Hosted Help Desk Backups via FTP

IMPORTANT: starting December 2023 you can download your backup from your Helpdesk admin panel, FTP access is not offered any more for security and compliance reasons.

Off-site helpdesk backups

Our Hosted help desk stores all your data and all the backups on our servers hosted by Amazon, with additional backups stored on Amazon S3. But we can also set up an extra backup-file that you will be able to download. You can save this backup on your own server, say, for later use with the "self-hosted" on-premise version of the helpdesk app. Or - to build complex reports, perform some analysis using SQL queries or just to feel more secure since you have an extra backup copy of all your data.

How does it work?

We provide you with a username & password to access our FTP-server backup file, which you can download from "Admin - Import and Export" page, and the file is updated with new data daily or weekly. Due to maintenance costs which apply to this service we offer it as part of the "Company" plan or higher (or as a paid add-on for other pricing plans) and you should send an email to our support to enable it.

Once we receive your request our engeneers will set up an automated publishing job, that will back up the database - with all your tickets, replies, user accounts, Knowledge-base posts, tags, categories, everything - and make it available for download.

File format

The file is a standard SQL Server database backup file ("zipped" to save storage size) that you can restore on your side. To restore a database launch SQL Server Management Studio, connect to your SQL Server instance, right-click "Databases" (or optionally right-click an existing database - "all tasks"), then select "restore database" - on the "General" tab set "source" to the downloaded backup file and proceed.

Note that you may need the latest version of SQL Server 2017 or later (any edition) to restore the backup.

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