Where is Jitbit Helpdesk hosted?

Main datacenter

The servers that power our hosted help desk are located in two Amazon's datacenters - "US-East" (North Virginia) and "US-West-1" (California). The building is powered by multiple sources, the electrical service is connected to UPS devices, that deliver the power to the servers. Power is also backed up by multiple diesel generators that back up each other.

helpdesk datacenter

The datacenter features a precise cooling and humidity control system, early fire-detection system, multiple Internet connectivity providers (Level-3, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and others), intrusion-detection and monitoring systems. Jitbit uses a VPC ("virtual private cloud") which helps us keep the servers in a private subnet, not adressable on the public Internet and closed from other AWS customers (unlike the "classic" AWS servers that all sit in one big shared network).

We are hosted side-by-side with Reddit, Github, Airbnb, Foursquare, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest and many others.

Hosting on Amazon is not cheap, but we prefer to pay more to provide higher uptimes. We know that our customers rely on Jitbit to do their business and we cannot afford any outages. In fact, our helpdesk app has never had a major downtime in our history. Despite serving hundreds of thousands of users every day the longest outage we had in nine years of our company lifetime was less than an hour long.

helpdesk datacenter

Also - a CDN!

We also offer an optional CDN "cloud hosting" feature, read more about it.

Your SaaS-helpdesk app will be in good hands.

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