
fix Fixed a tech permission issue 08/18/2023
new New "Time spent' settings: prohibit pausing timer for technicians, enabling timer only if ticket is assigned 08/18/2023
fix Rule editors: use "Full Name" for user dropdowns, sorted alphabetically. better UX 08/18/2023
fix Ticket-list front end performance 08/17/2023
fix Fixed canned reponses keyboard navigation 08/17/2023
fix Don't shift scheduled ticket Due Date when schedule is set to "reopen original", confuses customers 08/17/2023
fix Email processing fix: fallback to ref headers if ticket {ID} from subject line does not exist (deleted or came from another helpdesk) 08/17/2023
enh Added company filter to Kanban report 08/15/2023
fix Fixed reporting in Firefox (empty date ranges in custom fields) 08/14/2023
fix Summary + Advanced search UI fixes 08/14/2023
fix Skip mandatory custom fields check in ticket auto closer 08/14/2023
fix Prefill due-date pickers with default values otherwise not working in Firefox 08/10/2023
fix More detailed error message when O365 oAuth flow fails 08/07/2023
new "Set custom field" automation can now set the field to current date 08/07/2023
enh Migrated to native browser date-pickers instead of the heavy 3rd party plugin. Better performance, accessibility, mobile support, dark theme etc. 08/05/2023
fix Fixed attachment names search 08/04/2023
fix Better multiline custom field support in automation rules editor 08/04/2023
fix Passing priority to pre-select on new-ticket page 08/03/2023
fix "Tickets per day" report fix 08/03/2023
enh If a user logs out when SAML is enabled do not log them back automatically 08/03/2023
fix Auto-set ticket "Close date" when importing from CSV, breaks reporting 08/03/2023
fix Fixed 2FA non-scrollable popup on small monitors 08/02/2023
fix Allow Admins to turn off 2FA for a user even if 2FA is enforced (lost smartphone use case) 08/02/2023
fix Performance improvements in KB, technicians report and sending emails 08/02/2023
enh Top menu hover redesign 08/01/2023
fix Fixed KB bulk editing when looking at "articles by tag" 08/01/2023
enh Summary report - show subscribed tickets to managers 07/31/2023
fix Do not strip HTML from user's signature and greeting in API 07/30/2023
enh Summary report: bigger charts + include absolute numbers in the legend 07/24/2023
enh New automation - "tag has been added AND the tag is..." 07/22/2023
fix Fix: KB title non-English support 07/21/2023
fix Added SMTP retry logic for reliability 07/20/2023
fix Acessiblity fixes for screen readers on the new ticket page 07/19/2023
fix Do not cover the "submit" button with the recatpcha badge on mobile 07/19/2023
fix Localized "from" word in outgoing emails to match the app language setting 07/18/2023
fix Time spent timer fixes 07/18/2023
enh Security fixes from the latest pen test 07/18/2023
fix Saved filters UI improvements 07/18/2023
enh More secure random password generator (bigger entropy) 07/16/2023
fix Relaxed contrast adjuster that removes unreadable colors from email tickets, customers get confused 07/16/2023
fix Disabled changing all the date fields when scrolling 07/14/2023
enh All new automation rules JSON-engine, faster editing and processing. 07/12/2023
fix Minor security fixes 07/12/2023
enh Show subscription changes on the Billing page 07/11/2023
fix Restored CompanyName & DepartmentName in /api/Users JSON, added /api/Departments endpoint 07/10/2023
enh Added SAML metadata file 07/10/2023
fix Fixed testing incoming mail server when adding a new one 07/07/2023
fix Fixed Ticket search with CSV export 07/06/2023
fix Fixed non-tech being able to see inline images in the techs-only comments 07/06/2023
fix Fixed unlinking parent ticket UI bug 07/05/2023
fix Minor fix for custom statuses admin page 07/04/2023
new Custom priority levels 07/04/2023
enh HTML Sanitizer improvements 06/29/2023
fix Improved email quoting processing when two Jitbits are talking to each other over email 06/29/2023
fix JIRA integration fixes 06/27/2023
enh Backend check if custom status allowed in the ticket's category when changing 06/26/2023
fix Fixed up-down keys in category dropdown on new ticket page 06/26/2023
new Added links to ticket attachments when creating issue in Github or Gitlab 06/25/2023
enh Migrated all Vue-pages from Vue2 to Vue3 06/19/2023
fix Fix "send email" automation not working if there's also Jitbit on the receiving side 06/18/2023
fix Fixed some "time spent" timer bugs 06/16/2023
fix Fixed new ticket form breaking when pasting really long screenshots 06/15/2023
new Ability to bulk-enable retired assets 06/15/2023
new Added ability to reorder custom statuses 06/12/2023
new Chat GPT integration is now available for all paying customers on all plans 06/11/2023
fix Fixed the "time spent" timer stopping when the browser tab is inactive 06/09/2023
fix Fixed forwarding long tickets with offloaded large bodies 06/08/2023
fix Fixed the datepicker in the Customer Satisfaction report 06/06/2023
fix More detailed error message when failing to parse O365 response 06/03/2023
fix Fixed some edge case datepicker issues when using en-US language 06/01/2023
enh "Notify ticket subscribers" automation now supports "all", "techs", "NON-techs" and "Admins" filtering 05/29/2023
fix GPT: Custom prompt now considers the ticket conversation for context 05/27/2023
fix GPT: Ticket summary is now written in the same language the ticket is written in 05/27/2023
enh Added "Close ticket silently" menu item to skip email notifications 05/27/2023
enh New API parameter to get assets assigned to specific ticket ID 05/27/2023
enh Added "Department name" to user lists 05/27/2023
enh Added "the day is a public holiday" automation rule condition 05/27/2023
enh Asset log improved when editing info or custom fields (less noise, cleaner format) 05/27/2023
fix Minor vulnerability fixes 05/26/2023
fix New ticket page: autofocus on category field if unset 05/25/2023
fix Added support for reverse proxies in user's login history 05/24/2023
fix API token page design fixes and a "copy" button 05/24/2023
fix Fixed automation execution log display and other design fixes 05/24/2023
fix Fixed GCC email server editing 05/24/2023
fix Ticket list rendering improvements 05/23/2023
fix Fixed rule logging when "Abort further rules" is set 05/22/2023
new Support for GCC (MS Government Cloud) for O365, both inbound and outbound email 05/19/2023
fix A lot of Zapier integration fixes 05/15/2023
enh "Notifiy techs on takeover" now has a setting whether to include admin 05/14/2023
fix Fixed custom KB title/description breaks layout for anonymous users 05/10/2023
fix Added some missing translations 05/09/2023
enh "Add subticket" automation rule now supports assigning to a technician 05/08/2023
fix Fixed Google calendar sync - shareable iCal link format fixes 05/08/2023
fix Fixed adding subtickets & parent tickets 05/05/2023
enh Added #Username# mask to email templates 05/04/2023
enh Option to include retired assets in asset-search 05/04/2023
fix Open Github, Jira, etc. integration URLs in a new browser tab 05/04/2023
new Enabled the ChatGPT integration for the Company plan 05/04/2023
fix ChatGPT now generates responses in the language the ticket is written in 05/02/2023
enh API: added "assignedToUserId" parameter to /Ticket POST endpoint, to assign during creation and reduce email chatter 05/01/2023
fix GPT: Do not suggest KB if it is disabled 05/01/2023
fix Fixed tag counts under "Admin - Categories - Tags" page 04/30/2023
fix Improvements and fixes for two helpdesks talking to each other over email 04/29/2023
new ChatGPT integration now allows you to improve your reply or write a custom prompt 04/28/2023
enh Reorganized "More" menu for linked and subtickets, moved "new" button to popup 04/27/2023
enh Added MS Teams notification when a new KB article is posted 04/26/2023
fix Added colors to Google login button 04/26/2023
enh Added support for O365 GCC for incoming emails (beta) 04/25/2023
fix Fixed adding tech subscribers in the recent versions of Chrome 04/25/2023
enh Chroatian language improvements 04/25/2023
enh Kanban - added filter by assigned technician 04/22/2023
fix Bug fix - "Require MFA" setting was not saving properly 04/20/2023
enh Due dates public shareable iCal link for external calendar sync now supports selected user and category 04/20/2023
fix Added "upd by cust", "upd by tech" etc. badges to Kanban board view 04/19/2023
fix Show user phone as a "tel:" link in user profile and preview popup 04/18/2023
fix Github-style markdown checkbox lists in multiline custom fields fixed 04/18/2023
fix Message-ID matching for emails now also looks at the subject line to prevent unwanted routing of new emails to existing tickets 04/18/2023
fix Permission fix: ticket-assign and "tech-only" custom fields now check permissions to current category 04/17/2023
fix Translation improvements 04/16/2023
new Interactive Kanban board for unclosed tickets (under "Reports - Kanban") 04/14/2023
fix Ticket merging concurrency improvements 04/14/2023
fix Fixed Change Status automation when ticket is being closed from "non-updated" and "overdue" triggers 04/13/2023
fix Offer to "close all subtickets" only if a ticket has child tickets, not always 04/13/2023
enh LOTS of performance improvements, less memory usage, faster deploys 04/09/2023
fix Consider category submit permissions when creating tickets from emails 04/05/2023
fix Fixed attachments in KB article API 04/01/2023
new ChatGPT integration. Opt-in in Admin - Integrations 03/27/2023
fix PERF: Use pooled memory streams for image thumbnail generation (prevents app restarts on high memory load) 03/17/2023
fix Fixed catgery templates HTML 03/17/2023
fix Asana interagtion fix 03/15/2023
new New report "overdue tickets". Also log due date changes for accurate reporting. Rearranged reports main page. 03/14/2023
fix User search improvements 03/11/2023
fix Preserve line breaks in ticket templates in a category, fixed non-latin category descriptions 03/09/2023
fix Proper live comment update rendering for system msg with attachments 03/09/2023
enh User @-mentions now have a tooltip that shows the username 03/09/2023
fix Fixed editing huge tickets where body offloaded to file storage 03/08/2023
fix Fixed API "UpdateUser" resetting company/department sometimes 03/08/2023
fix Rearranged email settings page for better UI 03/08/2023
enh Added extra confirmation when deleting a category, even if it has no tickets 03/07/2023
fix Fixed user search for "no tickets OR replies" mode 03/06/2023
fix Fixed saving hidden columns 03/04/2023
fix Improved outbound email logging 03/04/2023
new New API method "Create KB article" 03/02/2023
fix disable o365 mailbox when it's "404 not found" to surface this error to customers 03/01/2023
enh O365 inbound email improvements (api-request batching) 02/28/2023
enh #Recipients# email template can now list names, not emails, to keep this sensitive info private 02/28/2023
fix Fixed embedded image sizing in emails 02/27/2023
fix Fixed unlinking issues from Azure Devops 02/22/2023
enh User advanced search: filter users who have no tickets AND no replies 02/16/2023
enh Azure Devops integration improved: pull and display actual workitem status 02/14/2023
fix Fixed x-axis sorting for Speed report when grouping by month 02/12/2023
fix Faster JSON serialization 02/11/2023
new Added CSV export to customer satisfaction report 02/07/2023
new Ticket search plural/singular support (searching for "printer" will return "printerS" too) when searching for 1 word 02/06/2023
enh Refactored most date-time operations: 3X faster, simpler code 02/04/2023
enh Added overdue breakdown chart to Summary report 02/02/2023
enh Technicians report - add "overdue tickets" number 02/02/2023
new Whitelisitng email addresses to skip useless filter 02/02/2023
fix WhatsApp integration: indicate send failure via existing "bounced comments" mechinism 02/01/2023
fix UI fixes for RTL languages 01/31/2023
new New API method: TagTicket(name, ticketId) 01/30/2023
enh Ticket list date filter - relative date suport - "Today, This week, Last 30 days" 01/30/2023
enh Maintaining Saved filters across user's devices 01/30/2023
enh Added "TIcket URL" to summary report CSV export 01/28/2023
fix Send only 1 email when a user creates ticket via live chat 01/27/2023
fix Made chart colors a little more saturated and made all of them work together better 01/27/2023
fix PERF: randomized background job delays so they don't run all at once 01/27/2023
enh Live chat widget - use the custom "Thank you" message, set in the settings 01/25/2023
fix Live chat - show responding tech's first name, not login (can expose email) 01/24/2023
fix Show the ticket subject in the summary of a Teams notification 01/24/2023
enh Resize the text editor after pasting a long canned response 01/24/2023
fix Restored ticket scheduling info in the sidebar due to customers feedback 01/24/2023
fix When user closes their own ticket - still send "ticket closed" email if the email has "rate our support" links in it 01/24/2023
