Cloud Help-Desk & CDN

Distributed cloud help desk

Jitbit Software offers a top-class cloud based help desk softwarepackage that uses a CDN* - a content-delivery network with 18 datacenters located all over the US and the rest of the world. We have partnered with CloudFlare Inc. - a leading provider of CDN-services for web applications - to be able to offer this amazing feature.

CDN Helpdesk benefits

Using a content delivery network gives you two main advantages – speed and reliability.

At Jitbit we really care about our applications performance. You will be spending your entire work days using Helpdesk and we want it to be as responsive as possible. Our developers are constantly working to improve Helpdesk performance. Partnering with CloudFlare was one of the biggest breakthroughs we made in this area. Since we started using CDN, page load times reduced by half. And they were already small! For you as a customer it means that all our apps will work incredibly fast for you no matter where you located, since CloudFlare has 28 servers around the world.

For the last three years our hosted Helpdesk was down only for a couple of hours each year. And that was mostly due to scheduled maintenances. We believe that for a helpdesk app it is extremely important to be as reliable as possible. Other businesses use it to communicate to their customers. If helpdesk goes down, their revenue goes down as well. The CDN helps us with that – it dynamically re-routes you to the appropriate servers and distributes workloads therefore keeping Jitbit's servers healthy.

How does it work

Your cloud helpdesk will stay lightning fast because it will be working from the nearest datacenter to your location. We have caching datacenters in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco... Or London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo... But that's not all! The helpdesk app will be lightning fast for your customers all over the world.

If you have users in Australia they will work with the Australian datacenter. If you have customers in Denver they will upload their files to our datacenter in Colorado. It "just works" without you even noticing the whole replication/caching procedures.

Read more about CDN over at Wikipedia

* - optional add-on offered free-of-charge with the "Enterprise" helpdesk plan only

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