Live Chat best practices in Jitbit

Important things to consider when you're using Jitbit Helpdesk's Live Chat module:

  1. When a customer enters the live chat - you get an audible push notification from the mobile app (regular ticket notifications do not play any sound, it's only the "chat" one that makes a sound or vibrates)
  2. Whenever a customer responds in a chat that you're already handling - you get another push notification (regular ticket replies do not produce any notification). This way you're being notified when another reply is needed.
  3. Sometimes when everyone's away and the customer wants to chat - you might want to send an auto-reply "sorry, everyone's busy, we'll get back over email". Use "automation rule" for that. Here's a sample auto responder script

Having a live chat widget on a website is important for several reasons. Firstly, it increases customer satisfaction by providing quick and easy access to support. Secondly, it boosts conversions by showing customers that you are always available for them. Thirdly, it improves customer experience by providing an easy way for customers to contact you. Lastly, it is cheaper than other customer support methods.

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