fix JIRA fix for self-hosted 9.4 and later 01/23/2023
new Added Vimeo embed support 01/23/2023
fix Ability to link existing GitHub issues to tickets 01/23/2023
new Snipe-It integration 01/23/2023
fix Performance: faster ticket merging 01/21/2023
fix Search improvements 01/19/2023
enh Custom field automation condition - option to compare "greater than" not just "equal" 01/18/2023
fix Summary report: clicking tag cloud reloads the report with that tag 01/18/2023
fix Send "rate our support" links only to ticket submitters 01/17/2023
fix Sticky ticket header: bigger blur radius - better contract, different background on the dark theme 01/16/2023
fix Do not allow to convert ticket to a reply of itself 01/16/2023
fix Fixed import from Freshdesk 01/12/2023
fix Fixed months and years not scrolling in Safari and Chrome on MAC 01/12/2023
fix Canned response groups improvements 01/08/2023
fix Improved Hebrew translation 01/06/2023
fix Fixed ClickUp integration 01/05/2023
fix Fixed adding subscribers to tickets 01/05/2023
new WhatsApp integration 01/04/2023
fix UX: easier company deletion 01/04/2023
fix fix: mobile and browser push notifications not working if user opted out of email notifications 01/03/2023
enh Add tickets to assets right from the asset page, by ID 01/01/2023
fix Display video size before uploading screen-capture 12/30/2022
fix Fixed tags list when filtering by category 12/30/2022
fix Fixed user custom fields display in the popup 12/20/2022
fix Fixed ticket edit log 12/08/2022
fix Added minutes/seconds resolution to "Ticket creation date" automation rule 12/07/2022
fix Better checkbox-list state saving whern creating a new ticket 12/06/2022
enh Show reply as "possibly not delivered" when there's been an error connecting to email server. 12/05/2022
fix Fixed "Categories"API 12/03/2022
enh Added ability to set "via" (AKA "origin") when creating ticket with API 12/03/2022
fix New ticket page fix: when tech creates a ticket in a category he has no permissions in, hide "for tech" custom fields 11/30/2022
fix Discount "deleted" tickets in user/company/department profile page stats 11/28/2022
enh Create "on-behalf" ticket from user profile 11/26/2022
fix Sanitize "display:none" nodes from incoming emails 11/25/2022
fix Updated Finnish translation 11/25/2022
fix Fixed new ticket button on login page on mobile 11/23/2022
fix Assets suggestion box fix 11/23/2022
fix Fixed logic when a mailbox uses a now-deleted ticket category 11/22/2022
fix Backend performance improvements (less GC pauses) 11/21/2022
fix Due date calendar report performance 11/21/2022
fix Fixed reopen settings button behavior 11/21/2022
fix User manual updates 11/21/2022
enh Hindi translation fixes 11/19/2022
enh Added Croatian language 11/19/2022
fix Clickup API cache to deal with their rate limits 11/18/2022
enh Use machine-learning to get rid of useless image attachments (social network icons etc.) 11/17/2022
fix UI: offer to close a ticket when setting close date 11/17/2022
fix Faster parser json-parser for O365 mailboxes 11/15/2022
new ClickUp integration 11/15/2022
fix Purging deleted tickets - huge performance improvements 11/11/2022
fix Better ticket-list live updates when deleting/closing tickets 11/11/2022
fix Fix: JIRA server 8.4 and later breaks the API, added a workaorund 11/08/2022
fix Bugfix: disabled categories showing up in "move to category" dropdown 11/07/2022
new Ability to require two-factor auth for all users 11/06/2022
enh Design facelift: less bright "new" button, revamped sticky header in tickets etc. 11/05/2022
fix Profile popup: add user's email + flex + cleaner HTML 11/05/2022
enh "Recent comments" in emails now indicate which comments were "for techs only" 11/04/2022
enh "Technicians statistics" now accounts for working hours and days 11/01/2022
fix Incoming mail servers - quickly enable/disable right from the list 10/28/2022
fix Email deliverability fixes 10/26/2022
fix Create companies and users when importing assets from CSV if they do not exist 10/26/2022
fix Minor dark theme fixes 10/26/2022
fix More reliable URL detection for O365 oAuth redirects 10/26/2022
enh Ability to pass ?email=XXX to new ticket page when posting ticket anonymously 10/23/2022
enh User seach - added "enabled users only" filter 10/23/2022
fix Improved forwarded email detection 10/22/2022
fix "View original email" now respects user dark theme settings 10/22/2022
new Show "response time" and "duration" right in the ticket, as tooltips for "start date" and "resolved date" 10/22/2022
enh Added "New" tickets count to realtime dashboard 10/21/2022
enh Added rule deletion to AuditLog 10/17/2022
fix Security improvements (smarter WAF, eliminated potential XSS) 10/17/2022
enh Minor MailChecker speed improvements 10/07/2022
fix Fixed "notify user's manager" rule - better support for departments 10/07/2022
fix SaaS version - correct processing of emails CC'ed to multiple helpdesk instances 10/03/2022
fix Hide "updated by" username from KB articles to non-tech users 09/29/2022
fix Check empty required custom fields on new ticket form even when JavaScript is disabled 09/28/2022
fix CSV import - human readable error when required fields are missing 09/27/2022
fix Less memory allocations when exporting huge data to CSV 09/26/2022
fix Indicator "someone else is editing this KB article" to prevent race conditions 09/18/2022
fix Tuned mail dupes check to allow CC'ing same email to different helpdesk-monitored mailboxes 09/17/2022
fix More forgiving assets CSV import (quantity field parsing) 09/16/2022
fix Fixes for "ticket body contains" when body uses complicated html and search words spread in different tags 09/15/2022
fix Performance fixes throughout the app, less memory pressure 09/10/2022
enh Deployment performance improvements, so customers do not notice when we update the app several times a day 09/10/2022
fix Fixed category editing page layout 09/10/2022
fix Allow add-subscriber autocomplete box for managers 09/08/2022
fix Fixed KB editing in mobile browsers 09/02/2022
fix Minor fix adding subscribers by email 09/01/2022
fix Fixed saving "Ticket created X hours ago" automation 09/01/2022
fix Technician report performance improvements 08/31/2022
new Office 365 oAuth support for outbound SMTP email servers 08/29/2022
fix Better show/hide retired assets UI 08/19/2022
new Added Median response time and Median duraton to Technicians Statistics Report 08/19/2022
fix Tech stats - clickable link to "tickets created" 08/17/2022
new "Send email to user's manager" automation rule 08/15/2022
fix Fixed grid live updates for closed tickets 08/15/2022
fix Fixed tagging tickets via API (not removing old tags) 08/13/2022
fix Improved how notes for Companies are displayed in the list 08/11/2022
fix Fixed "Ticket comes from a company" automation condition when company is empty 08/09/2022
fix Updated MS Teams integration 08/05/2022
fix Jira, GitHub and GitLab integrations now show issue details on the ticket page, bot just URLs 08/03/2022
fix Suggest to admins to switch mailboxes from POP/IMAP to Office 365 08/03/2022
fix KB and Canned Responses dropdown fixes 08/03/2022
fix Fixed single quotes breaking user autosuggest boxes sometimes 08/01/2022
fix Redirect to the new ticket after merging 07/25/2022
fix Restored the missing properties in API GET Assets 07/23/2022
enh The numbers in Admin - Category - Tags are now clickable links 07/23/2022
fix Fixed clicking on a ticket row in Summary report to open a ticket 07/22/2022
enh Added "YTD - year to date" period to all ticket reports 07/19/2022
fix Automation: "abort further rules" improvements 07/19/2022
enh New automation rule "notify last replier" 07/14/2022
fix Faster fade in and out animations in the ticket grid 07/11/2022
enh Support ticket search by email when the email is mentioned in ticket text 07/09/2022
fix API: Added "recipientIds" parameter to POST Comment 07/09/2022
fix New API method: TicketIntegrationData 07/08/2022
fix Fixed section condition caching in Automation Rules 07/04/2022
enh Return "reason" when rejecting useless emails, more verbose logging 07/03/2022
enh Better permission check when closing tickets 06/28/2022
enh Include "techs only" private replies in email #Recent_messages# template IF the reply is also private and "techs only" 06/28/2022
fix Fixed GitLab integration 06/27/2022
fix Fixed default dropdown option? on new-ticket page 06/25/2022
enh Admin - Categories - hint if category uses a custom email template, quick edit link 06/24/2022
fix Custom fields automation performance 06/24/2022
new Bulk tagging assets in the list 06/23/2022
enh Option to delete original comment when moving comment to a new ticket 06/23/2022
fix Automation for overdue tickets - less delay 06/20/2022
fix Updated the Hebrew translation 06/20/2022
fix Fixed HTML "notes" on the company page 06/18/2022
fix Fixed company notes display in various places 06/17/2022
enh Linked tickets/subtickets pane design fixes: show username, ticket-ID, new "unlink" button 06/14/2022
fix Fixed #Originator# template in emails sent by automation rules 06/14/2022
enh Support "Shift+click" in KB articles category list checkboxes 06/12/2022
fix Fixed rating links prompting for login sometimes 06/12/2022
new Allow checkboxes in ticket text editor/HTML to support "checklist" functionality right inside tickets, like in Github 06/11/2022
enh Pre-filling custom fields via URL params on new ticket creation 06/08/2022
fix Database performance tweaks 06/07/2022
new New automation rule "Ticket was created more than X hours ago" 06/07/2022
enh Improved keyboard shortcuts on ticket page ("R" to reply, "ESC" to cancel reply, "J/K" -prev/next ticket, "Ctrl + ." KB, "Ctrl + ," Canned Responses) show shortcuts in tooltips 06/07/2022
fix Added an option to bulk unassign to the ticket grid popup 06/07/2022
new Customizable "Thank you" text when unregistered users create tickets via web-app 06/06/2022
enh User register page natispam 06/05/2022
new More sophisticated antivirus for all attachments 06/01/2022
new Due date calendar - sharable iCal link to subscribe in external calendar apps 05/22/2022
fix Removed the ability to disable users via CSV import in favor of "bulk actions". Many customers disable users accidentally 05/20/2022
fix Scheduled tickets history report - proper ordering 05/19/2022
fix Summary, Search - latest comments render fix 05/19/2022
fix Fixed managers change category permission bug 05/17/2022
fix Better messaging for "resend welcome email" 05/16/2022
enh Company page - shortcut to user search by the company 05/16/2022
new Option to hide all system entries form the ticket by default 05/12/2022
fix "Rate our support" links in emails now work without logging in 05/09/2022
fix Fixed random logouts if "remember me" is disable due to compliance 05/08/2022
fix Custom report UI fixes 05/07/2022
fix Fixed search with special characters like "AT&T" from top search box 05/05/2022
fix Accessibility fixes for screen readers 05/04/2022
fix Added ?? and ?? to the emoji picker 05/03/2022
fix Assets main page UI improvements 05/02/2022
fix Fixed "link existing JIRA issue" 04/28/2022
fix Friendly message instead of broken images in emails when attachments disabled 04/22/2022
fix Acessibility: close "recent tickets" and "user info" popups on ESC 04/21/2022
fix CSS styling for checkboxes for unified cross-browser look 04/15/2022
fix "Big" support widget script - support for pre-selected ticket category 04/15/2022
fix Fixed 404 in Summary report when customer has 100+ custom fields 04/15/2022
fix Fixed new ticket email confirmation for newly created users 04/14/2022
fix MailChecker performance improvements 04/14/2022
fix Fixed Summary and Dynamics reports losing tech filter under rare conditions 04/13/2022
fix Summary report "from" time fixed 04/13/2022
enh Added very basic file preview before uploading 04/09/2022
fix Support for custom favicons in Desktop notifications 04/08/2022
enh Widened duplicate files detection to match different users (still within one ticket) 04/07/2022
fix Added SAML provider settings to General Settings 04/07/2022
fix "Speed" and "Tickets per day" report URLs are also "saveable" now 04/05/2022
enh Dozens minor performance fixes + minimized freeze during deploys 04/04/2022
fix Summary report: use GET so people can save the url for later use 04/04/2022
enh Github and Gitlab integration: the list of repos is now searchable 03/30/2022
enh 2X faster HTML sanitizer engine 03/29/2022
fix CSV import improvements 03/28/2022
fix Acessibility fixes 03/26/2022
fix Better contrast in dark theme dropdowns 03/24/2022
enh Rewrote the backend to .NET 6, huge performance boost 03/23/2022
enh "showlogin" parameter for the login page to ignore the SAML "hide inputs" setting 03/22/2022
enh Log rejected "useless" inbound emails in "audit log" 03/19/2022
enh Assets quick search 03/19/2022
fix Assets - assign-unassign to users via ajax, no page refresh 03/19/2022
fix Redirect to proper assets list page after editing an item 03/19/2022
