An Appealing SMS Help Desk Solution That works for All

Business stands still for no man or woman and the popularity of smart phones has led to a significant increase in the use of SMS help desk apps. Such apps facilitate answering support tickets from a variety of mobile devices. Individuals utilizing a mobile help desk program like the fact that they do not have to be tied to the desk all day, thus having the ability to handle other tasks in their respective fields while still providing customers with top quality support. Though mobile help desk programs are highly preferred finding a fully functional and high performing app is another matter.

Problems Posed by Most SMS Help Desk Apps

Because mobile help desk apps are the in thing, companies are taking advantage of this and charging business owners high costs to use their software. The trend followed by most major vendors is to charge monthly for each user and agent. Let’s say that someone wants to have one hundred users and one hundred agents. At approximately $30 per user and agent that amount to $600 a month - and that doesn't even include the cost of the app! On top of that most providers software is device specific meaning that half your team will be left out in the cold or will have to change platforms to continue to offer support on the move.

What Can You Possibly Do?

Obviously, you want an app that will work no matter which device you wish to use allowing you true freedom to chop and change platforms as you wish. If that app also comes at a cost that wont make your bank manager wince then even better. The good news is, there is such a solution.

Jitbit has created a mobile help desk app that requires that you only pay one flat fee a month, and the app is compatible with all mobile devices. The cheapest plan that you can purchase is $29 a month. What is even better is that you will never have to pay for each agent or user. You can have an unlimited number of agents and users, no matter which monthly plan you select. The apps responsive web design allows you to have a website that will change depending on the device you are using. All you have to do is open your help desk in your device’s browser, and you will be able to effortlessly access all of the features such as the log in screen, ticket list, knowledge base and ticket screen.

When You Need to Consider a New Mobile Help Desk Solution

When you want to save money and have an SMS help desk system that works on all devices, you will find it beneficial to switch to Jitbit’s mobile solution. We're completely committed to providing you the very best software in our field and back this up with a free extendible trial.

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