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Using Office 365 email service with GCC accounts
How to set up Jitbit for use with GCC Office accounts
Integration with ChatGPT
Jitbit's integration with ChatGPT allows you to write ticket replies and summarize ticket conversations using AI
Kanban board
Jitbit's latest addition is the Kanban View report, showing ticket on a board
Helpdesk: full list of features
Detailed list of features of our helpdesk ticketing system
Why web-based?
Why should you choose a web-based help desk app instead of the traditional desktop solutions? Web based means cheaper, easier and more secure. Learn more about the benefits for you customer support.
Hosted vs On Premise Helpdesk?
Hosted vs. self-hosted help desk : which one do you need?
Zendesk vs. Jitbit
Jitbit Helpdesk - a cheaper alternative to Zendesk. UNLIMITED agents! Try the free trial now.
Freshdesk vs. Jitbit
Jitbit is a much cheaper alternative to Freshdesk. Lets review the differences and price calculations right here. vs. Jitbit
Jitbit vs price comparison and differences highlights. (spoiler: Jitbit is much cheaper :)
Help Desk for Small Business
Help desk software for small business. Web-based and affordable. Free unlimited trial.
Customer Self Service Portal
Jitbit customer portal lets your customers use the web app without touching email
Help Desk Demo
Free Online Demo of Jitbit Helpdesk - try out the features or simply watch a video tutorial
GDPR Compliant Help Desk Software
GDPR is the new EU law regulating personal data protection. Learn about Jitbit's work on protecting user data and staying GDPR compliant
GitLab Integration
A manual on how to setup an integration with GitLab
Google Drive (Docs) Integration
Jitbit Help Desk integrates with Google Drive/Docs - attach your Google files with just two clicks
Help Desk Email Management
Help desk email management software from Jitbit. Our service-desk app easily integrates into your existing email via IMAP, POP or Exchange.
Help desk software for IT companies
Best web based help desk software for IT companies and IT consultants, Manage your customers with ease, keep your tickets organised.
Helpdesk Email API
Controlling Jitbit HelpDesk from your email software
Email ticketing system
What is an email ticketing system and how it helps your be more productive at providing customer service.
Enterprise Help Desk Software
Looking for an enterprise help desk app? Look out for these features
Exchange Integration
An article that explains the merits of a help desk and how it can seamlessly integrate with your existing MS Exchange email program.
Jitbit Helpdesk Alternatives
See how Jitbit Helpdesk compares to other ticketing systems: Zendesk,, OTRS, Freshdesk etc.
API Hooks
Jitbit Helpdesk offers outbound API vi so-called hooks, read more about them
Full description of all Automation Rules triggers, actions, and conditions
Text description of everything we currently have in automation rules
Helpdesk Download
Helpdesk download - download a free trial of our helpdesk app, the trial is NOT TIME LIMITED
Help desk setup
Setup of a web help desk can be difficult. Set up of our help desk takes a couple of clicks.
Help desk software for MSPs
An article describing what Jitbit Helpdesk can offer to MSPs
How does the helpdesk software work?
What is helpdesk? How does it work? A detailed description of how any helpdesk system works: ticket life-cycle, user roles etc.
HelpDesk Source Codes
ASP.NET help desk sources - C# codes, Visual Studio solution file. Fine-tune our helpdesk app for your needs.
Helpdesk Software Active Directory integration
Jitbit Help desk - full integration with Active Directory. Free trial. Try now.
Highrise integration
Jitbit Helpdesk and Highrise integration manual
JIRA integration
Jitbit Helpdesk can be easily integrated with JIRA. Here's a how-to guide on setting this up.
Helpdesk software Exchange integration
Connect your Exchange support mailbox directly to your ticketing software
Help Desk Productivity Features
An overview of Jitbit Helpdesk productivity features
Helpdesk software with asset management
Every third IT help desk department needs some kind of asset management in their ticket-management software. Jitbit has this feature, read more about it.
Helpdesk with a knowledge base
Jitbit Helpdesk includes the knowledge base out of the box. Check us out - free trial
Consumers and Techs In The Help Desk Ticket System
Help Desk Techs & the Consumers work together to solve issues, but the Help Desk Ticket is a resource your company can use beyond the trouble call.