fix KB caching mobile view fixes 03/18/2022
fix Support "hide powered by" setting in the live chat widget for Enterprise customers 03/17/2022
fix Adding X-Jitbit-Ticket header when forwarding ticket by email to prevent ID clash 03/17/2022
enh Added "all unclosed tickets" option to Summary Report filter 03/16/2022
enh "Ideas with no upvotes" filter 03/16/2022
fix Power BI: now loads 3000 tickets, supports scheduled refresh 03/16/2022
fix Chat widget fixes 03/15/2022
new New setting: "Only send updates to subscribers when sent by techs" 03/15/2022
fix Sort Asset search results by name 03/13/2022
enh Summary report now allows filtering tickets assigned to deactivated technician accounts 03/11/2022
fix "Reply and close" now works only for technicians in ticket's category 03/11/2022
enh Improved Harvest integration - added time entry dialog right into tickets 03/10/2022
enh Ability to remove linked tickets and subtickets via API 03/06/2022
fix Accent tech subscribers with green checkboxes to distinguish from regular users 03/06/2022
fix "Ticket subject contains" automation now has an option to match the whole word only 03/05/2022
fix Added "CreatedByUserID" to api/articles endpoint 03/02/2022
fix Fixed updating checkbox custom fields for User/Asset/Companies 02/28/2022
fix Company popup - proper design for "recent tickets" list 02/17/2022
fix String parsing performance improvements 02/16/2022
enh Added "Abort further rules" automation action 02/15/2022
fix Slightly improved KB emails 02/12/2022
fix Performance improvement for "show all" tickets list 02/11/2022
fix Dependent drop-down custom fields "default" options fixes 02/11/2022
fix Fixed showing custom field inputs on "new asset" page too 02/08/2022
enh Added YTD option to Summary report intervals 02/07/2022
fix "You've been assigned" email notificaiton now includes ticket attachments 02/07/2022
fix Ability to hide username/password inputs when Google-login is enabled 02/06/2022
fix Fixed "undo" in wysiwyg-editor on paste 02/03/2022
fix Added "tickets created on behalf" to technician statistics CSV export 02/03/2022
fix Fixed sorting attachments by date 01/31/2022
fix Fixed canned response and text insertion sometimes happen outside editor in Firefox 01/27/2022
fix Improved "checkbox" custom field in grids 01/25/2022
fix Excel compatible CSV export for non-english characters (utf16 + BOM char) 01/25/2022
fix WYSIWYG fixes in Firefox 01/24/2022
fix DB optimizations 01/23/2022
fix @mention improvements 01/23/2022
fix Fixed "resend comment" bug 01/20/2022
fix Fixed ticket dates inthe user info popup 01/20/2022
fix Added "check all" when selecting attachments for forwarded tickets by email 01/20/2022
fix WYSIWYG fixes (proper font size, image pasting position) 01/19/2022
fix Github integration: order repos by "last pushed" 01/18/2022
fix Assets CSV export now includes all custom fields (not just "shown in grid") 01/18/2022
fix WYSIWYG list fixes 01/17/2022
new @-mention a user when writing replies! (adds the user to ticket subscribers and sends en email notification) 01/16/2022
fix Rewrote & improved WYSIWG editor 01/13/2022
fix Do not include excessive attachments in ticket confirmation emails 01/12/2022
fix Added validation for empty JIRA integration fields 01/10/2022
enh Added "total views" to KB analytics report 01/09/2022
fix Localized "Unsubscribe" link in emails 01/07/2022
fix Fixed saving "current date between" automation rule format 01/05/2022
fix Ticket search category dropdown fix 01/04/2022
fix Mandatory checkbox custom fields are also checked now 12/30/2021
new Auto purge tickets closed more than X days ago 12/23/2021
fix Fixed inline images when creating a new ticket from an existing comment 12/23/2021
fix Pressing Escape now focuses back on the editor when closing canned response or KB dropdowns 12/23/2021
fix Fixed editing "Delay" automation rule 12/23/2021
fix Import/Export form tabs redesign 12/23/2021
fix refactored avatar caching so dark/light UI switching changes right away 12/22/2021
fix New API method UnAssignAssetToUser 12/22/2021
fix Option to skip diff file when editing a comment 12/20/2021
fix Do not show "powered by jitbit" on the shared and print view when "hide powered by" setting is enabled 12/16/2021
enh Power BI connector now loads 3000 tickets instead of 300 12/14/2021
fix OneDrive integration fixes 12/12/2021
fix More performance tweaks 12/09/2021
enh New API method "Get user by ID" 12/09/2021
fix Fixed screen capturing in fullsize widget 12/09/2021
enh New API DeleteUser method 12/07/2021
enh Many infrastructure upgrades to protect from DDoS attacks and prevent outages 12/06/2021
fix Huge database performance improvements, Redis-caching to speed up deploys. 12/06/2021
enh Added support for cmd + enter (for Macs) everywhere where ctrl + enter is supported 11/29/2021
fix Mail template fixes for automation-rule notifications 11/26/2021
fix Added keyboard arrow key navigation for the KB dropdown as well 11/26/2021
fix Added hotkeys: "ctrl + ," opens canned responses, "ctrl + ." opens kb article dropdowns when writing a ticket reply 11/26/2021
fix Fixed comment deletion removing duplicate files incorrectly 11/25/2021
fix Added support for hotkeys to canned responses: navigate with up and down arrows, insert with enter 11/25/2021
fix Fixed ticket confirmation email when assigning ticket during creation 11/24/2021
enh Admin - Users - Quicksearch now finds "deactivated" users too 11/23/2021
fix throw 404 on all KB pages if KB is disabled, even when accessed directly 11/23/2021
fix Reworked JIRA integration: correct issue types are now show in the UI when a project is changed 11/23/2021
fix DevOps integration now supports rich text editing 11/22/2021
fix Fixed wide images in user profile comment history 11/22/2021
fix Datetime picker component localizations 11/17/2021
fix Improved email importer for semantic HTML tags 11/17/2021
fix Fixed Dashboard live update when deleting tickets 11/15/2021
fix Fixed the category filter in advanced ticket search 11/14/2021
enh Carry on the tags when creating a scheduled ticket 11/14/2021
fix Fix: rule-powered emails always remove the originator from recipients 11/14/2021
enh "You have been assigned" sent via desktop notifications too. Also, notifications now work on most pages, not just the ticket list 11/12/2021
fix Easier to spot mandatory custom fields 11/12/2021
fix Minor security fix 11/10/2021
fix Fixed the "time spent" timer restarting after a reply even if it is disabled by a global setting 11/09/2021
enh custom fields performance fixes 11/09/2021
new Admin - Users - Search can find users by company. Can be used to move users between companies in bulk, etc. 11/04/2021
fix Backend performance improvement 10/31/2021
enh Disable user accounts via CSV upload 10/29/2021
fix "Move comment to another ticket" only moves file attachments from that comment 10/28/2021
enh Added "ticket assigned to a deactivated tech" automation 10/27/2021
enh Export canned responses to CSV 10/27/2021
fix Automation engine fixes that might cancel some rules from running 10/26/2021
new Added "out of office" technicians to dashbaord 10/24/2021
new "Add sub-ticket" automation rule 10/22/2021
new API methods to get rule by ID, enable and disable a rule 10/22/2021
enh Option for administartors to skip logging diff file when editing a ticket (when removing sensitive info) 10/21/2021
fix Fixed GitLab integration 10/21/2021
fix Azure DevOps integration fixes 10/21/2021
fix "Latinizing" non-English letters (diacritics, cyrillic, etc) in KB url generation 10/19/2021
fix Fixed user "LastSeen" logging on new session start 10/15/2021
fix "Tickets per day" report now allows filtering per technician 10/15/2021
fix Fixed "Abort all further email notifications" rule 10/11/2021
enh Search for partial company names in ticket search 10/09/2021
fix Add log entry when Asset custom field is changed via API 10/09/2021
fix Security fixes 10/02/2021
fix Assets list + Asset search performance fixes 10/01/2021
fix Scalability & throughput improvements (async) 09/30/2021
fix Performance fixes & smoother deploys 09/30/2021
fix API fixes for JSON requests 09/30/2021
fix Show ticket assets to non-tech users (read-only mode) 09/30/2021
fix Fixed custom fields search 09/21/2021
fix Fixed "$$ is not defined" in live chat widget 09/20/2021
new Jitbit has been ported to .NET CORE. More info 09/13/2021
fix API method TicketCustomFields now includes all possible options for dropdowns 08/25/2021
enh KB search now uses "AND" logic for multiple word queries 08/25/2021
fix Optional access to Dashboard to technicians and managers 08/25/2021
fix Fixed month sorting in report graphs 08/23/2021
fix Drastically sped up ticket search by email-domain 08/21/2021
fix Fixed tags, secondary assignee, asset, etc. imputs when text had an apostrophe 08/16/2021
fix "Go to the original reply" button in the ticket attachment list 08/16/2021
enh "Reply and close" button now offers to close linked tickets too 08/14/2021
fix Fixes total count on assets page, added count to assets search 08/14/2021
enh Show involved assets on ticket print page 08/13/2021
enh Live-refresh custom fields on ticket page when updated by rules or by another user 08/13/2021
fix "Assign to noone" automation rule now removes secondary assignees too 08/13/2021
enh Minute-precision in "set ticket due date" automation rule 08/12/2021
enh Bulk-delete ideas using checkboxes 08/12/2021
fix Include file attachment information in the system comment about ticket forwarding 08/12/2021
enh Cloud attachments (Dropbox GDrive Box etc) are now supported in Knowledge Base, Assets etc, not just tickets 08/12/2021
new Automation rule "if custom field equals" now supports user and company custom fields 08/08/2021
enh Ability to set "start date" to X hours (or working hours) from current date 08/07/2021
enh Link to API token in user profile 08/04/2021
new Allow (almost) any HTML tags in Knowledge Base 08/02/2021
fix Fixed tag filter disappearing on assets with multiple pages 07/29/2021
fix Removed character limit for top announcements (for admins and techs) 07/27/2021
fix Better user permission editing UX 07/21/2021
fix Fixed pipe character in company names breaking autocomplete 07/18/2021
enh Include ticket submitter in the default search 07/16/2021
fix "Recently viewed tickets" cleaner design 07/15/2021
enh Ticket "checkbox" custom field can now be edited right away, without clicking "..." then "OK" etc 07/08/2021
new Ability to move comments from one ticket to another if a user makes a mistake 07/08/2021
fix Ability to add "system" comments via API 07/08/2021
enh When email template contains #Attachments# links - show most recent reply's attachments on top, sort the rest alphabetically 07/07/2021
fix New API method: UserSearch 07/06/2021
enh Ability to add "system updates" to tickets via "add reply" automation rule 07/06/2021
fix Order tags alphabetically in the UI 07/06/2021
enh Users CSV import now support "Department" 07/06/2021
enh Allow users delete their own ideas and edit tags 07/05/2021
enh "Add exsiting subticket" tool 07/05/2021
fix Fixed sorting the ticket attachment list by date 07/05/2021
fix Show custom fields when expanding subtickets in the grid 07/02/2021
enh "Insert KB article" now inserts article with title 07/01/2021
fix Speed up bulk user deletion 07/01/2021
fix Added an ability to add related assets on ticket creation (for techs only) 06/29/2021
fix Show only 10 most popular tags on the KB index page with a link to show all tags 06/29/2021
fix Fixed sorting search results in new Chrome version 06/29/2021
fix Scheduled tickets now carry on custom fields from original ticket 06/26/2021
fix Fixed bulk-adding techs from company/department 06/24/2021
new HUGE performance improvements for the database - better indexes and faster ticket lists 06/22/2021
new Token-based authenticaiton for API 06/20/2021
fix Added #Via# field to email templates - it is replaced with a ticket origin (email, web, live chat, etc.) 06/11/2021
fix Database performance 06/08/2021
new Trigger automation rule on ticket deletion 06/04/2021
fix Support "time spent" more than 100 hours in the ticket UI 06/04/2021
new Allow users from same department seeing each other tickets 06/03/2021
new TeamViewer integration 05/31/2021
fix Ticket print: option to hide all replies / system entries 05/31/2021
fix Fixed some tickets not shown in due dates calendar 05/30/2021
enh Background job optimizations 05/26/2021
enh Ability to reorder sections by drag-n-drop 05/25/2021
new Ability to customize the satisfaction survey prompt text 05/22/2021
fix Performance optimizations 05/15/2021
fix Ticket scheduler fixes 05/15/2021
new A user can be made a "Manager" for either company or department 05/09/2021
new Option to disable built-in timezone-based holidays 05/07/2021
fix Fixed Freshdesk import 05/06/2021
fix Dashboard reponse-time and resolution-time now supports working hours and holidays 05/04/2021
