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While we had the iPhone helpdesk app for a while, we didn't have an Android one. Many users were requesting and we're excited to announce that we finally launched it.

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Free Android Helpdesk app

Android and iOS apps features are exactly the same. We intentionally kept the app very simple and easy, so the helpdesk agents can do their job on the go. The app stays operational even at slow connection speeds. Note, that the app can be used with both "hosted" and "on-premise" versions of Jitbit Helpdesk.

The Android app features improved performance. We know that a lot of people are still using older devices and some apps can get really slow and laggy. We worked really hard to provide everyone with a decent performance despite the device model. It also should work and look nice on any Android phone or tablet.

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Android app features:

  • Reviewing unanswered/unclosed/all tickets
  • Viewing ticket details and replies
  • Posting replies publicly and "for techs only"
  • Changing ticket statuses
  • Chaging categories, assignees, priorities and custom fields
  • Creating a new ticket including custom fields support
  • Push notifications about new tickets (and live chat)
  • Viewing attached files

Always Improving

The Jitbit Android app is already a highly useful tool, but we plan do make even better. If you have any feature-requests, bug-reports or suggestions please send them to our support, we'll be happy to help.

Jitbit Helpdesk on Google Play

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