Help Desk on Windows Azure
Jitbit's Help Desk software runs on a Windows Azure Server just fine. Here's why
Jitbit Zapier integration
Integrate Jitbit Helpdesk with 500+ other apps with Zapier integration
Support Widget for Your Website
Our helpdesk app (both saas and self-hosted versions) comes with a "support widget" that you can add to your website. It's a simple way of adding a "contact us" form to your website, or a "site-wide" support sidebar for all your pages.
JIRA and other integrations
A list of all the third-party apps that integrate with Jitbit ticketing software
IT Support Software
IT Support Software from Jitbit - unlimited agents for a fixed fee
Jitbit Helpdesk vs. JIRA Service Desk
Compare Jitbit and JIRA Service Desk on features and pricing
Ticketing system walkthrough video
A video showing you the basics of Jitbit Helpdesk - creating a ticket, replying to a ticket, working with the grid etc.
UserVoice alternative - "Ideas" forum
Jitbit Helpdesk's "Ideas forum" is a great free alternative to UserVoice, integrated in the helpdesk app
Web Based Help Desk Application
Web Based Help Desk Application from Jitbit offers wide range of services to the customers. It allows the customers to use unlimited agents for the help desk with no extra charge.
A Web Based Ticket System With a Difference
Learn the benefits of using a web based ticket system and why ours is different
Top Quality Web Help Desk Software That Works
Feature rich, highly affordable web help desk software that meets the needs of every business large and small.
Web Ticket System
Detailing some of the key technical features of Jitbit's web based help desk solution. Download a trial today.
What is Jitbit Help Desk
What is Jitbit Helpdesk
WhatsApp integration
Jitbit - WhatsApp integration
Open-source Helpdesk components
Open-sourced components of Jitbit Hepldesk system and other open source tools from Jitbit
OTRS Alternative: OTRS vs Jitbit Helpdesk
Jitbit is a great OTRS alternative if you want an easy-to-use solution
Outlook Help Desk
Still using Outlook for your helpdesk needs? Moving to a helpdesk app will not break your workflow - try a helpdesk that integrates into email and outlook.
Helpdesk software reporting features
While we're doing our best to help you offer the best possible service and support to your customers, we also trying to provide you with great tools to analize and measure your success. Jitbit Helpdesk has plenty of useful reports built-in. Let's take a quick look at all of them.
ITIL Service Desk Software
Service Desk Software - what is it? What features does it need? Why Jitbit's service desk tools are the best?
Service Desk Ticketing System
Detailing a few of the key features of Jitbit's self-hosted service desk ticketing system.
Implementing SLA in Jitbit Ticketing system
Implementing SLA policies via Jitbit Helpdesk automation rules engine
Slack integration
Jitbit Helpdesk supports integration with Slack, get a new Slack bot message whenever someone creates a ticket in Jitbit Helpdesk
Spiceworks vs. Jitbit
Jitbit Helpdesk is a great Spiceworks alternative, if you want something more from your helpdesk.
Great Value Support Ticket Software
Jitbit's hosted help desk is not only the greatest value support ticket solution but is also really reliable.
A Simple Support Ticket System
Detailing some of the reasons why Jitbit feels that our self-hosted service desk is at the cutting edge.
System Requirements
Jitbit Helpdesk - system requirements for the self-hosted (on-premise) software
Simple Live Chat Autoresponder Script
Simple automatic reply script for Jitbit Live Chat
Live Chat in Jitbit Helpdesk
Live Chat inside a helpdesk app - our latest cool feature.
Live Chat Widget
Add a chat widget to your website in two easy steps. 21-days trial, no credit card required, no obligations.
MS Teams Integration
Jitbit Helpdesk integrates with MS Teams
Helpdesk servers
The self-hosted version of Jitbit Helpdesk has a number "number of installations" phrase listed on the pricing page. Learn what it means.
Jitbit Helpdesk with Office 365
This article describes all the ways Jitbit integrates with Office 365
Help Desk Project Management
Help Desk software app can be used for project management, not just to track support tickets from customers
ASP.NET help desk
ASP.NET help desk software source codes. We offer C# source codes for the on-premise version of our Helpdesk Software
Help Desk Management
Help Desk Management software by Jitbit. Use our awesome app to automate and manage your helpdesk tasks
Bitbucket and GitHub integration
How to setup an integration with bitbucket in Jitbit Helpdesk
Helpdesk User Lookup
User Lookup lets you pull extra user information from any external service.
Case Studies
Jitbit Helpdesk success stories - case studies from some of Jitbit happy customers using the helpdesk ticketing system.
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