fix Company stats report "response time" now properly accounts for working hours and holidays 05/03/2021
new Admin tools to clean up empty companies and departments 05/02/2021
new New option - only admins can assign tickets to other admins 04/30/2021
fix Show full names in secondary assignees list 04/30/2021
fix Added an ability to change your billing plan in the admin panel 04/29/2021
fix Fixed img width/height lost in email notifications (resulted in huge logos) 04/27/2021
fix Fixed rule editor "current date between" error 04/26/2021
enh Fixed live chat widget breaking in modern browsers CORS (not using cookies any more) 04/23/2021
fix Workaround for custom-JS browser caching after editing 04/23/2021
fix Hide "Reports" tab if no reports allowed to user 04/22/2021
enh Added "Department" to summary report 04/22/2021
fix Fixed importing calendar attachments from incoming emails, also any attachments with broken filenames 04/15/2021
new Preview ticket text on mouse hover 04/10/2021
enh Selecting individual file attachments when forwarding ticket by email 04/07/2021
fix Preserve collapsed sections between page reloads 04/05/2021
fix All notifications from "critical" priority tickets now send high importance email notications 04/05/2021
enh Custom report - grouping by a custom field now processes tickets with unset field too 04/01/2021
fix Fixed minor filter/tabs inconsistencies (e.g. clicking "Unassigned" when "Assigned to X" filter is active) 04/01/2021
fix Fixed ticket sorting by custom field after clicking "more" 03/31/2021
fix Fixed setting out of office via API 03/29/2021
new Ideas - added the "ideas I'm subscribed to" filter 03/26/2021
enh "Latest reply contains" automation - option to look in customer replies only 03/26/2021
enh Filter summary report by department 03/26/2021
fix Logging comment deletion in the audit log 03/26/2021
enh Include ticket attachments into ticket confimation email 03/25/2021
fix Bulk-actions permissions improvements 03/25/2021
fix Fixed dashboard response/resolution time calculation 03/19/2021
fix Render line breaks in multiline custom fields 03/18/2021
new Backend improvements: mail-checker module is fully 'async' now 03/15/2021
fix "Notify assigned tech" automation rule now supports sending mobile push notifications 03/15/2021
enh Ability to resize image after inserting into WYSIWYG editor 03/15/2021
enh When filtering by tag - filter the category list and tag menu accordingly 03/14/2021
fix Fixed #Unsubscribe# links in emails 03/10/2021
new Scan all attachments for viruses 03/09/2021
enh Collapse/expand sections in the category menu 03/07/2021
fix Increased maximum allowed section name to 250 characters to bring it on par with category names 03/05/2021
fix Fixed a visual bug with tags overflowing the container in Summary report 03/05/2021
fix Drastically improved page load times for tickets with a lot of replies 03/03/2021
fix Unsubscribe link in emails fixed 03/03/2021
fix SAML: added extracting the "location" attribute 03/02/2021
fix User Search looks for "secondary" emails too 03/01/2021
fix Bugfix for "tech only" custom fields on new ticket form 02/26/2021
enh Ability to hide category selector in live-chat widget via JS 02/25/2021
fix Fixed rich formatting hotkeys in Safari 02/25/2021
enh "Email contains" automation now supports exact matches 02/24/2021
fix UI - disable removing ticket-creator from subscribers, the app adds them back anyway, but leads to confusion 02/23/2021
fix "Scroll to the top" button in the sticky header in the ticket view 02/22/2021
new Capture still screenshots (not just video) from the web-interface 02/22/2021
fix Automation rules performance fixes 02/21/2021
enh Editing a ticket adds a message to audit log 02/17/2021
fix Leave a system comment when a tech manually removes 'upd by cust' or 'upd for tech' badges 02/17/2021
enh Show built-in holidays tracked by the app on the "custom holidays" page 02/16/2021
fix Fixed client-side sorting on some pages not compatible with new jquery 02/16/2021
enh Filtering the tickets grid by mutlitple tags with Shift+Click 02/15/2021
enh Added "in-person" option to the "via" ticket field 02/15/2021
fix Show if an article is for techs only in KB suggestions 02/15/2021
fix Do not show edit logs in the main attachment list, also do not allow deleting the logs 02/15/2021
fix Proper support for dependent dropdown custom fields in User, Assets and Companeis 02/14/2021
fix Improved breadcrumbs navigation in the admin panel 02/14/2021
fix Fixed minor KB-publihsing bug 02/12/2021
enh Summary report - clickable pie charts, filters tickets by the clicked dimension 02/12/2021
fix Removing tracking pixels from incoming emails 02/10/2021
fix Fixed line breaks in "add reply" automation rules 02/09/2021
fix SMTP throttling for office365 connections 02/07/2021
enh Many SMTP-server connection improvements 02/06/2021
fix Fixed missing "Invoices" section in the Billing page for old customers 02/04/2021
fix Dashboard UTC time bugs resolved 02/04/2021
fix New ticket page category selector performance fixes for huge category lists (500 and more) 02/03/2021
fix Show user full name on company/department page 01/29/2021
enh Added "Priority" to CSV ticket export 01/28/2021
fix Support HTML body in "api/UpdateTicket" 01/28/2021
fix Two-factor auth: limited the number of times you can enter incorrect auth code before getting banned for 1 minute 01/25/2021
fix Allowed longer SMTP passwords 01/25/2021
fix Added "EN-CA" locale for Canadian date format + holidays 01/24/2021
enh Allow editing article text before publishing ticket to KB 01/23/2021
fix Fixed Asana integraiton 01/19/2021
fix Dashboard Fullscreen support in more browsers 01/18/2021
fix Added LastSeen to users CSV export 01/18/2021
enh Added "create NEW linked ticket" menu item 01/17/2021
enh "Add reply" automation rule now supports template masks like #Body# #FirstName# 01/16/2021
fix Sending emails can fail from "not-updated" and "overdue" automation rules 01/15/2021
fix Fixed loosing reply attachments when reply is being edited for too long (20-30minutes) 01/14/2021
enh Add asset-log entry when editing asset custom fields 01/14/2021
fix Update the current view ticket count in real time 01/13/2021
fix Show "no more ticket left" screen when they are no more tickets to show. Also, show the ticket grid when "no more tickets" is shown and a new ticket comes 01/08/2021
fix Fixed "set ticket subject" automation rule with custom fields mask 01/06/2021
fix Update "dates ago" in the ticket grid in real time in the ticket list 01/05/2021
fix Ideas Forum: submit replies on Ctrl + Enter 01/03/2021
fix Search in ticket replies by default 01/03/2021
fix Added live badges to the sticky bar in the ticket view 12/21/2020
fix "2020 in review" report 12/18/2020
enh Option to disable "remember me" on login page for compliance (HIPAA etc) 12/17/2020
fix Google login fixes 12/16/2020
fix Fixed endpoints for Github Enterprise integration 12/14/2020
enh Logging last-connect date/time + result for external mailboxes, show it in the UI 12/14/2020
fix Prevent auto-zoom in live chat widget in mobile Safari iOS 12/14/2020
fix Fixed minor priority filtering bug 12/11/2020
fix A lot of Gitlab integration fixes, especially for the self-hosted Gitlab version 12/11/2020
fix Redesigned tags menu/filter on Tickets and Assets pagers 12/09/2020
new Assets now support tags 12/07/2020
new Round Robin ticket assignment automation rule 12/04/2020
fix Do not play sounds for system comments in live chat 12/04/2020
new Filter ticket list by multiple categories using Shift + Click 12/01/2020
fix Editing custom field minor bug fix 11/30/2020
enh Floating header: show ticket-ID, clicking Subject scrolls back to top (similar to Github) 11/29/2020
fix Fixed copy-pasting stuff from Google Sheets 11/27/2020
fix Send mobile push notifications on new live chat replies to the assigned tech 11/25/2020
fix Fixed #Suggested_KB_articles# mask not working in some cases 11/24/2020
enh DDoS protection improvements 11/24/2020
fix Show creator name in new idea notifications 11/24/2020
enh Chat widget antispam improvement 11/24/2020
enh Add actual error message to alerts sent to customers who use custom SMTP 11/24/2020
fix Do not create scheduled tickets for deleted tickets 11/23/2020
new Keep a tiny infobar on top when scrolling down a ticket 11/23/2020
new Grouping Canned Response info "folders" 11/20/2020
enh New automation action: "current date is between" 11/19/2020
fix Multilanguage improvements 11/19/2020
fix Added "Toggle fullscreen" button to the dashboard 11/18/2020
fix Throttle KB email notifications if user decides to edit the article again 11/17/2020
fix Automation condition "Ticket has zero replies" now has an option to ignore ticket submitter replies 11/13/2020
fix Anti-Flood fix if email sent to multiple queue addresses deliberately 11/12/2020
enh Shift+Click a subscriber checkbox checks/unchecks ALL subscribers 11/12/2020
fix Increased the number of tickets in Power BI connector from 100 to 300 (requires redownloading the connector) 11/12/2020
new Added Romanian language 11/12/2020
fix Added a permanent link to the changelog to the bottom of the main admin page on the hosted version 11/12/2020
fix Fixed and improved assets CSV import error handling 11/12/2020
fix New API methods: CompanyCustomFields, UserCustomFields 11/12/2020
fix ##Ticket_Number mentions improvement 11/11/2020
fix Fixed: copying category does not copy FromName 11/10/2020
enh Ticket page: load new replies after websocket disconnect/reconnect (lost wifi signal etc) 11/08/2020
enh #CF_xxx# mask in email templates now works for techs-only custom fields too (#Custom_Fields# for the public ones only) 11/08/2020
fix Tickets dashboard: added "tickets per day", added category filter, fixed some calculation bugs 11/06/2020
new Automatiom rule execution log: see a list of the last 10 tickets the rule was executed on in the "rule edit" page 11/05/2020
enh Techniques to prevent ticket duplicates from email 11/04/2020
fix Trello Integration: fix for accented characters 11/04/2020
fix Fixed idea comments notifications 11/03/2020
new "Unshare a ticket" automation action 11/02/2020
fix Fixed report labels color in Firefox 11/02/2020
fix Fixed canned responses/kb popups 11/01/2020
fix Bugfix: empty new ticket email template (for techs) was causing ticket confirmations not to be sent 11/01/2020
enh Added "out of office" to "UpdateUser" API 10/31/2020
fix Properly show inline images in "shared" tickets 10/29/2020
fix Sort asset tickets by newest first 10/28/2020
new Controlling individual report permissions 10/22/2020
fix "To-address does NOT contain" automation option 10/21/2020
fix Fixes least busy automation bug 10/20/2020
fix More contrast for prioiry/status in dark theme 10/20/2020
fix Improved quoted emails remover 10/17/2020
new API methods to update User/Company custom fields 10/16/2020
fix User profile page improvements 10/16/2020
fix Performance fixes 10/15/2020
fix Editing user greeti?g and signature via API 10/15/2020
fix More securty fixes 10/15/2020
new NEW: automation rule "Auto-assign to the least busy technician" 10/08/2020
fix Clicking "tickets" on User/Company/Department page resets the filter (if any) 10/08/2020
fix Performance imropvements 10/07/2020
fix Added a remineder to enable browser notifications 10/07/2020
fix New automation: "mark ticket upd FOR tech" 10/05/2020
fix Fixed XML in wisywig editors 10/04/2020
fix Ideas anti-spam fixes 09/29/2020
fix Make it clear that when an email template is empty a notification will not be sent 09/28/2020
enh Background automation jobs for "Ticket not updated" and "Ticket overdue" - massively improved performance and reliability 09/28/2020
new Secondary email address(es) for users 09/27/2020
enh Show category descriptions as tooltips on new ticket page when hovering mouse 09/25/2020
enh Ctrl+K to add link in all content-editors 09/25/2020
new Ability to pre-set the user's email in live-chat widget via JavaScript 09/24/2020
fix Fixed "dependent" custom fields for Users/Companies/Assets 09/23/2020
fix User/Company autocomplete box improvements 09/23/2020
fix New automation condition: "Technician is looking at the ticket" 09/23/2020
fix Fixed Asset search by a numeric custom field 09/21/2020
new Admins can now edit ticket "start date" 09/20/2020
enh Make "unsubscribe form this ticket" link in emails optional 09/18/2020
enh Live-chat indicator in browser notifications 09/18/2020
fix Ticket scheduler realiability fixes 09/16/2020
enh Add a special "live chat" icon to "new ticket" email notification if the ticket comes via livechat 09/15/2020
fix Email signature cutter improvements 09/14/2020
new New automation condition "ticket has zero replies" 09/11/2020
fix Various mobile push notification fixes 09/10/2020
fix Send a mobile push notification with sound and vibration when a live chat ticket is created 09/10/2020
enh New "via" option for tickets - "live chat widget" 09/10/2020
