System Requirements

Any ASP.NET Core-compatible web server with MS SQL Server database support:
  • Linux (any version really), Windows 2008/2012/2016 Server or above, Vista/7/8/10 or above. Please note that "client" versions of Windows, like Win7/Win8/Win10, have a limitation on how many concurrent web-server connections are allowed. A "server" opeating system is highly recommended.
  • IIS Server (on Windows only, comes with built-in web server on Linux)
  • .NET 6 installed on the server (here are the windows and linux instructions
  • MS SQL Server 2012 and above (the free Express edition is fine), optionally you can install "Full-Text Search" for better and faster ticket search, but that's optional
  • MS SQL Server does not need to be on the same machine with the web server. Also the Linux verison of SQL Server is fine

Hardware specs

It really depends of how many users and how many support tickets you expect. Generally, if you machine bares the SQL Server requirements - it also works for Jitbit. The absolute minimum is 2 cores and 2GB RAM.

Skills required

Please be aware that installing a web-application on a server can be a complicated task. It requires basic knowledge of how to install and administer MS SQL Server, create databases and run SQL scripts. You may also need some experience how to configure IIS server basic settings on Windows. We strongly recommend going with our hosted version, please try the server only if you really know what you're doing.

Client-side requirements

Any computer/smartphone/tablet with a browser (modern browsers are recommended: Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari).

Did you know we have a hosted version?

To save yourself from configuring a server, installing the ticketing system and maintaining updates later, consider trying the hosted helpdesk which is just a few seconds away.

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