JIRA and other integrations

Jitbit Helpdesk is a very powerful app by itself, but one of our major priorities is integrating into your existing ecosystem so that you don't have to change your habits. Here is a complete list of our third-party integrations.

Zapier Zapier

Zapier works like a middle-man between Jitbit and other apps. You can integrate your Helpdesk with 500+ other apps via Zapier. The setup process is easy, and they offer free plans. You can read the full details here: Zapier integration

Slack Slack

Slack is an immensely popular group chat app for teams. Jitbit can send notifications about new tickets to your chats so that your team can act on them immediately. Notifications also include various ticket details like ticket submitter name, category, etc. More details: Slack integration


The Jitbit HelpDesk integration with ChatGPT significantly enhances the customer support experience by streamlining ticket management. Leveraging the power of the advanced AI language model, this integration enables users to automatically generate ticket replies and summaries with the click of a button. This not only saves time but also reduces the burden of repetitive tasks for support agents. By providing quick, accurate, and contextually relevant responses, the ChatGPT integration allows businesses to improve their support efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience. More details: ChatGPT integration

Jira Jira

Jira is a great issue-tracking software used by a lot of teams. When you enable Helpdesk integration with Jira, you will be able to create Jira issues from any ticket with a single click. The issues will contain all the ticket details and a link back to the original ticket in Jitbit. And, of course, there will be a link to the create Jira issue in the ticket. More details: Jira integration

Github and Bitbucket and GitLab

Github and Bitbucket are online project hostings based on Git. They are used by millions of open-source projects as well as business. Github and Bitbucket integrations with Helpdesk work exactly the same way as with Jira - create issues with a press of a button from within a support ticket. More details: Github and Bitbucket integrations, GitLab integration

VSO Visual Studio Online

Visual Studio Online is an online source code hosting an issue tracking software from Microsoft. And again, Helpdesk integration with Visual Studio Online is very easy to use and works just like the previous ones. Easily create issues from support tickets and have them link back to each other.


Dropbox is a popular file-sharing service. When you enable the Helpdesk integration with Dropbox, you will be able to attach files to support tickets straight from your Dropbox. It's really simple -- you will see an "attach from Dropbox" link in the reply area in Helpdesk. Here is how to set it up: Dropbox integration

Google Drive Google Drive

Google Drive is a "dropbox-ish" alternative from the big G. After you enable Google Drive integration, your users (and agents) will be able to attach files to support tickets straight from your Google Drive. It's really simple -- you will see an "attach from Dropbox" link in the reply area in Helpdesk.

Asana Asana

Asana is a great project management app. Helpdesk integration with asana adds "Create an Asana task" button to every ticket that lets you create new tasks with a single click. You can edit the task details before creating.

Stripe WhatsApp

WhatsApp inbound and outbound integration More details..

Trello Trello

Trello is a project management software as well. And, you guessed it, Helpdesk integration with Trello works the same way as others. "Create a Trello task" button in every support ticket will let you easily create tasks that will have a link back to the original ticket.

Harvest Harvest

Harvest is the most popular time-tracking software out there. The Helpdesk integration with Harvest lets you create "projects" for any support ticket making it easy to efficiently track your team's time. More details: Harvest integration

Highrise Highrise

Highrise is a super simple, yet hugely popular, CRM app. Jitbit integration adds a link to a Highrise profile of a ticket submitter on the ticket page. More details..

Highrise TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote support software for screen sharing. More details..

Lansweeper Lansweeper

Jitbit Helpdesk integrates with Lansweeper, allowing you to streamline your IT service management by connecting your ticketing system with asset data (by searching and assigning relates assets to a ticket).

Snipe IT Snipe-IT

Jitbit Helpdesk integrates with Snipe-IT, allowing you to link your ticketing system directly to your asset management data.

Stripe Stripe

Stripe is the most popular platform for running an internet business. Jitbit integration allows you to view Stripe customer information in Jitbit user profiles. More details..

SurveyMonkey Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is the leading "survey as a service" provider. Easily include links to your Survey Monkey questionnaires to the outgoing helpdesk emails via this integration

Basecamp Basecamp

Harvest is the most popular project management tool these days. More details: Basecamp integration

MS Teams MS Teams

MS Teams is a group chat app simlar to Slack. More details: MS Teams integration

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