fix Support for "defer" loading option in the live chat widget 09/10/2020
fix Fixed file uploads via new-ticket popup widget (cross-site issue in new Chrome) 09/09/2020
new Sharing tickets via a readonly link like in Google Docs 09/07/2020
enh Add system comment when unlinking tickets 09/07/2020
enh Companies page UX fixes 09/06/2020
enh Satisfaction report - switching filter by ticket close-date or create-date 09/06/2020
fix Fixed numeric custom fields search 09/03/2020
fix Remove formatting when copy-pasting from dark theme 09/02/2020
fix Fixed URLs in custom fields 09/01/2020
fix Redesigned the comment toolbar 08/31/2020
new User logon history report 08/30/2020
fix Fixed subject pre-fill via query string on new ticket page 08/28/2020
enh Hiding system entries when priting ticket 08/26/2020
fix Fixed user merging 08/25/2020
fix Zendesk and Freshdesk import fixes 08/25/2020
enh Added "Unfollow this ticket" link to emails for GDPR 08/21/2020
fix Custom field tiny permission fix 08/20/2020
fix Printing KB articles fixes 08/20/2020
fix Do not filter bounce and error messages if it's a forwarded email 08/19/2020
enh New automation condition "if ticket creator's user-lookup data contains" 08/18/2020
fix Dark mode fixes 08/18/2020
enh Allow moving "new" tickets to custom statuses 08/13/2020
fix Fixed deleting asset types, suppliers, manufacturers 08/12/2020
new Custom fields for companies 08/12/2020
fix Rule editor: fixed time support in date-time custom fields 08/07/2020
fix Bulk-action fixes 08/07/2020
fix support "statusId" mask in Http automation 07/18/2020
fix Clone more attributes when cloning ticket, including tags 07/18/2020
fix Display user count on company page 07/15/2020
fix Add clickable note when closing ticket from parent/linked 07/14/2020
fix Added Hungarian translation 07/14/2020
fix Do not filter non-delivery and out-of-office notification if the subjects starts with "fw:" 07/13/2020
fix Front end performance improvements 07/13/2020
fix Added "cancel" button when adding reply 07/10/2020
fix Fixed section reorder in admin panel 07/10/2020
enh Finished migration to new outbound email engine, more reliable SMTP now 07/07/2020
fix Custom report fixes 07/07/2020
fix Multi-language translation fixes 07/07/2020
fix More minor security fixes 07/03/2020
enh Important security fixes 06/30/2020
enh Renamed Event Log to Audit Log 06/28/2020
fix less aggressive file-attachments caching 06/26/2020
fix Better JS error reporting to Jitbit team via Sentry 06/25/2020
fix LDAP integration fixes 06/23/2020
fix Bulk ticket actions performance improvements 06/22/2020
fix Basecamp integration fixes 06/22/2020
fix allow float numbers in numeric custom fields in new chrome 06/21/2020
enh Automation job performance improvements (async runners) 06/19/2020
fix Support "CF_XXXX" masks in "set ticket subject" automation rules 06/17/2020
fix CSS fixes for the new Chrome release 06/17/2020
fix Improved the "also looking at this ticket" module - supports the "ticket opened in two tabs" case 06/16/2020
fix Minor password policy fix 06/16/2020
enh Option to automatically redirect to identity provider when SAML/SSO is enabled 06/16/2020
fix Schema support in custom field URL detection. E.g. set a user custom field to "skype:user" and clicking it will start a skype call. 06/15/2020
new Custom fields for USERS (not just tickets) 06/14/2020
fix Do not show deleted tickets to non-techs 06/12/2020
new New API methods: to get, retrieve sub tickets and linked tickets 06/12/2020
fix Fixed Basecamp integration 06/10/2020
new New automation condition "if ticket came via..." 06/10/2020
enh Bulk remove due date from tickets 06/09/2020
fix Ticket search speed improvements 06/08/2020
new All new design for all anonymous user facing pages: KB, login page, register, "lost password" etc. 06/08/2020
fix Faster image thumbnails generation 06/06/2020
fix Expading sub-tickets in grid respects the current sorting 06/06/2020
fix Better async performance in HTTP-request automation rules 06/06/2020
fix Improved datetime input rendering for custom fields 06/05/2020
fix More Dropbox/GDrive/Onedrive/Boxcom fixes 06/04/2020
fix OneDrive file picker now returns sharable URLs (was returning protected URL not visible to anyone) 06/04/2020
new Dashboard links to ticket list 06/03/2020
fix New automation rule "Latest reply came from a non-subscriber" 06/03/2020
new Added "Last Updated By Username" to tickets list 06/02/2020
fix Clicking away cancels editing ticket subject 06/01/2020
fix Fixed double slash in browser notifications URL 06/01/2020
fix Default ticket search now looks in dropdown custom fields too 05/31/2020
new Ticket Search now looks in custom fields too 05/31/2020
fix Human-readable missing paramater error message in API 05/28/2020
enh Attach files during asset creation 05/28/2020
new All new outbound email component, faster and more reliable 05/28/2020
fix Asset cloning improvements 05/28/2020
new Box.com integration 05/28/2020
fix Order sections by name on admin pages for easier lookup 05/28/2020
new Notify admins when their custom SMTP server is down 05/27/2020
enh Improved text search performance within replies 05/25/2020
fix Security improvements 05/21/2020
fix More granular "delay" automation actrion (seconds precision) 05/20/2020
fix Fixed automation-triggered comments display 05/19/2020
enh Support for deleting messages instead of marking as read in Office 365 mailboxes 05/18/2020
fix Proper notifications when converting a ticket to a reply 05/12/2020
fix Respect custom status categories in mobile apps/API 05/11/2020
enh Realtime dashboard - ability to select "today, 7-days, 30-days" 05/11/2020
fix Quick in-place editing for ticket subject 05/10/2020
new Ability to add custom public holidays 05/10/2020
fix Fixed switching "total" links in the grid 05/08/2020
fix Added "Category permissions audit" to technicians report 05/08/2020
fix Translation fixes + saved filters styling 05/08/2020
fix "Mark answered/unanswered" automation rule fixes 05/07/2020
fix Remove extra formatting when copy-pasting from tickets, so text looks nice in other software 05/07/2020
enh Admin user search - added an option to search "regular' users only 05/06/2020
fix Fixed canned responses in Edge browser 05/05/2020
new New automation action "mark reply as 'tech-only'" 05/04/2020
fix Dropbox integration fixes 05/04/2020
fix Google Drive fixed also no need for API-id etc, just enable the checkbox and that's it. 05/02/2020
new One Drive support (attaching files to tickets) 05/02/2020
fix Fixed desktop notifications for new tickets 05/01/2020
fix API search imrovements 04/24/2020
fix Fixed localized status names in API 04/24/2020
new Added /LinkedTickets" to API 04/17/2020
fix JS fixes in summary report 04/17/2020
fix "Ticket forwarded" log is now html and properly formatted 04/17/2020
fix Proper ticket links from techs report 04/15/2020
fix Fixed "autologin builder" in admin panel 04/15/2020
enh Redesigned current user button, less clutter 04/14/2020
new New custom status permission "for managers only" 04/13/2020
enh Satisfaction report improvements: more intuitive chart colors, click on chart to filter tickets by ratings, filter by categories, assigned techs and companies 04/13/2020
fix Show proper custom fields when looking at a section-filtered grid 04/12/2020
new New workflow automation action "Abort further emails" 04/09/2020
fix If an email comes into ticket from a non-subscriber mark it "private" (for techs) otherwise sensitive info might get out 04/07/2020
fix Ticket forwarding UI fixes 04/06/2020
new Prompt to close subtickets when closing ticket 04/06/2020
new Advanced User Search - searching for users with/without tickets, Admins only, Techs only etc. 04/02/2020
fix Html sanitizer fixes 04/01/2020
fix Ideas search pagination fix 03/31/2020
fix EMail signature remover improvements 03/31/2020
enh Security improvements (detecting and filtering dangerous requests) 03/27/2020
fix Ticket forward form improvements 03/27/2020
fix Dark theme fixes 03/27/2020
fix "Not enough permissions" message for disallowed tickets 03/27/2020
new New automation rule "delete all subscribers" 03/26/2020
new Dark theme UI (per-user setting) 03/24/2020
new Ability to attach more files when editing a ticket 03/23/2020
enh Improved "with attachments" ticket search 03/23/2020
enh Faster external servers for downloading ticket attachments 03/22/2020
fix Fixed company display when expanding subticket 03/22/2020
fix TIme spent more than 24 hours fixed 03/17/2020
new Added link to realtime dashboard 03/17/2020
enh Drastically improved search speed for technicians 03/12/2020
fix Fixed "include assigned user singature" bug 03/12/2020
enh Added "creation date", "updated by" and "update date" to automation rules 03/10/2020
fix Support dd/dl/dt tags in WYSIWYG editor 03/10/2020
fix Database perfrormance tweaks 03/09/2020
fix Technicians report - fixed link to "active tickets within date range" 03/05/2020
new Support "mode=disabled" in /users API 03/04/2020
fix Minor wysiwyg-editor fixes 03/04/2020
enh API performance optimizations 03/01/2020
fix Scheduled report rendering performance 02/29/2020
fix Fixed tag/user autosuggest control 02/28/2020
new Reopen ticket and mark it "for tech" on failed email delivery 02/25/2020
fix Show only allowed categories in bulk action selector 02/25/2020
enh Show file sizes in ticket attachments block 02/22/2020
fix Properly restoring attachments to original tickets when unmerging 02/21/2020
fix Send techonly comments to techs in the ticket category only, not all tech-subscribers 02/21/2020
enh Added percentage numbers to all pie chart slices 02/20/2020
new Show users count in Admin - Users 02/19/2020
new Power Bi integration. Read more... 02/18/2020
fix Nicer pager controlls for Users, Assets and Ideas, also additional pager on top of Users 02/17/2020
new New ticket custom field permission type: "visible to everyone, editable by technicians/admins only" 02/14/2020
fix Protection from accidentaly disabling/deleting your own user account via admin bulk-actions 02/13/2020
new Access to full scheduler settings when creating a ticket 02/12/2020
new Allow users edit their own tickets (saving changes to the log) 02/11/2020
fix Password reset procedure improvements 02/11/2020
fix Fixed error when empty template was still sending ticket updates via email 02/10/2020
new Added past invoices to the billing section 02/10/2020
fix IE suport in custom reports 01/31/2020
fix Grid performance improved 01/28/2020
new Ability to bulk-restore deleted tickets from "Search" 01/28/2020
new Added "delay" automation action 01/26/2020
new Slight KB redesign 01/24/2020
fix Basecamp integration fix 01/19/2020
fix Option to remove a tag via automation rules 01/15/2020
enh Added "includeCustomFields" parameter to api/tickets (false by default) 01/15/2020
fix Fixed "Set ticket subject" automation action "Add as a prefix" option not saving 01/15/2020
enh GitLab on-premise integration 01/11/2020
new Satisfaction report - Show individual tickets with their ratings 01/10/2020
new Ability to disable/archive a category 01/09/2020
fix Saml "ReturnUrl" fix 01/08/2020
enh Enhanced TFS/VSO/Azure DevOps integration - added "Iteration" field, proper "Bug" description 01/06/2020
enh Company info popup - added recent tickets list + fixed user number 01/05/2020
fix Fixed searching by range Date+Time custom fields 12/27/2019
fix Fixed due date sorting in Ticket Summary report 12/27/2019
enh Added tags to Summary report 12/26/2019
new Ability to "select all" tickets in the list, even the ones not showing, like in GMail. 12/25/2019
enh Show "Knowledge Base description" on top of the Ideas Forum page as well 12/23/2019
enh New automation action: "Set start date" 12/23/2019
enh Support dependent custom fields in ticket editing form, not just ticket creation 12/21/2019
fix Performance optmizations 12/18/2019
fix KB bulk edit category fixes 12/18/2019
fix Show Knowledge Base article subscribers to admins (includes cat. techs. article & category subscribers) 12/17/2019
fix Use localized Status name in emails. 12/16/2019
new Editor - added support for nested lists and "indent" and "outdent" 12/16/2019
new Added "No. tickets taken" to the "Tickets per day" report 12/15/2019
new Added Chinese Traditional language 12/15/2019
fix Fixed ticket forward page 12/14/2019
new Customizable colors for custom ticket statuses 12/13/2019
new Summary report - filter by multiple technicians 12/12/2019
new Different top announcement bar message for admins and technicians 12/12/2019
fix Ticket search improvements 12/11/2019
fix Fixed minor UI bugs + missing translations 12/10/2019
new Extract user profile picture during Google Login 12/09/2019
new New automation action "Set ticket subject" 12/07/2019
fix Show Close button in "new" tickets too 12/07/2019
enh Security fix 12/05/2019
new Creating new subtickets from ticket's "more" menu 12/04/2019
enh Show department in user popup 12/04/2019
