Helpdesk Software for Schools

We created Jitbit Helpdesk keeping educational processes in mind.

The greatest thing about Jitbit Helpdesk is that it's really easy to use and we're doing our best to keep it that way. There are no useless features, no usability flaws and no learning curve involved. Simplicity is our top priority, so students and teachers regardless of their specialties can use our helpdesk software just fine from day one. At the same time we have everything you ever need from a helpdesk app.

One of those important features for schools might be "asset tracking". You can store your school assets in the helpdesk (classroom computers, printers, lab equipments etc), assign them to users and link them to support tickets.

Our online support ticketing system is also really cheap. We offer a 10-15% educational discount and we're not priced per user unlike our competitors. It's simple: you have a small school with ten teachers or you have a huge university with thousands of teachers – the price is the same.

Also we have an amazing design and responsive support. If you're looking for a helpdesk software for your school or university, you should at least take a look at Jitbit Helpdesk.

Help desk software allows a troubleshooting desk to open, update, and resolve trouble tickets. Schools in particular can use this troubleshooting software to track student, teacher, and administrative requests. Schools maintain extremely complex networks, and most of the users within schools are either not computer savvy or are just learning how to use computers. This means that the help desk at a school can get incredibly busy. Help desk software for schools can allow the help desk to successfully manage all issues based on priority.

Help desk software begins with a ticket being opened. These tickets can be opened by anyone who has access to the help desk ticketing system. This can just be teachers and administration, but it can also be students if the school wishes. These tickets are then viewed by the help desk in order of priority. The help desk will be able to update the tickets with status reports as they work on the tickets, and they will be able to close the tickets when the issues have been successfully resolved. At the end of the day they can see which tickets still remain open.

Anyone seeking help desk software for schools should try Jitbit Helpdesk Software to see how it can streamline their help desk system.

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