API Hooks

Jitbit Helpdesk comes with both "inbound" and "outbound" APIs. The "inbound" API is a traditional RESTful web-service used to create support tickets, add replies to existing tickets, assign, close tickets etc. The "outbound" API - is Jitbit Helpdesk calling external apps when something happens inside the Helpdesk system. For example, when a new support ticket is created. This is called "API hooks".

You can set the help desk system to send an http-request to your own in-house app. Or post newly created tickets to an RSS feed, a Discord group, a Slack channel (although we have a native Slack integration) etc. Any external HTTP API should work. You just have to supply the URL and, optionally, authentication info.

Setting up

To set up a hook you have to navigate to "Admin - Automation rules" and create a "rule" that will trigger an HTTP request to some external app. For example:

  • When: "a ticket is being created"
  • Conditions: "ticket priority is - 'high'"
  • Do this: "send an HTTP request via POST to 'http://myapp/api/sendmessage?text=new+ticket'"

In order to help you get started, we have published a detailed manual on how to set up HipChat integration that you can use as a great example of "outbound" integration (see the bottom of the page, "Advanced integration").

For testing and debugging the receiving app's http-API we recommend using a great Chrome-application called Postman. After making sure the "http-post" (or "get") request works fine in Postman you can copy all the settings into your Helpdesk automation rule and enjoy the integration.

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