enh "Set due date" automation option to shift from current due date 12/04/2019
enh Show announcement bar to admins if a custom SMTP has failed 15 times 12/03/2019
new MS Teams integration (new tickets) 12/01/2019
fix Added pt-BR language and fixed Australian holidays 11/30/2019
fix Satisfaction rating fixes (report colors, proper translations etc) 11/30/2019
new KB: Show automatically suggested tags when editing articles 11/29/2019
fix Fix: applying grid filter does not reset tag selection 11/28/2019
fix Human-readable EML-file viewer for "original email" 11/27/2019
enh Asana integration oAuth support and fixes 11/27/2019
fix Show Ticket/KB/Ideas statistics in "Admin - Tags" 11/26/2019
new Added tag list to Ideas "view all" mode 11/23/2019
enh Security improvements (XSS, SQLi and similar attack detection rules) 11/23/2019
fix Fix "Fetch new emails" respects "Mark as read" setting 11/21/2019
fix Ability to bulk-enable users from the admin panel 11/19/2019
enh Added #priority# to HTTP request automation action 11/19/2019
fix Fixed minor notification bug for on-behalf tickets 11/14/2019
fix Proper HTML support for automation emails 11/13/2019
fix Wildcard ticket search improved 11/13/2019
enh Added popop image preview in Knowledge Base (just like in tickets) 11/12/2019
enh Show if email notifications are disabled in the ticket subscriber list 11/12/2019
new Added percentage pie-charts to Technicians report 11/11/2019
enh Added an ability to search Event Log report 11/11/2019
enh Renamed Deletion Log report to Event Log since we log way more events and actions now 11/11/2019
new "Show original email" for tickets and comments (shows .eml) 11/10/2019
fix Added "tickets on behalf" to technicians report 11/09/2019
enh Added an ability to filter by user in Deletion Log 11/08/2019
fix HTTP automation custom headers fixes 11/06/2019
fix Fixed saving floating point numeric custom fields 11/04/2019
enh Assign canned responses to multiple categories not just one 11/03/2019
fix Fixed retired assets pagination 10/31/2019
fix Allow priority edits for category-techs only 10/31/2019
fix Show assigned tech for subtickets in the grid fix#479 10/29/2019
fix Added "api/Subscribers" (getting ticket subscribers) 10/26/2019
new Added an opton to schedule tickets on "Xth Monday/Tuesday/etc of every month" 10/18/2019
fix Made "reply above this line" more visible in ticket emails 10/14/2019
fix Changing ticket status now sets "last updated" date 10/14/2019
fix Fixed umlaut chars in due-date calendar 10/14/2019
new You can now create subtickets to existing tickets 10/11/2019
enh Design improvements on the home KB page 10/11/2019
new Dependent dropdown values for custom fields (video) 10/11/2019
new Basecamp integration 10/08/2019
new Added satisfaction rating report and survey links to the "ticket closed" template mask #RatingLinks# 10/07/2019
enh Added #fromEmail# to HTTP Request automation action 10/05/2019
enh Bulk enable/disable email for users 10/03/2019
enh UpdateTicket API - options to update subject and body 09/29/2019
fix Moved "Priority" out of "Advanced" on "New ticket" page 09/28/2019
enh Make the "via" field selectable when creating tickets on-behalf 09/22/2019
enh Log email rejections for disabled users in "deletion log" 09/02/2019
enh Ctrl + Shift + Enter for "reply and close" button 09/01/2019
enh Allow top bar announcements for techs only (using #tech# mask) 08/23/2019
enh Highlight replies coming from non-subscribers 08/19/2019
enh Process automation before new ticket confirmation 08/12/2019
new Option to resend an existing attachment again 08/11/2019
enh Show a warning when posting a reply while impersonating another user 08/07/2019
enh Vimeo videos auto embed, just like YouTube 08/05/2019
enh GitLab integration: list all projects 08/04/2019
fix Update template when changing category on new-ticket page 08/04/2019
new New automation condition "assigned agent is Out Of Office" 08/03/2019
new Send new ticket confirmation to all subscribers too 08/01/2019
enh Company popup, just like the user popup (click on a company name) 07/31/2019
enh Disable editing custom fields and deleting attachments if ticket is closed 07/28/2019
fix Do not send "ALL techs" notification when explicit recipients specified 07/28/2019
fix "Notify ALL technicians in a category when a customer updates a ticket" do not send notifications to admins 07/12/2019
enh Support HTML in automation rules email-sending actions 07/08/2019
enh JIRA integration - added API token as an option 07/04/2019
enh New automation condition "assigned agent is Out Of Office" 07/03/2019
enh Link to an automation rule from the ticket log 07/02/2019
enh Canned responses "quick search" now searches within canned responses body too. 06/30/2019
enh When creating tickets from comments - link tickets and add ##-mention to the original comment 06/27/2019
enh Support for ##TicketID mention 06/27/2019
enh Show Out of Office status on grid & new ticket assign box 06/25/2019
enh Much faster search 06/23/2019
new New setting - minimum characters required when creating tickets 06/21/2019
enh New ticket form - moved “category” to the top 06/18/2019
enh Option to "add assignee signature" to "add reply" automation action 06/13/2019
fix Fixed summary report category list for managers 06/12/2019
fix KB search improvements 06/05/2019
enh Option to remove ticket subscribers via automation 06/01/2019
enh Show "number of replies written" on user profile page 05/27/2019
new Ability to set "out of office" status for users 05/23/2019
new Support for multiple built-in email addresses per instance More info... 05/21/2019
enh Better support for RTL languages (Hebrew and Arabic) 05/20/2019
new Added report "% of tickets closed within the first 1,2,4,8,24,48 hours" 05/19/2019
new Added Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian languages 05/18/2019
fix Fixed Slack integration 05/16/2019
enh Added quick filter box to automation rules list for better search 05/13/2019
enh "Resend comment" now resends attachments too 05/12/2019
enh Summary report and Dynamics report are made visible to managers too (since they see tickets anyway) 05/12/2019
enh If Summary report filters tickets by category, include cusotm fields from that category only 05/10/2019
enh Added "origin" to the summary report 05/05/2019
enh Added tags to ticket export 05/04/2019
new Per-category email templates 05/04/2019
enh Show user lookup data in user-popups 04/26/2019
enh Keyboard shortcuts for previous/next tickets (J and K like in Gmail), Ctrl+Enter on ticket-edit 04/26/2019
enh Added "send email to all ticket subscribers" automation rule action 04/21/2019
enh Added custom fields to HTTP-post automation 04/12/2019
enh Added new mask #NonTechSubscribers# to email templates 04/11/2019
fix Widget support for jQuery 3 04/09/2019
enh "Logout" now invalidates all other sessions too 04/02/2019
enh Custom report - added "replies count" metric 04/01/2019
fix Cloned tickets are no longer linked to the original 03/30/2019
new Added "Subscribers" functionality to Ideas Forum 03/23/2019
fix Ticket search - do not show deleted tickets by default 03/22/2019
fix Proper notification when adding secondary assignee 03/22/2019
fix Fix KB notifications for tech-only articles 03/20/2019
enh Close the widget when the ticket has been closed 03/18/2019
enh Ticket Search "was reopened at least once" criteria 03/16/2019
new "Username is typing" realtime indicator in ticket and widget 03/14/2019
new New Slack integration 03/13/2019
enh Added "Via" origin to ticket details pane 03/11/2019
enh Added "assigned to" filter to Summary report 03/09/2019
new Survey Monkey integration 03/08/2019
new Added Stripe integration 03/08/2019
enh Show ticket close date with time in summary report 03/06/2019
new New feature: custom password policies 02/27/2019
fix Fixed user profile validation when username editing is disabled 02/19/2019
enh Trying to show the actual bounce reason on failed reply notification delivery 02/15/2019
enh Added an ability to "mark as read" instead of deleting for Exchange servers 02/12/2019
enh Ability to set Exchange autodiscover URL explixitly 02/11/2019
enh Ability to convert ideas to tickets 02/11/2019
enh Added #Department# and #Location# to email masks 02/11/2019
fix Sorting file attachments by date 02/11/2019
enh New API method: GET UserByUsername 02/11/2019
enh Added more SAML attribute mappings 02/11/2019
enh Resend button for bounced emails 02/11/2019
enh "Has attachments" flag in ticket search 02/07/2019
new Ideas forum: added basic search 01/21/2019
new Added image carousel to the ticket view for easier cycling through all image attachments 01/20/2019
fix Fixed GitHub integration 01/18/2019
enh Added company info to Slack notification 01/11/2019
fix Fixed images when publishing ticket to ideas 01/09/2019
enh Ability to convert ideas to tickets. Also, better explanation how ideas emails work. 01/06/2019
enh Added more info to technicians report Excel/CSV export 01/04/2019
fix YouTube links pasting fix for dashes in the URL 01/03/2019
fix Scheduled tickets due date shifting fixed 01/01/2019
enh Added #Department# and #Location# to email template masks 12/29/2018
enh Sorting file attachments by date 12/27/2018
fix Visual Studio Online is now Azure DevOps. Fixed the integration. 12/20/2018
enh Increased "recently viewed tickets" to 15 12/18/2018
fix Firefox fix for Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I in the editor 12/18/2018
fix Always reopen tickets from Automation, ignore the "days to reopen" setting 12/17/2018
enh New API method: GET UserByUsername 12/14/2018
enh Added more SAML attribute mappings 12/14/2018
enh French support in forwarded emails 12/14/2018
enh Better search results 12/13/2018
enh "Skip tech notification" option when creating tickets on behalf 12/13/2018
enh Resend button for bounced emails 12/11/2018
fix A lot of widget and live chat fixes 11/27/2018
enh Assets import from CSV - option to ignore empty fields 11/26/2018
enh Allow managers to change priority 11/25/2018
enh Set Due date ation can now add time to ticket date, not just current date 11/23/2018
enh Support for numeric categoryID in CSV import 11/23/2018
fix Setting ticket custom field via automation didn't trigger other rules 11/15/2018
enh New API method - "SetCustomFieldForAsset" 11/14/2018
fix Freshdesk import fixes for new API 11/13/2018
enh New API methods: "AddAssetToTicket", "SetCustomFields", "UpdateComany", "RemoveSubscriber", "SetCustomFields" 11/11/2018
enh Support for German and French forwarded emails detection 11/07/2018
enh Replace links to YouTube with embedded videos 11/06/2018
new Knowledge Base reports 11/05/2018
new "Number" custom field type 11/02/2018
enh Added "TimesReopened" to summary CSV export 10/30/2018
enh Log ticket cloning in the timeline 10/27/2018
new Added "avg # of times tickets are reopened" to Speed report 10/20/2018
new New automation rule "Send email to all users in a department" 10/11/2018
fix Reverted the technician sorting back to first name last name 10/02/2018
fix Adding new ticket subscribers BEFORE running automation rules, otherwise rule notifications not sent to all subscribers 09/30/2018
enh Two factor auth improvements: removed "beta", request the QR code over https, show manual entry key in addition to the QR code 09/24/2018
enh Added last week, last month, previous month options to reports 09/13/2018
fix Include secondary assignees in "notify assigned agent" automation rules 09/10/2018
enh Option to exclude admins from "Notify Techs" automation action 09/04/2018
enh VSO integration: ability to link an existing issue instead of creating a new one 08/30/2018
enh VSO/TFS integration: support for non-default collection names 08/30/2018
enh Bitbucket integration: selecting issue type 08/25/2018
enh Added "Skip email notification" option to the "Assign" automation rule 08/24/2018
enh Optionally assign assets to user and company when importing from CSV 08/23/2018
enh Assets update when importing from CSV (or create if not found) 08/22/2018
fix Removed disabled techs from technicians-report 08/21/2018
enh Show canned responses in mobile web UI 08/18/2018
fix Fixed searching by custom fields in reports 08/18/2018
enh Show username of a disabled user in the deletion log when marking tickets as spam 08/15/2018
new Auto-generate companies from email domains for new users 08/11/2018
enh Reopen ticket if the last email notification bounced 08/03/2018
fix Correct toolbar buttons after takeover in custom status 08/03/2018
fix Fixed iCal export on ticket page for non-US date formats 08/01/2018
new We've moved from BBCode to HTML for our internal formatting language. 07/24/2018
enh Added "resend welcome email" button to user edit page 07/17/2018
enh Ideas forum - added "in progress" status 07/17/2018
new Handle bounce emails. Show recipients with delivery issues in the app 07/12/2018
enh Ideas forum notifications: on status change and new idea posting 07/12/2018
enh Allowing Google login only for specific domains 07/05/2018
enh Showing a total number of assets in asset grids 07/04/2018
fix Fixed adding subscribers in the mobile UI 07/04/2018
enh Show the widget popup only when there are new messages in chat. Leave minimized otherwise. 07/03/2018
enh "Users" API now supports filtering by CompanyID and DepartmentID 07/02/2018
enh API Tickets - filter by multiple statuses 07/02/2018
new Convert support ticket into another ticket's reply 07/01/2018
enh "Send HTTP request" action now supports adding custom HTTP headers 06/29/2018
enh Added "A -> Z" sorting button to the mobile view 06/29/2018
new Ideas forum: a place for your user to submit feature requests and other ideas (located in Knowledge Base) 06/27/2018
enh New API method: Stats 06/27/2018
new "Allow emails from unregistered users" - added option to edit domains from which email is allowed 06/26/2018
enh Added due date filter to summary report 06/25/2018
enh Changing ticket creation date and close date now logged in comments 06/24/2018
fix Fixed HTTP POST automation encoding (JSON) 06/22/2018
new Added GitLab integration 06/17/2018
enh User autosuggest now searches for email in full (not just "starts with") 06/15/2018
new New automation condition: Ticket is updated for tech (last reply was for techs only) 06/14/2018
enh Support #Technician# mask in canned responses 06/06/2018
new Added "Tags" section to the admin panel 05/30/2018
enh Admins can delete ticket edit log files now fix#2591 05/29/2018
enh Added "last updated" to Summary report 05/29/2018
enh API "UpdateTicket" can now change ticket submitter 05/26/2018
enh AddSubscriber API method 05/20/2018
enh New automation action: "Remove tags from ticket" 05/16/2018
enh KB redesign for better visual hierarchy 04/30/2018
enh Ability to "retire" an assets ("Disabled" property) 04/22/2018
fix Fixed sorting in techs report 04/13/2018
new Subscribing to individual KB article updates 04/10/2018
enh Allow script tags in "custom JS" settings - allowing to paste Google Analytics snippets directly 04/10/2018
enh Different colors for custom statuses 04/10/2018
new "Departments" link in the admin panel 04/10/2018
new Adjustable number of aricles on KB homepage 04/05/2018
enh #DueDate# tag in email templates 04/04/2018
enh Added "today" option to Summary Report 04/02/2018
new Admin-only custom fields 03/29/2018
new New API Method: AssignAssetToUser 03/29/2018
enh VSO integration: ability to set description when creating item types 03/27/2018
enh New design for charts in reports 03/17/2018
fix Fixed Autoresponder text disappearing in Accept emails from unregistered users setting 03/14/2018
fix #close# tag in email subjects looks at the settings before closing a ticket 03/13/2018
enh Added "enableEmailNotifications" to UpdateUser API fix#2518 03/09/2018
enh Added a "ticket was cloned" note to the cloned ticket body 03/09/2018
new Show KB suggestions hint from Jitbit Bot to technicians in new tickets 03/07/2018
fix Show a techs only custom status only if a tech has permissions in this category 03/06/2018
enh Collapse tags in grid if there are a lot of them 03/05/2018
enh Added #date# to HTTP Request automation action 03/05/2018
new API for Assets: view, update and create. See the manual 03/05/2018
enh Public holidays in your country are now considered weekend if you have working hours set (based on the Jitbit language setting) 03/01/2018
enh Support for infinite automation rules nesting (Rule 1 triggers Rule 2 then Rule 2 triggers Rule 3 etc.) 02/28/2018
new Abilty to set "start repeating" date AND time for scheduled tickets 02/26/2018
enh Bulk delete/disable users from search 02/25/2018
new Added Slovenian language 02/20/2018
enh Log password change to Deletion log report 02/16/2018
enh Added support to center-align text in WYSIWYG editor and [center] bbcode tag 02/14/2018
enh Ability to assign an asset to a company 02/13/2018
enh Clicking browser's "back" button on the ticket-view page remembers the previous position in the grid 02/12/2018
enh Updated "Subject contains" automation condition to support "subject equals" mode as well 02/08/2018
enh Allow inserting techs-only KB articles into ticket 02/08/2018
enh Add "*" to a browser tab with an open ticket when a new comment arrives (if the tab is not active) 02/06/2018
new New email template tag: #Suggested_KB_articles# - shows a list of links to Knowledge Base articles that are similar to the ticket 02/05/2018
new Ability to add individual custom fields to email templates, like #CF1234# where 1234 is custom field ID. 02/05/2018
new New automation rule action "change ticket submitter" 02/04/2018
enh Showing attachments and inline images in live chat 02/04/2018
enh Added company filter and tag filter to "Tickets per day" report 02/04/2018
new Added canned responses editor to the Admin menu 01/28/2018
enh Show KB suggestions in the live chat widget 01/26/2018
enh Option to include attachments in Notify Techs automation 01/25/2018
enh Added "Email" field to GET Tickets API 01/21/2018
new Live chat in the support widget more info... 01/18/2018
new Highrise integration 01/02/2018
enh "Custom field is empty" condition and "clear custom field" action for dropdown fields 12/28/2017
new Bulk-reply to tickets in grid 12/17/2017
enh Categories quick search (if more than 10) in the admin panel 12/17/2017
enh Slightly redesigned Search and Summary report forms 12/06/2017
enh Allow creating empty-body KB articles with attachments 12/04/2017
new Widget: added an ability to automatically show the widget after a certain number of seconds and to show and close the widget programmatically 12/04/2017
enh Better Visual Studio Online integration - added support for workitem types 11/29/2017
enh Same control order in all reports and better usability 11/27/2017
new Added an ability to test automation rules on the rule edit page 11/27/2017
new Optional auto-responder for emails coming from unregistered users 11/23/2017
fix Fixed "new article" button in KB category 11/21/2017
fix Fixed the issue when an email notification was sent without attachments in rare cases 11/21/2017
fix Faster image upload in the rich-text editor 11/17/2017
enh API search now accepts numeric ticket-ID queries 11/14/2017
fix Exchange protocol fixed -- added an ability to enter domain\username in addition to email address 11/13/2017
enh Categories - restore default alphabetical sort button 11/06/2017
new "From name" for categories setting 11/06/2017
enh Added tags to KB export 11/05/2017
new Recycle bin for tickets. Deleted tickets are now stored for 14 days and can be viewed in "Deleted tickets" report 11/02/2017
enh Ability to pre-select a category in light support widget 10/30/2017
new Automation trigger "Triggered by another rule" 10/27/2017
fix Fixed new replies in the mobile interface 10/26/2017
enh Add suggested KB articles to the drop down list in the new reply editor 10/25/2017
enh Paste drag-and-dropped images straight to the text as inline images 10/25/2017
enh Added "time of day" to custom report 10/25/2017
fix 2-factor authentication security fixes 10/20/2017
enh Multiple selectable categories in Technician report 10/17/2017
enh Scheduled tickets now support due date (set to the same offset as original) 10/17/2017
enh Better search in Knowledge Base 10/17/2017
enh Better "suggested articles from KB" when creating a new ticket or viewing an existing one 10/16/2017
enh Ticket subscribers are now color-coded according to their roles (techs or customers) 10/16/2017
new "NOT TRUE" option for automation conditions 10/14/2017
new Added a new automation action - "mark ticket as spam" 10/11/2017
fix Fixed Chrome issue - after pasting big-height image typing occurs under scroll 10/09/2017
fix Fixed a couple of file upload bugs 10/06/2017
enh Do not add incoming email user to subscribers automatically (if not tech), for better security and protecting external communication 10/06/2017
fix Exchange protocol fixes (The minimum required version is Exchange 2010 now) 10/05/2017
fix Desktop notifications only for tickets you have permissions to view 10/04/2017
enh Showing better errors for third-party integration issues 10/02/2017
enh Tab menu mouse-hover color is now same as "active tab text color" for consistency 10/02/2017
fix API: GET Tickets method now returns an error when a tag with a supplied tagName doesn't exist 10/02/2017
enh New automation rules now save and display the name of the person who created it 10/02/2017
fix Fixed the editor working incorrectly after a validaiton error happens and showing a bunch of random symbols before submitting a form with inline images 09/29/2017
enh Added an ability to add short text descriptions to Automation Rules 09/29/2017
enh Added "two-factor authentication enabled" column in the admin - Users list 09/29/2017
enh API: UpdateTicket method not lets you to update ticket tags 09/29/2017
enh Admin Categories - fixed and improved reordering categories in a section via drag-and-drop 09/28/2017
fix Fixed wrong URLs in #Attachments# tag in email templates 09/27/2017
enh Click on a desktop notification now leads to the corresponding ticket 09/25/2017
fix Fixed administrators not showing in user CSV export 09/22/2017
enh Added emailDomains parameter to POST Company API (see manual) 09/22/2017
enh Added category filter to Custom Report 09/21/2017
new Email verification when users manually register in help desk 09/21/2017
fix Users CSV import now updates passwords for existing users too 09/18/2017
new Upload files via drag-and-drop 09/11/2017
new New automation rules trigger: A tag is added to a ticket 09/10/2017
enh Drag-and-droppable tickets in calendar view report 09/04/2017
enh Canned responses can now be used on the ticket-forward page too 09/03/2017
fix Always reopen scheduled tickets ("Reopen original instead of creating new one") despite the reopen settings 08/29/2017
enh Show longer custom fields values in the main ticket list 08/29/2017
fix Allow tickets with empty subjects when submitted via email 08/25/2017
enh When linking 2 and more ticket, they are ALL linked with each other (not just with the first ticket) 08/24/2017
enh Linked tickets from the same company are now shown to managers 08/24/2017
fix Do not send "another tech took the ticket" notification if a user has tech-notifications disabled in his profile 08/24/2017
enh Ticket subscriber list now updates in real time too 08/24/2017
new Added "UpdateTicket" API method, with an option to change "Time Spent". 08/23/2017
fix Fixed on-behalf ticket creation in the API POST Ticket method 08/21/2017
enh Better search performance and more relevant results 08/21/2017
fix Fixed a rare case when admins were getting double notifications about new tickets 08/17/2017
enh More ticket information in push notifications 08/15/2017
fix Fixed merging tickets in grid with real-time updates 08/15/2017
fix Fixed "reply & close" with mandatory custom fields fields 08/14/2017
fix All forms now support email addresses with new longer TLDs 08/12/2017
new The ticket list and the ticket page now update in real-time. You don't need to refresh the page - the data you see is always current. 08/07/2017
enh All CSV imports now use a proper background thread. A user that started an import will get a summary email when it suceeds or fails. Also, if there are any errors we try to point you to the exact line in a CSV file that causes issues. 07/27/2017
fix Fixed incorrect CSV export when custom field has comma in its name 07/09/2017
enh Added ticket origin to the GET Tickets API method 07/09/2017
enh Added more working hours options 07/02/2017
new New report - Scheduled Tickets History report 07/01/2017
enh Added grouping by section to "custom report" 06/30/2017
new Added support for holding Shift when selecting multiple rows in the ticket grid 06/19/2017
enh Summary report - search by multiple companies 06/19/2017
new Removed obsolete "Do NOT reopen tickets automatically when a reply is posted". Replaced by "Allow customers to re-open their tickets within X days". 06/09/2017
fix Fixed Slack and Hipchat integrations, also made them support unicode 06/06/2017
enh Send notification to "secondary assignee" when assigned to a ticket 05/19/2017
new New automation condition: "Ticket has tag" 05/19/2017
enh Added sectionId parameter to GET Tickets API method 05/19/2017
enh Made it easier for admins to create new users (slight form redesign, ability to generate a password, autofill username from email) 05/16/2017
new Users can now subscribe to updates in Knowledge Base categories 05/16/2017
fix Fixed Asana integration bug with non-latin characters 05/14/2017
new Assets search - find assets by user, by company, by department 05/12/2017
new Department page: show list of users, assets, recent tickets from that department 05/11/2017
new New setting - "Restrict customers reopening their tickets after X days" 05/11/2017
enh "Custom field equals" automation rule now supports wildcards 05/09/2017
new Per user "new ticket" notification setting for for technicians 05/08/2017
enh Added "Department" field to CreateUser API, to CSV tickets export, and to CSV users export 05/07/2017
enh KB default sorting - newest articles are on top (if no custom order is specified) 05/07/2017
new Clone category (with permissions and custom fields) 05/02/2017
fix Fixed unsubscribing from tickets when using a non-English language 04/27/2017
enh Allow managers to filter by "from" field 04/27/2017
enh Do not reset "Updated by customer" badge when clicking Takeover without writing a reply 04/27/2017
new Support for EWS protocol (Exchange, Office365) for incoming mailboxes 04/20/2017
fix Fixed "Before Due date" automation condition for working hours 04/20/2017
fix Fixed [size] formatting tag 04/20/2017
enh Require to enter the current password when changing password 04/12/2017
fix Fixed 'previous month' period in Summary report 04/05/2017
fix Ticket details labels no longer overlap with corresponding edit buttons 04/04/2017
enh Prompt to move existing tickets when deleting category 04/03/2017
enh Assets CSV export now shows assignees 04/01/2017
enh Huge performance improvements 04/01/2017
enh "Updated" badge for recently updated KB articles 03/31/2017
enh Disable mail servers on login error, show notification about this on top of every page to admins 03/29/2017
fix API SetTicketStatus now returns proper error when mandatory custom fields are not set 03/29/2017
enh Ticket stat icons under the sidebar are now links to predefined filters 03/23/2017
new New setting "Title link" - where the top-left logo links to 03/20/2017
enh Support for #FirstName# and #LastName# in email templates 03/19/2017
fix Quick-search for user now support first/last names correctly 03/19/2017
enh Notify technician of ticket unassigning 03/18/2017
enh Added "due date", "user location" and "user department" to advanced search 03/16/2017
enh Support for file attachments in Comment an Ticket API methods 03/16/2017
new Added "Source code" button to the WYSIWYG editor 03/15/2017
enh All API dates are now returned in UTC (ISO format) 03/15/2017
new Integration with Github Enterprise ("self-hosted" Github) 03/13/2017
enh "This month", "Previous month", "Last 30 days" options for Summary report 03/09/2017
fix Fixed category filter in Dynamics report Excel export 02/28/2017
new Export due date to calendar right from the ticket view 02/22/2017
new Two new API methods: GET Users and GET Companies (see the manual) 02/21/2017
enh Show category descriptions on mouse over when creating a new ticket 02/12/2017
new Attaching files to assets 02/12/2017
enh POST Comment API method now returns the created comment ID 02/11/2017
new New API method: SetDueDate (see the API docs) 02/10/2017
enh Added "Tickets submitted" to technicians report 02/10/2017
new Google Drive integration 02/08/2017
enh Comment date is now a permalink to that comment 02/07/2017
enh When forwarding a ticket by email save the forwarded message content in a txt file and attach it to the ticket 02/07/2017
new Added an ability to copy the ticket subject and body when creating new issues in Github, Bitbucket, Jira, VSO and Asana 02/06/2017
new Option to remove assignee via an automation action 02/06/2017
enh Support for Basic authentication in User Lookup 02/06/2017
enh Ticket filter now supports secondary assignees too 01/31/2017
enh Link scheduled ticket to the original 01/25/2017
enh Support for multiple assignees in the "Assign to" automation action 01/24/2017
new Added an ability to clone assets 01/21/2017
fix All API methods now return dates in the same format 01/18/2017
enh Users CSV export now includes information about user role (Admin, Tech, Manager, is 2-factor enabled etc) 01/17/2017
new Send email to techs when a KB article has been created 01/13/2017
enh Tagging KB articles right from the new article page 01/11/2017
enh Added priority chart to summary report 01/06/2017
enh Similar articles from KB are now also being searched by tags 01/04/2017
new Allowing assigning multiple technicians to a ticket 12/28/2016
fix Fixed "set due date" automation when considering working hours 12/20/2016
enh Non-tech users are taken to KB on the first visit even if they are logged in 12/19/2016
enh Sort summary report by MULTIPLE columns (shift+click) 12/16/2016
enh Same date format in all CSV exports 12/15/2016
enh Filter the ticket grid by multiple techs 12/14/2016
enh When a tech assigns ticket to themselves skip the "takeover" and move to "in progress" 12/13/2016
new Added graphical charts to "custom report" 12/12/2016
new Filter by date in Deletion Log report. 12/11/2016
new Filter ticket grid by multiple priorities 12/09/2016
new Added Slovak language 12/07/2016
new Added an ability to post JSON data in the 'Send HTTP request' automation action 12/06/2016
new New automation trigger: Ticket due date has changed 12/06/2016
fix "Add tag" automation rule now works with non-existing tags 12/05/2016
enh "For tech only" comments are shown to technicians of this particular category, not ALL technicians. 12/05/2016
new Added "Average response time" and "Average resolution time" to Technicians report 12/02/2016
enh You can now choose work-item type for Visual Studio Online integration 12/02/2016
enh Added dateFrom and dateTo parameters to the GET Tickets API method 12/02/2016
fix "Tickets per day" report - fixed export to Excel 11/29/2016
enh Showing usernames, not emails, in comments, when a comment is addressed to a particular user 11/24/2016
enh Do not add CC recipients to ticket subscribers if there's more than 20 11/23/2016
enh Export Dynamics report into multiple CSV files. 11/23/2016
new New automation trigger: "custom field was changed" 11/15/2016
enh "Add all technicians" link on category permissions page 11/09/2016
new Setting working hours by 30 minutes intervals 11/08/2016
enh Do not auto-close tickets that are updated "for techs only" 11/08/2016
new "Logged by" condition in Automation Rules 11/07/2016
new Added "previous/next ticket" buttons in the ticket sidebar 10/28/2016
enh Upgraded all JS-dependencies (jQuery, jQuery UI, front-end components etc.) to the latest versions 10/26/2016
enh Save previous subject/body into a log file when editing a ticket 10/25/2016
fix Editor no longer loses focus after clicking on formatting buttons 10/25/2016
fix Fixed sorting in custom reports 10/25/2016
enh Improved how attachments are displayed on the ticket page 10/25/2016
new Added an ability to group by user location in Custom Report 10/24/2016
new Pasting image into a ticket/reply editor now works in Chrome too! 10/22/2016
enh Enabled TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support for POP and IMAP 10/21/2016
new Two new API methods for Knowledge Base. Read more 10/19/2016
new Added a custom status setting: Stop the automatic "time spent" clock when a ticket is in this status 10/19/2016
enh Added tooltips with full ticket subject and status to Due date 10/19/2016
fix Do not automatically "takeover" a ticket on the first reply, if the reply is "for technicians only" 10/18/2016
new Minor UI redesign (header, search box, tabs, background) for better UX and less distractions, iOS-style checkboxes in the admin panel etc. 10/17/2016
new New setting - "custom JavaScript" to add to application pages. 10/16/2016
fix Fixed the "set to my timezone" button in the admin panel 10/16/2016
enh User "signature" field increased to 2000 chars 10/15/2016
enh Database performance improvements 10/15/2016
fix Fixed bug with blank auto-updating grid when looking at a particular section/category 10/14/2016
enh Switched to "type=email" in all user forms, slightly redesigned the "lost password" page 10/14/2016
enh New ticket page - if user has permissions to only 1 category, preselect this category 10/14/2016
fix Minor API fixes 10/09/2016
enh Added Wordpress to integrations 10/09/2016
new New "Bi-Monthly" option for ticket scheduling 10/07/2016
new Our mobile app now supports filtering by a category and searching tickets. The Android version is released and the iOS one is in review. 10/06/2016
fix Fixed a bug when the widget broke when the parent page was using "border-box" CSS property. 10/04/2016
fix Fixed a bug when a selection combo custom field was breaking the grid when it was hidden by a user 10/04/2016
enh A bunch of improvements and fixes to the "Impersonation" feature 10/04/2016
enh Cloning a ticket now logs who cloned it in "logged by" field 10/03/2016
enh Translation improvements (Norwegian and French) 10/02/2016
fix Fixed the issue in search when it wasn't returning the correct results 10/01/2016
new Users can now set their own timezone in their profiles 09/29/2016
new Zapier integration is released with new features. Read the announcement here 09/27/2016
fix Email issues on Friday - resolved 09/25/2016
enh Auto-update tickets grid when someone else *closes* a ticket (was updating only on *new* tickets and replies before) 09/24/2016
new Header redesign (added icons, improved the secondary tabs font) 09/23/2016
fix Admin panel UI fixes 09/22/2016
enh Only admins can change other user passwords, not techs (for HIPAA compliance) 09/21/2016
fix Fixed CSV-importing tickets with custom fields of type "Selection combo" 09/21/2016
new New Automation Rules condition: "Ticket comes from location" 09/21/2016
enh Security fixes and improvements, XSS, instance isolation etc. (after going through a security audit) 09/21/2016
enh POST Ticket API method now allows adding tags 09/21/2016
fix Do not allow Google login for anonymous users if "Allow user registration" settings is disabled 09/20/2016
fix API performance improvements 09/20/2016
fix Zapier integration fixes 09/19/2016
enh Minor two-factor authentication improvement 09/15/2016
enh Search improvements - better results, MUCH better performance 09/13/2016
fix Fixed inline images in some outgoing emails 09/13/2016
fix Fixed "GET Tickets" API method to display category names again 09/13/2016
new A major update for the Android app is released 09/09/2016
enh Support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 when connecting to Email servers 09/08/2016
enh Lots of performance improvements for tickets-grid 09/08/2016
fix Minor automation fixes 09/07/2016
fix Mobile apps "push" fixes 09/05/2016
enh Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.5 09/04/2016
fix #close# email tag - proper exception handling when madatory custom fields not filled 09/01/2016
enh Support for "referrer URL" in the full-size support widget 08/31/2016
new Importing tickets from Freshdesk 08/31/2016
enh Database performance tweaks 08/30/2016
enh Show status and a "badge" in the "linked tickets" box, other linked-tickets enhancements 08/30/2016
fix Improved HTML email parsing for incoming messages (color codes) 08/29/2016
fix Security improvements for mobile apps API 08/29/2016
new Zapier integration enhancements ("ticket closed" trigger etc.) 08/26/2016
fix Fixed "Send email to the ticket submitter" automation action 08/25/2016
new "Disabling" custom field value-options for "drop-down" custom fields, for obsolete values 08/25/2016
fix Fixed "recent-messages" styling in outlook 08/25/2016
new Support for "working hours" past midnight 08/23/2016
new "Due-dates calendar" report now supports filtering by ticket-category and assigned user 08/22/2016
new Option to hide regular login buttons when SAML is enabled. 08/21/2016
enh Improved search performance 08/19/2016
enh JIRA integration - display a detailed error message from JIRA in case of error 08/19/2016
fix Fixed incorrect notification logic if the "skip confirmation" box was checked when submitting a ticket "on-behalf" 08/16/2016
new New feature - user search (for technicians only), also some minor fixes in ticket search. 08/16/2016
new New "action" for automation rules - "Send email to ticket submitter" 08/16/2016
fix Fixed summary report scheduler error 08/14/2016
fix Security: only admins can edit other admins and technicians 08/13/2016
enh Performance improvements 08/13/2016
enh Show who created the ticket in the Deletion log 08/11/2016
enh Upgraded all database servers to faster and more expensive hard-drives, the app should now be 70% more responsive. 08/10/2016
fix Fixed file-attachment links in the comments feed (were sometimes prompting for user/password) 08/09/2016
enh Automation-rules email notifications now support the #Originator# tag 08/09/2016
enh Minor visual fixes in the tickets grid 08/09/2016
fix Tickets imported from external sources (CSV,Zendesk, etc) were sometimes sorted incorrectly 08/09/2016
fix Fixed the accidental file-attachment dialog popup on the new-ticket page 08/09/2016
enh Added "unassigned" view mode to the mobile UI 08/08/2016
enh Hide some sensitive user info from non-techs in user-popups and in user profiles 08/05/2016
fix Fixed the #url# email template tag for custom domains 08/05/2016
enh Some minor Knowledge Base design improvements 08/05/2016
new We're now showing updates about new features and fixes to all admins 08/05/2016